Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Miss me?

So anyone miss me? xD! Well I'm back with a new deck based on what I used to play a lot! Elementalists! You all probably seen a couple of my elemental deck back a couple of months but today... I'm sort of psyched about this new elementalist from Fire and Stone. His name? Arctus, Heptadd's Squire!
Wa-Zam! For those of you who has never seen Arctus, go look it up on eBay, he has basically high courage like 100 and high wisdom as in Maxxor's Standard and to top it all of he has the ability,"At the beginning of combat, Arctus gains all element types your adjacent creatures have" which fits his subtitle I guess...

Raw Power of Elements
1. Heptadd - Citadel Fragments
2. Arctus, Heptadd's Squire - Viledriver *Couldn't think of better battlegear... Any suggestions?*
3. Dalgad - Elementalist Pauldron
4. Lomma, Desert Wanderer - Destructozooka/Chariot of Kehn-Sep
5. IKKATOSH, (M'arrillian Invasion) think its called Guardian of Nature -Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Fluid Fugue
1x Fanfare of the Elemental Champions
1x Cascading Rondo
1x Refrain of Denial (OW)/Cadence Clash
2x Rhyme of the Reckless

1x Allmageddon
1x Apoc-eclispe
1x Perplexing Heat
2x Elemental Oxidation
2x Blaze Barrage
2x Consuming Flame
2x Flood Force
1x Primal Smash
1x Steam Rage
1x Inner Flood
2x Aftermath Feint
2x Symmetry Slam
2x Burning Rain

2x Underworld Colloseum
2x Skeletal Springs
2x Elmantiir
2x Castle Bodhran
1x Glacier Plains, M'arrillian Melting Camp
1x Mipedian Mirage

 Alright, Raw Power of the Elements basically involve Using Dalgad and Arctus and the main brawlers. They are meant to punish their foes/victims with crazy strong element attacks. Heptadd being beside Arctus whilst being defended by Lomma is still able to fight but we prefer to keep him alive so that he can flow his majestic strength into both Arctus and Dalgad. Every battle, Dalgad and Arctus wins gains them 1{}. which means your never quite short of mugic counters especially for paying mugic like Refrain of Denial or Fluid Fugue which means you can reserve your counters on Najarin for his abilities (If you haven't figured it out... It's because of Ikkatosh). Mugic choices are fairly straightforward except for the unusual mugic that showed up... Cascading Rondo... This Underworld Mugic swaps your deck with your discard pile. Which means after you used Allmageddon and Apoc-eclispe... you can grab em right back up again for a cost of 1{}. At the right time, this mugic can win you the game! So so far, we have 2 Brawlers who pretty much deals at least 5 damage with every shot especially Dalgad, we have a 1{} bonus for every kill and we have a healing spree from a flying old man at the back...
Locations are fairly standard I guess... I had a bit of trouble fleshing out a location deck surprisingly cause I couldn't remember what Skeletal Spring does... Anyways... The locations are fairly straighforward the only weird one being Glacier Plains, M'arrillian Melting Camp. This is to annoy stat decks as thanks to Ikkatosh, you should have counters to spare for the ability whilst the opponent probably won't have that advantage...
So... once again
That's my deck!~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey guys, as you may/not know... I'm having a mountain of exams which are stressing with me out... So yea... Cheers!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Movement Pad!

This is a deck that is a variation of my offline M'arrillian Deck... And I've actually tested this deck in the Crellen Drome with the 5th rank (coolzero) and managed to pull out a win... So kick back, enjoy the "Movement Pad"!

First-Off that Mik'Bannin Code is used =D Obviously...

Movement Pad

1. Phelphor, of the Deep - Weightless Energy Vessel
2. Mik'Bannin - Kha'rall Magma Shard
3. Gal'DraD - Xerium Armor
4. Uksum - Kha'rall Freshwater Shard
5. Phelphor, of the Deep - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Bahrakatan, The Coralsmith - Kha'rall Magma Shard

2x Harmoics of Water
2x Cadence Clash
1x Denial Refrain of the Deep
1x Unheard Melody

1x Supercooled Rain
2x Fireram
2x Thermo Rings
2x Flood Force
2x Kha'rall Crush
2x Invader's Tactics
1x Primal Smash
2x Psychodrain
2x Liquescent Swirl
2x Burning Rain
2x Flashwarp

2x Cryomorph Barricades
2x Brawler's Burrow
2x Prexxor Chasm, The Blight
2x Underworld Colloseum
1x Imaginary Walls
1x Shardcrafter's Workshop

This deck incorporates the interesting idea of Phelphor, Of The Deep moving your opponents to cause chaos and confusion in your opponent's actions. With Mirage Locations such as Prexxor Chasm, The Blight, you can force your opponents to go straight into an ambush. Meanwhile... you have Kha'ralls everywhere holding Shards letting them defend anyone - Uksum defending your two fluidmorphers etc. etc.
This combined with Kha'rall Crush in Cryomorph Barricades can cause serious headaches to your opponents. Even Bahrakatan can fight (in my case, he beat a Frafdo TH 1v1 in masters), If things start going bad, start saving for a Unheard Melody or if Numid Voidlands show up, ready yourself for a Harmonics of Water...
Now, your frontline - Phelphor, Of the Deep (Defended by Uksum), Mik'Bannin (Main Fighter, Like in Apprentice, this guy can hurt hard... way hard), Gal'Drad (Heh... who couldn't see this coming?)
Middle-Row, Uksum with a Freshwater Shard (To defend your little fluidmorphers) and another Phelphor of the Deep for extra movement chaos.
Last Row is Bahrakatan, The CoralSmith is basically the supreme overlord of protecting your shards. His ability guarantees protection from Magma Might, Strengthening Bond etc. etc. Allowing your Cryomorph Barricades and ShardCrafter's Workshop's Defender ability pretty much garunteed!
So, if there are any other questions... bombard away! Enjoy this M'arrillian Deck which is quite budget for my standard especially how Bahrakatan was given out from League Rewards recently...

That's my Deck!~

Champion of the Desert!

 Welcome, Loyal Chaotic Fans to the third installment of the Chaotic Kings Series. I promise to endeavor to never make a post as lousy as my Chaor one. Anywho... This is Gintanai, The Forgotten.
 Ever wondered why I chose Gintanai, the Forgotten instead of other super awesome Mipedian Creatures such as Headmaster Ankhyja? It's because Gintanai actually works with other Mipedians! Don't see it? Alright, I'll list some examples... He is a Warbeast, so he and Abin-Wor (search him up if you don't know him) will get Waterproof 25, which would intensify his energy, if his opponent decides to play Water Creatures.
Other than that, he also has crazy stats (surpassing Headmaster Ankhyja's Speed, needless to mention, Khorror) and has the two main elements of the Mipedians, Air and Earth. This epic combination, only improved by his ability, "Air 10" and "Earth 10" makes him crazily dangerous, almost as strong as Aa'une himself!
Now, of course, we cannot forget the cause of his downfall, (and the reason why he is banned in Hotekk and Crellen), his ability that "forces" you to sacrifice one of your creatures and if you cannot, "Destroy Gintanai". Now, I want you to consider these points...
The First and probably the most important one to consider is... GINTANAI WON'T BE FIGHTING ALL YOUR BATTLES!!! Seriously... everyone who's rated Gintanai kept saying "you're screwed, if your opponents revives a creature". But you're not!!! Gintanai is not going to be your entire fighter! There's your other frontline creatures! At most Gintanai will probably handle the front 3 creatures of your opponent's army which leaves your other two frontliners to handle your opponent's weak muges. I cannot... stress that fact enough...
The Second Point - Slufurah... Why am I mentioning this "Rare" from the Underworld? Well it's because Gintanai allows you to kick off muges with no Counters which have no use... This allows you extra space to move and mobility which could work to your advantage!
The Third Point - At this point, I apoligize to anyone whose bored (Combo you should try...), Enre-Hep (Silent Sand), put him in your deck and everytime you kick off a muge/conjurors, Enre-Hep is going to benefit from massive amount of counters... Every battle will give your opponent's Recklessness 10 easy and you can cast expensive Mipedian Mugic like Fighter's Fanfare without Xelfe whilst using the almighty Gintanai...
The Final Fourth Point, Trills of Dimunition... This mugic is probably also considerable... it stops your Gintanai from killing himself... or his allies. If not, your opponent is going to be very disappointed... *Hint* Poor Maxxor, Protector of Perim...
So... I hope you obtained something insightful from this Gintanai, The Forgotten Post, ONE OF MY FAVORITE CREATURES OF PERIM EVA!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That Chaor post was seriously... below my average standard... but that was on the IPhone so... =S! Anyways... I do Apologize for my Chaor Post! And if you haven't already, go on the forums and read the "Secrets of the Public Domain" Post for a very entertaining whilst interesting lesson about the insides of Chaotic... Something I believe deserves some attention...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Most Brutal King Of All!

Welcome Guys to the next installment of Kings of Chaotic/Perim. Today I will be happily talking about the somewhat ruthless King named Chaor. And as a shout-out... I got my Aa'une with maximum energy!

Chaor, the undisputed lord of the Underworld. He reigns with 3 mugic counters, a rare treat for the Underworld, has superior courage and power and his high wisdom and speed. Ironically, this Chaor is from Dawn of Perim, the very FIRST set in Chaotic which was supposed to be... How-to-say... Weaker than the cards from the later sets I.e Marquis Darini being replaced by Owayki. So for a Dawn of Perim card to still retain it's value is truely a sight to behold. Chaor has little-to none flaws, having high stats and fire, 3 counters and NO recklessness. His only flaw is his ability which is such a minor one as it pretty much never sees play. So overall, there isn't much to say about him at all, he could pretty much represent Chaotic as an ideal creature.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Protector of Perim!

 Since it's Monday tomorrow... and my boxes SHOULD be arriving... tomorrow... I'm going to post this in advance... Once again, continuing the Kings of Chaotic or Kings of Perim series... I don't care if you disagree with me... I don't care if you agree with me. All I can say is my viewpoint which is my own =D But do feel free to try and question me =D
Apoligies for the bad cropping... My computer was being Ebil (cross between Evil and... I forget...

Maxxor, Protector of Perim, an Overworlder that represents the tribe's flexibility and strength, both at the same time. Though he does not have ANY mugic counters, you must consider that many, MANY other Overworlders have counters to make up for his possible only weakness. I mean... Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe could get pretty close to 10 without much trouble, you can load on Karrabas, Lomma Desert Wanderers... For Warriors? There are Tartarek, Psi Overloader with 2 counters and so on... So that weakness if pretty easily compensated as compared to Chaor, The Fierce, whose tribe lacks in mugic counters.
Maxxor has both the mastery of the destructive combination of Fire and Earth which makes him very flexible in armies. Infernal Claws, Tectostrike, Elemental Oxidation are all at his fingertips alongside his beastly courage (surpassing Khorror) and wisdom. Now put THAT together with his delicious ability that STACKS!!! He does extra damage after every punch thrown at him. His ability fused with his nice elements and stats makes him fit in almost every deck and gives him a seat in the chair of Kings of Chaotic.

Maxxor's competition and why they were not chosen
1. Tartarek, Psi Overloader - Though his stats are relatively superior to Maxxor, Protector of Perim, has 2 {} and same elements... His ability is only useful against *particular* decks wherelse Maxxor's is all-round. Even his superior energy will fall to Maxxor after hitting the King of Pop a few times. The longer the battle drags... the more offensive Maxxor becomes...
2. Maxxor (DoP) - Courage and pretty sure wisdom loses to Maxxor, Protector of Perim. He does have 2{} and an ability to heal... but that's a bit common, I guess... Maxxor, Protector of Perim still takes the cake with his ability which is paired with Overworld's healing abilities.
3. Iparu (Both - SS and SOTLC: AU) - Well they are just copying creatures, it's way too situational.
4. Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe - No explanation needed here.
5. Intress, Natureforce - She's awesome... don't get me wrong... 2{}, Earth and Water Elements with a pretty good ability and stats. But Maxxor is more flexible, if Numid pops up, Intress loses all abilities... and her elemental capabilities... If Numid pops up... at least Maxxor retains his ability that will eventually make up for the damage lost through losing elements.

Please argue with my points =D If any...

The Kings of Chaotic

 This is a beginning of a series called the "Kings of Chaotic" based on the "Gods of UR" from another game I play. The "Kings of Chaotic" are extremely powerful creatures and are in a "league of their own" so to speak. Their unique abilities combined with powerful statistics makes them form a formidable force in their respective tribes. I guess in Dawn of Perim, they were called the "Big 4", but now I'm going to be refining the list, giving each tribe one of their "Kings"
Of course, this is entitled to each person's opinions. But in mine, respectively, they are...
  1. Aa'une, The Oligarch - Avatar (No Duh!!!)
  2. Maxxor, Protector of Perim (Explained in next Post)
  3. Chaor (Dawn of Perim) - (Arguably the best Underworlder in Chaotic)
  4. Gintanai (Seriously? Air 10, Earth 10? Able to rid of ability easily... Wow?!)
  5. Lore, Ancestral Caller (He has 3{}, a very powerful ability and can fight WAAAY better than Illexia)
  6. Ursis (No Explanation needed here... just like his ability)
 So today, we'll be talking about the ever-so hard to obtain... let alone flip... Aa'une, The Oligarch!!!

Looking at this card, you would pretty much immediately state that he is the King of Perim - 200 disciplines, 100 Energy and able to destroy creatures by simply discarding a card. Needless to mention his Outperform Disciplines 20 to make life even harsher. What's his downpoint? He has no Counters... and the fact he needs to be "flipped".
For those who don't know, to flip Aa'une, The Oligarch, you need the following - Baton of Aa'une, Calling of Aa'une and Rage of Aa'une. You must play ALL three of them in the same turn to flip Aa'une. Baton of Aa'une is played immediately pretty much, the Rage of Aa'une needs to be drawn AND played in the same turn and Calling of Aa'une has to be played AFTER Aa'une WINS combat. Phew... quite a lot of conditions...
But nonetheless... if you managed to get the beast up, he dominates Perim or on a smaller scale... your opponent's army. Even if you wasted ALL of your mugic cards, helping Aa'une to win... Aa'une still has massive stats and energy letting him KOing creatures by engaging them. Having attacks like Discipline Destruction will deal about 130 damage alone (For a 4 Build Point) and attacks like Shadow Strike will deal a horrifying 30 damage (For a 0 Build Point). Overall, once you or your opponent gets Aa'une to wake up from his slumber... it's over...
 (P.S - For Fun, imagine Aa'une + Neu'Thar + Erak'Tabb + Gal'Drad + Jus'Hebben in the same 10 v 10 masters deck...  Now Flip Aa'une and do Rage of Aa'une - First one to calculate total amount of damage for this 1 Build Point gets a free code!!!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Unused Shard Combo...

Okay, I was planning for my Rise Boxes to show up to post them... here... now... But... UPS apparently had a "Late Trailer" so... I can't say I'm very keen about them at the moment...
No matter, instead I will show another Shard + Kha'rall Combination, I actually plan on utilizing... So please, sit back... and enjoy...
 Okay, I was kind of planning how to use every single Ultra that is possibly obtained from a Rise of the Oligarch when I stumbled upon the Shard that is sooo deep into the ocean that everyone forgot about it completely... The legendary Ultra Kha'rall Shard of Tidal Crest or what I call "Tidal Shard".
This Shard bestows "Water 5" and 40 Energy if you have 8 Counters amongst creatures you control... Shouldn't be THAT hard considering M'arrillians have Fluidmorphers and minions like Tartarek, PSI Overloader. This combined with Klik'ssi will give a massive 80 Energy (Average), Water 10 Combination... Needless to mention, KIik'ssi's (lol 2 " ' ") has very nice power and wisdom to utilize the Water 10... Attacks like Supercooled Rain and Rainspears, I think it's called...
You might even make a 6v6 deck with 2x Uksums + Freshwater Shard and Klik'ssi with the Tidal shard... Mmmm sparking some ideas in my own mind! lol!

Anyways! Enjoy this combination everyone...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apoligies... Again!

Alright, I do apologize for not updating... I've been bombarded with so many assignments, homeworks and favors for friends (Not the ones who play Chaotic....) So... I've been a bit busy... BUT I'M NOT GONE!!!!

That was just to set the record straight with some people who thinks all the blogs are going one by one... Come to think of it... I think I'm the only blog updating within the month hahahha! Anyways! Here's an offline combination, I use... I may post the deck up soon... Again, Thanks to awesome1401 for my second Shard of Solitude... That can and probably will save my skin.

Alrighty.... This combination NEEDS Uksum to be brainwashed... It doesn't work if he's not brainwashed... So Uksum will get Approximately 20+40e= 60e (+5e) = 65e. Now 65 Energy is quite a lot of energy and has an additional ability that is similar to Zamool - "Unengaged Creatures cannot play Mugic or Activated Abilities". This... makes Uksum, all the more harder to take down... especially if he somehow obtains the mastery of water and does a Supercooled Rain and takes counters off the opposing creatures. Canceling your opponent's ability to play their mugic and abilities will annoy your opponent to no end and is probably the difference between life and death!
Uksum with the Shard of Solitude against... a Zamool... --- Zamool is pretty much destroyed... Zamool may be able to fight but... Uksum will probably pulverize him especially if you have attacks like Fearless Strike or Magma Might

Uksum against Overworld Healing Decks... -- Guess what? They can't heal nothing!!! Karraba and Najarin FF suddenly become liabilities if they can't cast mugic or abilities and what's more? You can have 2 Kha'ralls with the Solitude Shard which is basically double Zamools!

Uksum against Mipedian Decks... -- Say bye bye to Constant Melody of Miraging, Enre-Heppy's annoying copy abilities and the powerful Fighter's Fanfare Mugic.

So as you can see... this combination can be almost devastating in almost EVERY situation... But as a quick and brief warning... AS SOON AS THE KHA'RALL IS ENGAGED, YOUR UNENGAGED CREATURES CANNOT CAST MUGIC OR ABILITIES!! CAST IT BEFOREHAND!!!!

So yea, enjoy the combination and Don't Give Up on this Blog or Chaotic =D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forged Unity Box!!?!

No Video today guys, but I do want to share with you my Forged Unity Box which arrived today. My first comment would be it isn't the best box I had... but isn't the worst either... (My best was 2 Ultras in One) but anyways... I'm going to give away some free codes --> Don't take them Happyman456 I already gave you some... Please only take ONE of the codes... So that other people can grab some of them as well!
But before that...
I know everyone just wants to know what the Ultra is... So I'm just going to post that first...
Ultra Rare: Lore, Ancestral Caller. 90/40/70/35/55e --> It's been on my want list for quite some time now... So I'm very happy that I finally got one... It has minimum courage but maximum wisdom... So not bad...

Super Rares:
1x Raquanni - 40/35/80/60/40e -- 3 Stats maxxed... Minimum Energy =P
1x Grantkae, Mipedian General - 45/40/70/85/60e =D!!!!
1x Gorram, Danian General - 95/50/65/30/35e --> All my generals in the box had maximum!
1x Ostinato of Oban'Emre - This mugic is going to be used in an upcoming deck...
1x Grantkae's Stance - To go with Grantkae =D
1x Shard of Solitude - Makes any Kha'rall become a Zamool...
1x Quarters of the Quartet - erm... ya... nothing much about this...
1x Uksum 55/95/20/40/15e - lol, Not like it really mattered I already have one but still... awesome...
So yea.... Hope you like them and here are the free codes!!! ^.^.
PLEASE ENSURE YOU COMMENT ON WHICH CODE YOU TOOK. This is to save other people time... And if by 17th of October 2010, there are still codes untaken, you may take them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to Front.

 Do you guys remember my "Small Cost for a Big Dude' deck? Well this is extremely similar to it... In fact, the difference is probably uncanny... In either case, this deck is meant to lay waste to the opponent's back lines, while protecting your creatures from Zamool and Burn Mugic. With the exception of Khorror... but burning Khorror... might take a while... or a lot... Remember - Decks are made to be improved....

Back to Front
1. Ninren - WindStrider
2. Khorror - Xerium Armor/Warbeast Power Leash
3. Ninren- WindStrider
4. Savell - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Sepmek - Ravita Flower

1x Tune of Xerium
1x Armament Alteration Anthem
2x Melody of Mirage
2x Trill of Dimunition.

2x Reactive Resolution
2x Brave Glint
2x Acceleration
2x Academy Strike
2x Poison Sphere
1x Primal Smash
1x Daunting Bravery
2x Veloitrap
2x Shadow Strike
2x Power Cut
2x Unbalanced Charge/Valor Continuum

2x Brawler's Burrow
2x Numid Voidlands/Broken Edge
2x Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x Mipedim Mirage/Pouril Forest

Alright, Back to Front is the Deck's Name and Back-to-Front is how the deck works... Automatically, you can see the Thunder Chicken has Swift 3 which enables him to strike the back of your enemy lines with massive force. But do not forget to sacrifice your little Ravita Flower on Sepmek to give Savell counters to counter the Recklessness on both Khorror and Ninren.
Then when you have safely disturbed your enemy by landing at the back, cast Tune of Xerium to kill off WindStrider and get back another Ravita Flower to gain Counters. The Armament Alteration Anthem is there to kill off any annoying battlegear like Xerium Armor, and you get back a Ravita Flower so the cost of that mugic is basically 0. Note that since it said, destroy ALL battlegear, if you aren't equipped... it still works =D.
Ninren then cleans up the back 3 muges, leaving Khorror and 2 Trills of Dimunition to play Clean-Up. Don't be scared if Khorror has 10 or 20 Recklessness, he can probably clean the ranks with a bit of it anyways.
And While, Ninrens are clearing the back 3 - Nobody interferes... meaning Khorror stays where he is, don't attack with him until the muges are done and coded. This is so Khorror can defend and what-not...
So yea!

That's my improvement of "Small Cost for a Big Dude" - V.02

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blind Faith

Alright guys, I'm going to take a step of "Blind Faith". As you know, Chaotic has many many... MANY loopholes within their game... So their rules can sometimes be tricky to understand. BUT, nonetheless, this combination should work! So Here's to Blind Faith hahahaha!

Okay, now Sacrificing a Creature is something basically, none of us wants to do, unless necessary or wanted (i.e the case of Slufurah's ability), Sacrificing a Creature is basically the Ultimate Cost amongst any other abilities and if you or your opponent plays it... You better watch it...  The effects will leave a mark of some sort...

Featuring a Forged Unity Combination between the Underworld General and his sacrificing capabilities fused with the General's Standard and Vidav, Master Strategist. This strategy will work better with Vidav, but the General's Standard is there for possible choices. Anyways, consider the General's Standard equipped to another creature... Not Barrath Beyond... Barrath gets an... erm... I don't know a Levitaar to bring his Speed to Headmaster standard? I don't know... BUT ANYWAYS, basic strategy, you add a second tribe to a creature you're about to sacrifice, so you get two of the abilities because you sacrificed say... a Danian/Mipedian , so you would gain 30 Energy and the next attack getting guaranteed 20 damage.  This is can be devastating in the right situations and you can use this to deny mugic. Now, not confirmed this is how it works, however, considering the way the text is written "also counts as the chosen tribe" and "considered to belong" it should mean that they ALSO count as a second tribe... So a Mipedian will ALSO count as an Overworld per say, so you should be able to deny a mugic and deal 20 extra damage for the cost of a creature...
So yea, this is a pretty nice combination - May not need denial mugic anymore xD! Also... don't forget when Vidav hits 0 {}, you can still use him as a Refrain of Denial...

Now, the Cons of this combination? It's a Sacrificing... So to combat it? Use the legendary Castle Mommark or other such Revival Cards... So yes, Enjoy People!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I apologize for not updating as much... But something will come up soon =P

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Addressing A Heavy Issue

  If you read the forums, you would find many MANY negative things around the forums... Chaotic is ending is a major one. One by one, accordingly, people are quitting. I don't blame them honestly.
But in my defense, I have decided to stay with Chaotic until the very end. At which point, then well... nothing really much to say, no use crying over spilled milk yea?
Anyways... If you wish to quit Chaotic, go ahead... I'm not going to convince you to stay nor encourage you to leave. However, consider the points going around the forums given off by both players and Moderators

- Chaotic|Remztan has left TCDigital and thus has led to many "beliefs" that Chaotic is shutting down, due to him being one of the main engineers of the Dromes
- Lack of Action - I say action due to there being many things there has been a lack of, updates, tickets etc. etc.
- Chaotic|Blargers sudden inactivity has sparked more rumours that Chaotic is closing down for good. Blargers who is inactive for a grand total of 10 days now, is and was a very vital part of the community that lets Chaotic know "Where its at"
- False Promises, many "promises" has been made to the community as of late, none of which coming true which there and again affects the public's viewpoint
- Fire And Stone (FaSt) - The set everyone was dying to see, was constantly delayed. Once again leading to the issue of "trustworthyness" of Chaotic, if there is such a word...

However, much like Pandora's Box... There is Hope... A glimmer of hope if you will, "A mere sip at the bottom of a glass" to be precise but none-the-less
-Nick07 did say that the Chaotic Staff was "Reduced" and thus the workload has been pretty much doubled for everyone which could probably explain the reason why Blargers and friends have not been on, so much
- According to many sources, most of you would hear about a Legal Issue or Legal Problems, well Legal Issues takes months, years to come to a conclusion. So you'll need to re-confirm whether the issue has finally been finished addressing
-If Chaotic is indeed finished, Blargers or similar would probably post a "Final Notice" before completely shutting it down, or else let either Occasus or Nick07 know...
- Chaotic is a Child Company, so to speak, so when it gets picked up by a "Parent" company, it might take a couple of years to get the product or website fully operational again - which may be why Blargers post "Good things are finally on their way.." implying that Chaotic has got picked up by a Parent Company.
-The fact that Chaotic has been revived about 3 times...As you may/not know from way back in the time where Maxxor was known as MadCap to which released the 8 "Beyond-Rare" Cards. For all we know, the Parent Company is designing a brand-new website for us to play on.

So as I said, if you want to quit, be my guest... However, do consider all these factors when deciding whether you'll be making a Final Stand or not. I have just posted my viewpoint on the issue. 

Dread Treadding to Victory!

When Turn of the Tide came out, 4 Legendary Battlegear was introduced... One for each of the tribes fighting against the M'arrillians. For the Underworld, their battlegear was the unstoppable Dread Tread.
The Dread Tread was introduced as a battlegear that allowed you to start more than 1 combat a turn, something that is highly treasured amongst Underworld Players, these days. But surprisingly enough, due to the fact, the creature with the Dread Tread's Energy remained the same after combat (i.e If they won with 20 Energy left, they have 20 Energy in the next battle), this battlegear became... sadly... not "THAT" used...
So, here is a combination to try to revive this barely used truck of red steel...

Kiru, the supposed leader of the Underworld and the founder of Kiru City - The main capital of the Overworld. Kiru has, what I call, the Lava elements which are naturally, Fire and Earth. What's more is that Kiru has a unique counter system ability that allows him to provide other Underworlders with extra energy based on the number of battles he has won. With the Dread Tread, Kiru can easily fall back after battle or if he's confident, tear his way into another battle for another Leadership Counter... Then, your Chaor, even with 65 Energy can go up to 85 Energy without having help from a battlegear!
This combination is basically giving you the ability to attack twice, giving Kiru special little counters that boosts your Underworld Creature's morale. Don't forget you can mix this with a Bi-Mowercycle for easy double wins and a Pranker Tanker to bring Kiru back into your formation for safety reasons.
Australians, hope you enjoy the remaining time in your holidays =P!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Projection Of Your Life!

This is a Rare Battlegear from the M'arillian Invasion: Beyond the Doors Set, known as Ulmar's Projector. If... you've seen my videos you've seen me use it with Vlar 'cause I think it's quite a nice combination considering Vlar is already tough to take down... and combined with the Projector...

The Projector allows a creature from your discard pile to come back to life IF it loses combat which in a sense grants it, "an extra life". The "downside", if you would call it a downside, is that the creature has 10 less energy in it's first reincarnation or life as compared to it's revived form. As well as the fact that when the creature is revived, it gets no mugic counters though creatures like my Vlar has no counters anyways.
As you may/may not know.... I'm very fond of this battlegear considering it can revive a creature for a cost of 10 Energy and have compiled numerous combinations involving this battlegear... These can be used in almost any strategy so... Let me know what you think!!!

Combo 1: Just when you thought you caught the thief...
Vlar + Ulmar's Projector
 This allows Vlar to revive without a battlegear, hence able to "steal" another battlegear! This is a pretty sweet combo, I use, since the opponent's would probably use their 1s, 2s Build Point attacks to take down Vlar in the first place... And with Vlar revived, their going to have NO Battlegear and a couple less of their 1s,2s attacks.

Combo 2: Projecting Different Things
Various... Basic: Armanent Adagio + Ulmar's Projector
 This combination actually works amazingly well with Warbeasts like Blazvatan and Khorror. All you do is give the Ulmar's Projector to Sepmek or a Conjuror, cast a Gear Glissando to flip it up... Use Armanent Adagio on the Projector and give it to Khorror JUST as he's about to "die" in a sense... Then Khorror becomes instantly revived with his 135 Energy... Your Opponent is going to begin to understand why he's the definition of Horror!
Warbeasts aren't the only ones that benefits however... Imagine a Second Headmaster Ankhyja! Or other reowned Mipedians like Maliph! Your opponent's never would have thought Mipedians could revive without a Castle Mommark!

Combo 3: The Sequel is sometimes better... than the Original
Neekwin + Ulmar's Projector
 This is a good ol' combination, Neekwin gets destroyed after attacking with Supercooled Rain and other devastating attacks and then... He comes back! With Untargetable and Water 5 with maximum energy... Another Powerful Combination for the Projector!

Combo 4: A Blast from the Past
Past Creature + Ulmar's Projector
This may seem pretty obvious but YES! All of the Past Beasts go perfect with this battlegear... Fancy another Cromaxx? That might annoy opponent's playing Underworld with Burn Mugic *cough* Hikeda... Or maybe you desire another Ursis with 85 Energy! How about a Smildon who was your Defender... Or a Proboscar who nearly won the last round and needs a second chance to penetrate your opponent's defences... All the Past Beasts are... Beasts...

 But unfortunately, the Underworld can't put it to as good of a use as the other tribes...However, I guess almost any Underworld Creature can use it... A combination that springs to mind is a Chaor, The Fierce + Ulmar's Projector Combination to give it a Second Life in case of Numid Voidlands spring up... But then again it's Self-Preference

So Lemme know what you think and yea! Hope you begin to notice this battlegear more and more!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tribes down there... STAY DOWN THERE!!!

 Well... Thanks to an awesome friend named awesome1401, I have a HAMMERDOOM CHANTCALLER, my favorite ever Underworlder just because of his picture... He smashes bugs and his own kind with his exclusive battlegear the Doomhammer... And so... here's a combination, I WOULD be using in my deck... if I had an offline Doomhammer xD! (I can't find mine... Still looking...)

Yes, good old' Vidav from Forged Unity... He makes a creature count as any tribe you want... And with 3{}, he can use his ability for majority of the battles. So even against Overworlders, M'arrillians, Tribeless or Mipedians, your 5 extra damage is going to strike home and this isn't counting the Doomhammer's second or third ability - The ability to grant Earth 5 or Power 50... or in some cases BOTH!
Yes, Both... once again using Vidav's ability... But of course, this should only be used if the opponent is already playing Underworld or Danian so that you don't neccesarily need Vidav's ability.

You can of course, then continue on by linking the Doomhammer with Hammerdoom Chantcaller (Original or Assimilated) for extra 10 damage pounding! So, if you calculate... in 3 hits, you would deal 30 extra damage in total which is equivalent to a Maxxor, Protector of Perim, who would deal 5+10+15= 30 extra damage... So yes, enjoy the rest of your day, in my case the END of the first week of the holidays...

The Tide is Turning!

 Well, it's arrived with a bit of delay, but finally, it's here... Happyman456 and my Turn of the Tide Box. Before this date, Happyman456 actualyl said he wanted the right half of the box (You'll see what I mean later) due to the reason, "Right is always right..." and ironically, the left side had better supers hahaha to Happyman456...

Anyways... We were not as lucky as Hikeda or Keberos or any Chaotic Superhero as we opened the box so... you'll see I guess...

Introduction Vid (optional):

Turn of the Tide (RIGHT SIDE OF THE BOX) ~ Happyman456:
Turn of the Tide (LEFT SIDE OF THE BOX):


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cower in Fear!

 Intimidation has been one of the oldest abilities in Chaotic. In the past, it simply meant lowering the creature's disciplines but recently, they have released the Intimidation Energy Ability... With the Burithean Axe and other cards... Today... I'm going to focus on the Intimidation Techniques to bring you... Combo Number 4? 5? xD Forgot... Sigh --> Combo of the Day

I do apoligize for the bad resolution/picture quality but none-the-less... This combo gives Ketacc, intimidate energy 30! Why is this good? Well... you can combine this in so many different ways, ex. with Prexxor Chasm, the Blight... You pretty much took off 50 Energy without landing a punch. With Cards like Akkalbi, you're not gonna take any recklessness but retain your 30 Energy intimidation...
What does this mean to your opponent?... Well it basically means... their Maxxor, Protector of Perim will be in desperate need of healing.. Cards with 30 or less Energy will go Bzz in code *cough* Najarin... (Range+ Swift --> Bi-Mowercycle)
If, Grantkae worked in Hotekk Drome, This combo will probably become my deck basically xD!


1. Ketacc - Burithean Axe
2. Ketacc - Burithian Axe
3. Grantkae, Mipedian General - Destructozooka

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Couragous Earth Warriors

Alright, I still got many tests and assignments up, but I'm going to post a deck anyways... I've actually been thinking about how to incorporate Zamool, Ursis and Cromaxx together... and made up several decks... However I think I'm going to stick with just just Ursis and Cromaxx as the two work so nicely with each other xD! The Last of my AU Ultra Series

 Ursis is one of the devastating beasts of Perim, sporting 3 Mugic Counters and 80 Energy. He has the Earth Element, High Power, not bad Courage and 45 Wisdom and Speed. This makes him an extremely capable fighter that can almost fight and win any Chaotic Creature in a 1v1 match. He even is a Warrior Muge, so you can mix him with Sword of Khy'at and Caster's Warsong!

 First seen in the television series used by Codemaster Crellen, Cromaxx retains his ability to be invulnerable to damaging mugic which is always a useful feature. Often, you will spot him with his friends that cannot be burned by mugic like Epitrinne. Overall, Great Courage, 70 Energy, Above Average Power and Earth and Water Elements.

Couragous Earth Warriors

1. Fliandar - Skeletal Steed
2. Cromaxx - Drilldozer, Customized Rig
3. Fliandar - Skeletal Steed
4. Ursis - Muge's TuningFork
5. Smildon - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Mhein - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Obe of Obscurity
1x Elemental Counterpoint
2x Unbalanced Battlesong
2x Refrain of Denial (Danian Version)/Cadence Clash

2x Tectostrike
2x Enlightened Tenacity
2x Earth Pulse
2x Rustoxic
2x Streak Strike
2x Geyser Gush
1x Landgore
1x Primal Smash
2x Valor Continuum
2x Sunder Ground
2x Aftermath Feint

2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Hive Gallery
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Castle Bodhran
2x Rock River Canyon

Cutting to the chase... You're going to use Obe of Obscurity and infect 6 creatures (Via Ursis), this will give the two Fliandars basically double their energy for each of them. This deck is catered for Earth and Courage attacks meaning both Smildon and Ursis can fight despite them being your muges.
Cromaxx is in the center, with his big boulder and a Drilldozer will spot 90e on average and with attacks like Tectostrike... The opponent's will go down quickly...
Fliandar is plain awesome with his ability able to be used to recover when needed... and with Skeletal Steed, he can zoom into your opponent's backlines and if they attempt to defend, Fliandar with his abiltiy should be able to counter their defender with ease... Then you can attack whichever supporter you want =D!
Smildon is your Defender and your muge, sporting 2{} and his awesome ability... If your opponent flips a Imaginary Walls, use Smildon's ability and everything will be A-OK!
Now, this is interesting because your back creature is Mhein... And if your opponent manages somehow to take down all 5 of your creatures, Mhein is going to take take revenge with Courage and Earth Element. The reason I have it Weightless Energy Vessel is because we don't want Mhein gettin targeted by any mugic that has the possibility to reducing our chances of winning in any way...

So yea Hope you like it!

That's my deck!~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Card of the Week 1

 Taking a break from making decks, I'm kind of stuck up on work, hence not many of my decks recently have been good neways xD! In any case... To do something really quick I'm going to review a card so that it'll be quick, fast, simple and easy.

Introducing Okaxor, an Elephant Caretaker of the Overworld. Okaxor seems in charge of taking care of Overworld Units and Sqauds with his fantastic ability he can use 3 times! With 40 energy, it's low enough, he wouldn't last long in a fight and high enough, so that he can't use the awesome Kha'rall Husk Armor + Melody of the Meek Combo.
But, no matter! As one the few (might be the only one xD) Overworlders with 3{} and Water Element, he pretty much acts as a Mini-Najarin High Muge of the Lake! Note that Okaxor is 1 less {} away from being a Najarin, High Muge so you could possibly supply him with a Mipedian Balladeer's Flute or a Girgeth Tar for an additional {}.
 Overall, his mugic counters is high, he has an element, he has a great ability for and against Stat Decks and a pretty awesome Brainwashed Ability, Okaxor is a very nice all rounder as a supporter. Too bad, he's banned in the dromes though...
P.S: Australian Players can get this xD!

Type: "Supporter"
Apprentice: 2/10
Masters: 8.5/10 --> Assuming not 1v1

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to the Overworld Again and Again...

If any of you know me well... you should be able to figure out that the tribe I play is the Overworld. I like them because they were quite flexible as a tribe. They have high courage, wisdom and have a variety of elements. Their healing and mugical abilities allow them the edge in combat. Of course, not saying the other tribes do not...

Iparu, Metallic Ally
 Well, when the first one came out in Silent Sands, I wanted him and got him. Now, back then, he was an elementalist and had Fire and Air element with the ability to copy the opposing creature's stats, which garantees them the inability to win Stat Challenges. But now... Iparu, Metallic Ally has appeared... He, now copies EVERYTHING except the opposing creature's mugic counters (Which he has one off). He can be very dangerous in the sense that he can bring ruin to stat decks and many others...

Najarin, High Muge of the Lake
 Like all the High Muges, Najarin has a very much needed ability of their tribe. Najarin has the unique ability of playing a mugic for one less mugic counter. This, opens a wide range of new mugic cards to many Overworld decks that were previously, too expensive to use. Like Fluid Fugue, Mugic Reprise and the famous Refrain of Denial (Overworld Version). Overall, he's the second best of the High Muges in my opinion.

The Lake


1. Intress, Natureforce - Xerium Armor
2. Iparu, Metallic Ally - Orchis Undin
3. Karraba - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
4. Lomma, Desert Wanderer - Citadel Lodestone
5. Hune Paltanin - AZAIA Mindprobe
6. Najarin, High Muge of the Lake - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

2x Refrain of Denial (Overworld Version)
2x Fluid Fugue
1x Rhyme of the Reckless
1x Defender's Song

1x Deadwater Devastation
2x Rain Spears
1x Mind Strike
2x Flood Force
2x Rustoxic
2x Geyser Gush
1x Primal Smash
1x Invader's Tactics
2x Quick Exit
2x Shadow Strike
2x Sleet Slide
2x Aftermath Feint

1x Bodal's Arsenal
1x Castle Bodhran
2x Gigantempopolis
2x Kiru City
2x Rock River Canyon
2x Mipedim Mirage

Well... this deck may look shaky, but I think it'll work fine. Intress, Natureforce is pretty strong warrior in this deck sporting about 90 courage and high wisdom, earth and water elements and 2 Mugic Counters. Her ability, of course, allows her to heal creatures you control for each element they have.
Then, we have Iparu, Metallic Ally, who copies a target creature every round... Depending on your situation, you have to decide who to copy... For instance, if it's a Zamool Deck and it's your opponent's turn, then copy Zamool and cast Defender's Song, this allows neither side to cast Mugic or Abilities which is kind of an annoyance to both sides.
Now, Karraba, Hune Paltinin and Najarin, High Muge are your supporters... Karraba is simple and basic to understand, Hune Paltinin will make your opponent think twice before casting mugic and Najarin is there to cast Fluid Fugue and recycle counters.
 Lomma, Desert Wanderer defends them all, and I gave her a Citadel Loderstone, which means she'll be a mini-intress with earth, water and good courage and wisdom... Which is all you need to pull a win.
 Last thing, I want to say about this deck is to CREATIVE. Iparu, Metallic Ally is a creature allowing you to express your creativity! For example, if it is your attack, you could attack with Intress, Natureforce and copy one of the opposing creatures like Kopond, High Muge for that extra damage on the Rhyme of the Reckless... Or copy Domar, Tablet Translater for additional healing... When it's your opponent's attack, don't hesitate to copy creatures like Lord Van Bloot, Servant of Aa'une or even another Intress, Natureforce! So be Creative with Iparu, Metallic Ally

That's my deck!~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Best Defence is a Good Offense

The 4th Part of the series, brings us to the searing hot Underworlders with their geysers, ponds, and cities of Lava. Ruled by Chaor and helped by Hikeda, these Underworlders lay waste to almost all who draw near the warmth.

 He is the one and only Ultra Past Creature with a tribe designated to it (i.e not tribeless). He has 50 Energy which is under average for an Underworlder, 2 Mugic Counters (always a good thing), Fire 5 and nice power. His secondary ability is only useful when you have at least 3 of your creatures on the opposing team, but then again, if you need 10 extra damage, and you have no Mugic Cards left, at least you know who to call...

Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth
 This Muge is probably the most used of the 4 (online anyways), maybe becasue Enre-Hep and Lore is banned and Kopond helps more in Burn Decks than the High Muge of the Lake (Najarin) does in the Overworld Healing Decks. Like all the 4 High Muges, Kopond has an exclusive ability which lets him deal an additional 10 damage with mugic that would deal damage... Not bad 20+10 = 30 damage Canon of Casualty. He has the Fire Element for a Consuming Cacophony, nice power and wisdom and 30e. Kha'rall Husk Armor + Melody of the Meek Combo anyone?

Unfortunately, I'm not going to go with the Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth + Kha'rall Husk Armor + Melody of the Meek. I'll leave that to you lol! I'm quite bad at making Underworld decks so bear with me as I present...

The Army of the Hearth


1. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Pheonix Belt
2. Kaal - Whepcrack
3. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Pheonix Belt
4. Chaor (Dawn of Perim) - Bronzeflight
5. Kopond, High Muge of the Hearth - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Drakness - Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Canon of Casualty
1x Consuming Cacophony
1x Improvisational Melody
1x Song of Revival
1x Refrain of Denial (UW version) or Cadence Clash

1x Magma Might
1x Primal Smash
1x Gladiator's Fire
1x Flame Orb
2x Fireram
2x Ash Torrent
2x Consuming Flame
2x Outwit
2x Smokesurge
2x Flashwarp
2x Incinerase
2x Flying Advantage

2x Castle Bodhran
2x Underworld Colloseum
2x Underworld City
2x Lava Ponds
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk

This deck revolves around burning obviously =P. Works like this... All Mugic you cast that would deal damage will deal 5 extra damage, except in the case of Kopond who has 15 extra damage. In Total, we have 4 Burn Mugic, and quite a bit of spare counters, in case of Interlude of Interuption or Cadence Clash. Now, in total, we would deal 20 to 45 extra damage, thanks to Drakness and Kopond High Muge as a side-note/interesting fact.
So, Dawn of Perim Chaor defends Kopond and Drakness, Drakness can't die as easily as Kopond because of the Weightless Energy Vessel.
 Now, your front line warrior, will be Kaal. Kaal will be your attacker with Strike 20 (Approx. Ulmar, PR expends (both)) and Fire 10. So Kaal, if he deals Consuming Flame will deal 15+10 = 25 damage, plus the bonus expend from Ulmar, Perithon Racer, to deal a total of 45 damage.
 If Ulmar gets attacked, DON'T expend your fire until the opponent has 10 or less energy remaining. This can be done by attacking, expending the other Ulmar's Fire and Burn Mugic.
Now, one of my friends asked me, "Why didn't you give Kopond, the Weightless Energy Vessel?" And my answer is, if your opponent uses Burn Mugic/Abilities to take Kopond down, I found that the mugic/ability at the top of the burst goes first... So if your opponent burns Kopond, then since Kopond is going to die anyways, just shoot burn mugic out and who knows, it might code the one doing the burning, So Kopond doesn't get coded =D. Also, Kopond's ability is pretty selfish as compared to Drakness so yea.
If you plan to use this deck, Use Kopond to cast the two Canons and an Improviational Melody. This makes 30+15 = 45 extra damage (We still haven't use Consuming Cacophony Yet =D). Save the Consuming for someone else to cast.

That's my Deck!~

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Master Verses The Apprentice!

 Some of you may know Mauro from our blog, otherwise known as Boamorte in Chaotic. Well, he's challenged me to a 6 on 6 Masters Match, with the only restrictions being not allowed to use Crellen Drome Banned Cards, even though that was pretty obvious.

Date: 1st December 2010, 1:00 PM (Australia Time).

Format: 6V6, Banned Cards restriction

I, unfortunately will have the job of posting a video on this blog, for interested parties. Why bother? Well in a sense, I helped Boamorte through his Chaotic "Life" to an extent and he's begun to thrash me in dromes like the Hotekk Drome unfortunately. So, to see who is better, we've decided to challenge each other in the standard format of playing Chaotic, 6 vs. 6 Masters.

So yea, hope you all watch it and everything!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Masters Deck... No Counters...

Continuing on with Part 3 of the series (See, I'm getting quicker) is the M'arrillian Deck...  Maybe some of you have seen my post where I asked the person clarifications on Fal'makin AZIA's ability... But never mind that... I present to you a deck that is to be played in Masters... BUT with no Mugic Counters... And on a weird side-note: I had a Physics Diagnostic Exam and I  began thinking how I could just sap the knowledge out of people's heads to get the answer 'cause I was kinda stuck lol! So in the end, figured got 30 minutes left, it was the last question... I squeezed the creation of this deck in it! Naturally, with Fal'Makin

Fal'makin, AZAIA Inquisitor
 The lone sole M'arillian Ultra from Alliance Unravelled... But isn't he glorious? His High wisdom is still there, and his energy got a boost and his ability advanced to a new level! Personally, I like his ability, it is awesome if used correctly... P.S, it says "MAY play a mugic card"... maybe it's suggesting it's optional?! Oh yea, note how he also gained Fire!! Nunk'worn combo!! lol!

No Counters Burn Deck


1. Bladez* - Kha'rall Husk Armor
2. Fal'makin, Azia Inquisitor - Mugician's Tuning Fork
3. Bladez - Phobia Plates
4. Ritzu'dag - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Erak'Tabb - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Milla'ain, Foothold Commander - Weightless Energy Vessel

*Bladez wisdom MUST be lower than Speed

2x Mind Mash
2x Outfreeze
2x Piercing Brilliance
2x Mind Razor
1x Primal Smash
1x Outwit
2x Muge's Edge
2x Mind Sink
2x Quick Exit
2x Outsmart
2x Burning Rain

2x Consuming Cacophony
2x Canon of Casualty
1x Song of Revival (UW)
1x Nourishing Nocturne

2x Overworld Library
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x AZIA Mindscrying Chambre
1x Imaginary Walls
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Condensation Ceremony

Firstly... This going to be one of the more "Unusual" Deck you'll see from me and I don't blame you! Fal'makin, to me... is a very unused Ultra. His ability just goes GREAT with Milla'in Foothold Commander... I mean, yea it goes so well...
Anyways... the Bladez can fight when needed, but... Fal'makin is your main fighter... When Fal'makin gets engaged, he's gonna attack, deal damage and cast a free Consuming Cacophony for 30 damage to any creature and the next attack, another free Consuming Cacophony. So it's averagely, 10+10+30+30=80 dmg in two attacks!!!! You can even attack the back muges with this! Once that's over, your beautiful Milla'ain grabs one of the Consuming Cacophony back... So you can cast it again! Hence, the cycle continues... Alright. Against an UW Zamool deck, you're going to attack anyone but Zamool, then use your burn mugic to take out Ulmar, Kopond etc. etc. Shouldn't be too hard. Don't forget you got a Song of Revival to bring back a Bladez! w00t! Against a range, swift deck, it can cause minor problems but no major ones... Fal'makin will still cast burn mugic and either Ritzu'dag (Not required due to Outfreeze etc. etc.) or Erak'Tabb (just for the fun, extra damage) or Milla'ain (This guy needs to be looked after... =P Sorta! But no single Bi-Mowercycle can reach here xD!). This deck is simple and easy, the way I like it
Please comment =p!

That's my deck!~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little itch...

Well, first off... No offense to Danian Fans (Especially MandibleMuge xD), but your clan's Ultras kinda went down the drain this time as compared to the other tribes... I mean Nimmei Expedition Overseer is just... well hard to use as compared to the M'arrilian Invasion one... and Lore, High Muge well... let's say I wouldn't compare him with the Ancestral Caller... But that's all under the bridge now..

Nimmei, Expedition Overseer.
 He really isn't the... greatest Ultra when you think about it... but who knows maybe when Fire and Stone comes out... He'll be more deserving of his Ultra Rank... But for now... he's not really much... I mean he's... skinny, looks bossy and has not much skills to show it. Because of his ability... you got to plan really well or be prepared to lose... As you can tell... Don't really want to talk about him.

Lore, High Muge of the Hive
 Like all the 4 High Muges, he has an extremely unique ability that is like composting Mugic Cards... Interesting... Now let's see... he can recast Strain of Infection much like Enre-Hep can copies... But what Enre-Hep can do three times (more or less with Heptadd's Crown/General's Standard) is what Lore can only do twice which kinda is a downpoint of Lore. But then again, consider Lore has higher energy and I think Courage as well... hmm interesting... I would rate him as about the 3rd best of the High Muges...

Please remember... I am NOT MandibleMuge... I am no master of Danians... But I like to try new and wacky combos.... lol! So presenting... a currently banned deck in Crellen!


1. Nimmei Expedition Overseer - Destructozooka
2. Elna - Ozlai's Wreck
3. Neekwin - Vial of Liquid Though
4. Khavakk - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5. Lore, High Muge of the Hive - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Raznus, Assimilated - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

1x Suprising Rift
1x Strain of Infection
1x Obe of Obscurity
1x Song of Symmetry
2x Unbalancing Battlesong

2x Rainspears
2x Mind Strike
2x Flood Force
2x Geyser Gush
2x Swarming Destruction
1x Primal Smash
1x Landgore
2x Invader's Tactics
2x Sleet Slide
2x Burning Rain
2x Liuquescent Swirl

2x Storm Tunnel, I think it's Kibro's Foothold
2x M'arrillian Pulse Beacons
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Mt. Pillar, Liberated

Kk basically, Nimmei Expedition Overseer is going to get Water (This deck's main focus) whether it be by the Destructozooka or Storm Tunnels or via the opponent. Elna is going to get defeated... which then will activate the Hive. Then, when your opponent hits 15e, you code him with Khavakk's ability (he even has 2 counters and a cool picture!) Note that, Neekwin has a Vial of Liquid Thought, so don't be afraid to use your high build point attacks 'cause... you're going to get it back anyways... and Neekwin gets a pwnage water 5 and untargetable...
Lore, High Muge of the Hive, pretty self-explanitory... He's gonna be recasting stuff like Strain of Infection which is an awesome 0 counter mugic and your Obe of Obscurity and then you're going to have fun with loads of mugic counters =D!
Raznus, Assimilated is another oldie, I like... He's he dude who's gonna give your danians a resistance of some sort to Zamool Burn Decks w00t! So yea...
So Khavakk begins with the Obe of Obscurity with 3 or more counters (Opponent probably has Mipedian Balladeer's Flute) and infect 3 or more creatures. Then he cast Strain of Infection, passing the counters to Nimmei Expedition Overseer. Now, Nimmei Expedition Overseer should have 3{} and water element almost garunteed! Elna then gets coded (which is what we want xD) and then the party begins! When Elna gets coded, its nearly a garunteed 15 damage per combat and with Unbalancing Battlesong... I sense it's going to hurt much more... Don't forget Song of Symmetry which would deal a nice 10 and heal a nice 10 damage =D!
Once again, Lore can cast Mugic from the discard pile... So this is a pretty much mini-Danian Burn Deck ^.^! Won't really run low on counters cause Nimmei has 3{} and Lore can recast etc. etc. So yea...

That's my deck!~

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A "Forgotten" Deck

I'm going to start making decks based on the Alliance Unravelled Ultras for each and every tribe, so first up is Mipedian ('cause I thought of this deck in Dreamworld during Laser Wars, which was really fun! ^.^)

Mipedian Ultra 1:
Gintanai, The Forgotten... A Warbeast with no Recklessness and a extremely powerful abilities. His first two, very strong ability is his signature "Air 10, Earth 10" combination. The first creature to have element 10 in two elements which makes a Radical Ice Balls feel like a Turbulence Funnel (15+15=30 dmg). However, he is not without a drawback... His drawback is to make you eliminate a creature you control, if Gintanai wins combat... Probably as a meal for this gigantic beast xD! In any case, he is still a Warbeast, so you can use him with a Warbeast Power Leash and a Conjuror with Ravita Flower, to make things interesting... But I'm not going to be using that as that might be a little common. (P.S: One of the coolest looking pictures)

Mipedian Ultra 2:
Enre-Hep, The High Muge of the Desert... All 4 of the High Muges of Perim, each have a unique ability, exclusve to themselves. All their abilities show their maximum capabilities as muges, and Enre-Hep is no exception. Enre-Hep has the capability to copy mugic cast by creatures, you control which is pretty much a Refrain of Denial anything for no Mugic Cards. Or, another temporary fun combo, Fanfare of the Vanishing x4 (2 other creature cast, Enre copies) for Invisibility Strike 60!! Anyways, out of all the High Muges, Enre-Hep would be my favorite.

Deck: Air-Slashes

1. Noaz, Mipedian Calvarist -  Mipedian Fulgurite
2. Gintanai, The Forgotten - Scarab of Khilai
3. Noaz, Mipedian Calvarist - Mipedian Fulgurite
4. Xelfe - Heptadd's Crown
5. Enre-Hep, High Muge of the Desert - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Hurlicane
2x Sediment Stormshield
2x Airize
2x Velocitrap
2x Airsault
2x Marksman Preparation
2x Radical Iceballs
1x Primal Smash
1x Gear Grind
2x Whirling Wail
2x Turbulence Funnel

2x Trills of Dimunition
1x Mugic Repise
1x Melody of Mirage
2x Gear Glissando

2x Castle Bodhran
2x Mipedian Oasis
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Sands of the Unseen

This deck is pretty cliche in some bits so yea, basically... Gintanai isn't going to fight ALL the battles for you and likewise, Noaz isn't going to fight all the battles for you, So... ALWAYS attack with Noaz, this gives you the additional Air 10 and the other ability xD, I think its Suprise. So yes, use Noaz's Swift 1 to your advantage and slip through gaps in your opponent's army is any at all. Gintanai, you'll be wanting to be reserving those Trills of Dimunitions unless Xelfe has no {} which in that case, you do not have to use the Mugic.
So basically... Xelfe cast 1 Trills of Dimunition and 1 Mugic Reprise. Enre-Hep uses his counters on Trills of Dimunition (BEFORE Xelfe casts Mugic Reprise [This is if Gintanai is in combat twice remember]) and the other two counters based on the situation. I'd probably copy the Mugic Reprise and pick another mugic to restore like a Melody of Mirage or Another Trills! Enre-Hep's last Mugic Counter (He's got 1 extra from the Balladeer's Flute) is once again used on situation, but probably on mugic you restored via Mugic Reprise.
 Now you may think this deck is low on mugic counters and you're right! It is. But, consider this... Decks these days are LIKELY to put a Mipedian Balldeer's Flute on their creatures and because of this, decks like these gains 1 extra {} to cast whatever our little hearts desire.
Needless to mention, I actually put a Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid so, that will let us have some fun as well xD!
Anyways, this deck is actually pretty simple. All your creatures are an Air Version of Chaor the Fierce, you've got the Mugic to back them up BIG TIME so yea...

That's my deck!~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Scarier than Fear!

A combination that is scarier than Fear and really intimidating in the masters part of Chaotic if used correctly. This combo is so scary, it's even banned in the Crellen Drome lol! Oh well, at least there's offline right? Haha! Anyways... There are many variations to this combo, but I'll talk about that later.

P.S : Sorry for the lack of updates =S It was really slack of me!

 Zamool was already one of the scariest creatures in the Crellen Drome. It is because of him, that the Underworld Burn Decks became almost 100% win rate decks and combined with an old favorite banned card, that is... Agitos, Eloquent Motivator, Zamool will be comfirmed attacked so that his ability kicks in with full effect. Zamool will also gain Intimidate Courage 20 and Intimidate Power 20, a useful bonus, I would say. So simple and basic (Way I like it), Agitos "motivates" or uses his ability, so that the opponent is forced to attack Zamool (YES!!!!) and we can cast our burn mugic in any way we like without worries! Yess!!!!

Now the variation of this combination, is the exclusive, almost forgotten Ultra Rare battlegear, "Algal Wings of Attraction". This battlegear is another one of the battlegears that "forces" your opponents to attack a particular creature providing its face-up. Algals unfortunately does not start combat, flipped up. So you have to flip it, just to use its ability. So of course, not the best alternative... Though its the only option for now, since Agitos is banned. But offline... Don't hesitate to use Agitos, then you can give Zamool, Fire Element from the battlegear.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Test-Deck Number 1: I am Aa'une

 No Pictures this time, sorry =D! I'm in a rush to go to Dreamworld =P

I am Aa'une!


1. Nunk'Worn - Algals Wings of Attraction
2. Aa'une the Oligarch - Baton of Aa'une
3. Raquanni - Mirrors of Misplacement
4. Fla'gamp - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Aval'Par - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Bahrakatan, The Coralsmith- Orb of Foresight

2x Gear Glissando
1x Calling of Aa'une
1x Denial Refrain from the Deep
1x Tonal Destruction
1x March of the M'arrilian Minions

2x Rainspears
2X FluidMight
2x Rage of Aa'une
2x Flood Force
1x Invader's Tactics
1x Primal Smash
2x Thermo Rings
2x Burning Rain
2x Inner Flood
2x Sleet Slide
2x Aqua Recoil

2x The Oligarch's Path
2x Castle Bodhran
2x Vidav's Reflectorium
2x Everrain
1x Lake Blakeer
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines

The way the deck works:
Raquanni will cast the Gear Glissando's on himself first, to flip the Mirrors of Misplacement up. If it is your opponent's attack, flip the Algal Wings of Attraction with your second Gear Glissando - Pick up an attack card and discard it - due to Mirrors of Misplacement. If its your attack, flip The Coralsmith's Orb of Foresight, so that when combat begins, you can cycle through even more. ~P.S depends on your situation - i.e flip bronzeflight down, if opposition has one instead of the Mirrors of Misplacement etc. etc.

On your attack, Sacrifice the 2 Bi-Mowercycles, allowing Aa'une to head straight to the backlines of the opposition army against a creature probably with 50 or less Energy. Aa'une will have averagely 55e, water 5 and a slightly modified attack deck...

On your opponent's attack, Nunk'Worn will be attacked and you fight back gaining counters on both Nunk'Worn and Fla'gamp.

On both, when Nunk'Worn gets 3{}, cast the March of M'arrilian Minions Mugic to give Raquanni 2{}, on your attack, this is a water 10 + water 5 on Aa'une (Water 15) and P.S: you can also cast Tonal Destruction to rid of any denying if not annoying mugic paid by Nunk'Worn of course... It's pretty straightforward from there, Tonal Destruction to rid of mugic, Denial Refrain of the Deep to cancel out any other denying Mugic. The Rage of Aa'une should be brought out pretty quickly. So yea...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hotekk Drome Series Part 2

Alright, now we have the Hotekk Drome Series Part Two!!!
In this section, we will be talking about the terrifying Blade and  the some-what scary sight of a Bodal's Dagger

 These guys deserve a topic to themselves... as they can be almost used in any deck! Any attack they play that would deal 0 damage... deals 15 damage instead! This ability ensures that the minimum damage Bladez can do is 5 and the maximum is well... close to infinite lol!
In masters, these guys are pretty easy to defeat, because of mugic and abilities etc. But in Hotekk or apprentice, they become much harder to take down... =(
Alright, if you saw Bladez in a hotekk battle, it is almost garunteed that the Bladez has a Kha'rall Husk Armor. That gear works with Bladez like ... as the americans call it PB & J. I'm assuming it means Peanut Butter and Jelly. Anyways... The first thing, you want to do against a Bladez, is to shut down it's Kha'rall Husk Armor. This means Olkiex Apron, Gear Grinds, Aerosions etc. etc. These practically take down 45%-50% of Bladez total energy, which from there on, you have to defeat on your own =). The main point in defeating him is... Don't be intimidated by him, shut down his gear, and he'll fall like the rest of the Underworlders. I've beaten tons of him with my regular creatures like Tangath Toborn, Gronmor, Ikub'Ra... He is a rare for a reason after all =D!

The Skimpy Little Bodal's Dagger
Insert Creature Insert Creature
Bodal's Dagger   Bodal's Dagger
Insert Creature
Insert Battlegear
First introduced by (R.I.P 2010 xD) this little dagger has led the way to many, "Dagger" Decks. The most poweful ones are Ursis, Ursis, Ajara (1,2,3) and showcases one of the most unstoppable deck known to the Hotekk Drome. These dagger decks are not easily thwarted, they can't be stopped by Numid Voidlands, they aren't fazed by Phobia Plates and they really aren't scared of losing their Stat Checks and Challenges. But as they are called "Dagger" Decks, we can safely assume their fear of losing their daggers. Classic Dagger Attack Builds include the ever scary Heptagon Hail, the Ultra Primal Smash and Tribe-cist attack Xenocentric Wrath. These attacks combined will make to them have various 0 Build Points which will won't deal much or any damage if you had shut down their gear (ex. Aftermath Feint xD). So my advice, to countering these decks is to shut down their battlegear ^.^! Note: This is kinda of a repeat lol!! Other than shutting down the Dagger, if they are using the Ursis, Ursis, Ajara option, you can Range+Swift and strike down Ajara to make it fair weather for a while... But like the Ixxik Ixxik Ailav deck... Don't expect it to be beaten so easily... NOTE: Not unbeatable =D

So Basically if you want to Succeed in the Hotekk Drome
  1. Try not to rely on battlegear - This applies specially in Apprentice. If you're battlegear if shut-down... you're down for the count...
  2. Try not to build a deck vulnerable to Range+Swift - which Kolmo, Takinom, Shadow Knight and other various evil minions have. 
  3. Don't rely on one type of attack. Use a variety (with the exception of dagger decks), if you use a single type of attack i.e Elemental, then if a location like Numid Voidlands or a battlegear like Phobia Plates shows up... You're in trouble.
  4. Fit your playing style - So you can have fun and you know what you're doing o.o?! lol!

    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    My Take on a deck without Ultras... Yikes!

    Decks these days, use various different Ultra Rares to achieve different things... The Heat Cannon to win the game, Chaor (Dawn of Perim) for his magnificent 3 counters and a mass seventy-five energy or Maxxor, Protector of Perim for his overwhelming ability.
    Recently, awesome has challenged me... to build a deck without Ultras... So I made one. Mixed, just for fun so... Here goes.

    Mixed (Minus Underworlders =P)


    1. Klencka, Avenger - Drilldozer, Customized Rig
    2. Akkerbal - Armbands of Lore
    3. Klencka, Avenger - Oliex Apron
    4. Kepiaan, Danian Lieutenant - Bronzeflight
    5. Vidav, Master Strategist - Mugician's Tuning Fork
    6. Jorre, Mipedian Lieutenant - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

    2x Shadow Strike
    2x Valor Continuum
    2x Sunder Ground
    2x Earth Pulse
    2x Daunting Bravery
    2x Mineral Mayhen
    2x Invader's Tactics
    2x Rustoxic
    2x Charge of the Brave
    2x Tectostike

    2x Iflar's Improvisation
    1x Ode of Obscurity
    1x Strain of Infection
    1x Fanfare of the Vanishing
    1x Cadence Clash/Refrain of Denial (Overworld One)

    2x Castle Bodhran
    2x Dranakis Threshold
    2x The Northrange, Highground
    2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
    2x Gorram's Briefing

    This deck is divided into different stages.
    Set-Up Stage

    Alright, Klencka, Avenger is the main warrior of this army, just in case you wanted to know =P! Okay! Well, first step is to Obe of Obsurity and infect 4 creatures (using 2{} paid by Vidav). Then, cast Strain of Infection (Any Danian can cast this so...) and un-infect 3 creatures and give the counters to Vidav. So Vidav will have 4{} and Jorre will have 2{}.
    Now that Set-up is complete --> Battle Stage
    Klencka, Avenger is going to get Invisibility Strike 30 (Take a guess how? xD) by Iflar's Improvisation. So that it will gain 30 Energy! When you're out of "Mojo", you can play a Fanfare of the Vanishing Mugic
    Akkerbal is so anti-mipedian, its almost funny! He has Earth and thanks to his battlegear, he's going to gain a surge in courage! So he can play most attacks Klencka can play.

    Now those are your warriors, Jorre can Range+Swift them, in case you haven't noticed. Which is awesome! Kepiaan defends your two muges and yea... Rest is pretty Self-explanitory

    That's my deck!~

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    As the Chaotic Tournament draws to a close...

    Well, if you guys don't know this, I'm up to the Quarter-Finals in a Chaotic Tournament and I can use any deck I have (offline only of course!) and I'm going to pick the Overworld Tribe. (P.S: This is a 6v6 Masters tournament so yea).
    I'm going to post my offline deck as a video (I took on my phone so not very good quality) anyway yea, rate & comment will be greatly appreciated

    Alright, erm this is new to me (sorta), so don't blame me I missed out on something or something of the sort =S! Erm next post, will be a deck that is Ultra-Free as to aweome's request and when I recover from my cold, I'll continue the Hotekk Series.

    Oh yea, any comments on my deck! Should be made so I can win the tourny! xD

    If you're capped, text version under comments!!

    That's my deck!~

    A small cost for a big dude!

    Firstly, let me say, I AM going to continue the Hotekk Drome Series... Just not yet, I'll do it when I feel more up to it=P, Anyways, I have a headache right now, and thought about how a small pill of Panadol makes it all seem awesome... So... Here's a deck called, "A Small Cost for a Big Dude"

    A Small Cost of a Big Dude


    1. Titanix -Ravita Flower
    2. Khorror - Xerium Armor --> cheap alternative: Sandstorm Shroud
    3. Titanix - Ravita Flower
    4. Savell - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
    5. Ailav - Bronzeflight
    6. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Weightless Energy Vessel

    2x Melody of Mirage
    2x Trills of Dimunition
    1x Gear Glissando
    1x Notes of Neverwhere

    Attacks (Too tired to make one... but I'll try my best)
    2x Reactive Resolution
    2x Poison Sphere
    2x Daunting Bravery
    2x Shadow Strike
    2x Velocitrap
    2x Braveglint
    2x Charge of the Brave/Acceleration
    2x Hammer Dash
    2x Aftermath Feint
    2x Valor Continuum/Unbalanced Charge

    Erm... use your staple/normal Mipedian locations - i.e Mipedim Mirage, Oasis etc. etc. Don't forget Numid Voidlands =D

    Okay... This deck is pretty simple and almost a duplicate of my last deck... Titanix (so good creature), intimidates SPEED and COURAGE by 50! 50! ZOMG! 50!!!! That brings maxxor down to 70 courage if he had maximum!! Wow! Anyways Titanix has a Ravita Flower to sacrifice so that Savell eliminates ALL of Khorror's recklessness (as Savell has 2{}+1{} (Balladeer's) + 2{} (Ravita) thus = 5{} = 50 recklessness) and if that wasn't enough, You have a second Ravita Flower to show the opponent's, who's boss! Use your counters wisely like on their 3,4,5 Build Point attacks, use Melody of Mirage! This deck is based on stats so your Numid Voidlands take full effect xD!
    Now unto the MAIN point of the deck... Khorror has 0 Recklessness, thanks to a single conjuror (called Savell), takes 5 less damage  (From Ailav) and has 130 Energy (average). Give him an armor he can't even fit into (called Xerium), and he more or less takes 15 damage every shot. That's going to take a while to eliminate... Now Titanix on the other hand, has 65e with the strongest Intimidation in the game! He's gonna win Stat Check and Challenges pretty easy...
    Once again, Ailav defends Savell and Headmaster Ankhyja defends them from Mugic (except the Warbeasts, but they aren't going to die that easy =D).

    Other tricks you may try
    1. Use Appelai - he gains {} when opponent casts mugic on your warbeasts... and has Savell's ability, pretty sweet, if only he had 1 more {}.
    2. Fighter's Fanfare... I cannot emphasize how good this mugic is...
    3. IMPROVE IT! Every deck is made to be improved so yea...
    Anyways... it's off to bed for me and see you all next time

    EDIT: Please comment on these! Then I know what you actually think of it xD! If you don't know to comment click the probably "0 comments" button below if not, the "XX comments" button xD! Where X is a number

    That's my deck!~

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Hotekk Drome

    Everyone plays the Hotekk dromes 'cause the matches there are the fastest... However with everyone using Meta-Decks, one can only hope to be in the top 10, they have to counter it...
    This is a rather basic guide on how to counter them =D!

    Meta-Deck Version 1:
    Ikub'Ra  Xis'torq

    (Other versions include, Mik'Bannin, Xis'torq, Gal'drad --- Vitar'Zu, Xis'Torq, Jus'hebben --- Rol'doi, Neu'thar, Xis'torq or the recently popular Gimwei Gimwei Erak'Tabb decks)
    Things you will notice about this deck: Depending on the Kha'rall and Chieftains, they mostly run a single type of disciplines attacks i.e Power Attacks, Speed Attacks etc. and in particular the ones that hurt your creatures the most are those that read Challenge *insert discipline* XX: Deal XX damage, like Mind Razor (my pic), Mind Mash, Prowl Strike and Acceleration. These attacks are further powered by their respective Chieftain's ability "Attacks played by creatures gain Challenge *insert Discipline* 50: Deal 10 damage. So what's an easiest way to make a comeback at this deck? Using Phobia Plates... I'm suprised I rarely see them running around in the Hotekk Drome considering how useful they are... I mean... That battlegear may be Super Rare but still... Being able to shut down MAJORITY of this deck's attacks, i mean... Wow!! Let's not forget the Cheiftains are going to hold some Supercharged Alterants which means Windslashes may come in handy. Yes, you heard me right, Windslashes... They are the opposite of Gear Grind remember? I'm beginning to put them in my deck after facing MANY supercharged alterant, mipedian fulgurites and destructozooka decks. If they don't draw Gear Grind fast... well... They're doomed... =P.

    Meta-Deck Version 2:
    Ixxik Ixxik
    (No other versions yet =P)
    This deck is one of the best in Hotekk which everyone is beginning to abuse due to its awesomely high energy allowing it the capability to get in a lot of attacks and deal a lot of damage on your creatures. To beat the two Ixxiks, you're going to need everything playing into your favor, so here goes... First, you're going to need to take down Ailav. He's reducing every attack taken by 5. This may not seem much but after 3 attacks, note that he's reduced 15 damage which is about a fifth of Ixxik's total energy, which you definately want to get in.
    So you're needing a creature with Swift 1 at least and give him a Skeletal Steed AND allowing to sit at the back, cheap alternative: Kolmo/Ruhban - Expensive alternative: Takinom, Shadow Knight. A good Ixxik deck will focus on Stat Checks which means there are no counters to that other than reducing his stats, while a bad ixxik deck focuses on half elemental and occasional stat challenges which would be shut down quickly by both Phobia Plates and Numid Voidlands. So as I said, against a good Ixxik deck, you're going to need everything u got... But then again, the number of good Ixxik decks are fairly few so you don't really have to worry about them yet... Also, another advice is to use Olkiex's Apron - that piece of cloth shuts down Xerium Armor in case Ixxiks got 'em to help you pull out another win!

    Meta-Deck Type 3:
    XXX  Headmaster
    Where XXX = Mipedian probably with Invisibility.

    This deck has suddenly got very uncommon ever since, Headmaster Ankhyja has been errated so that Spectral Viewer and Forest of Life, Aichyyls cancels his invisibility which is pretty sad in my opinion. So to counter this deck run a couple of Forest of Life Aichyys or anything to cancel invisibility like Rasbma Darini's ability.

    So, to sum up everything, to counter 3 of the "better" Hotekk Decks, try running stuff like Phobia Plates and Windslashes cause they are just plain awesome. Images below, courtesy of
    P.S: Please do comment via Blog =D and also, I do realize there are way more Hotekk Metas but right now, I'm going with the basics before I go on and do other more complex decks

    EDIT: Very Excellent Point by Happyman456 ~ Kolmo can be replaced by Noaz who is probably even better and yea =D. Thanks!