Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dread Treadding to Victory!

When Turn of the Tide came out, 4 Legendary Battlegear was introduced... One for each of the tribes fighting against the M'arrillians. For the Underworld, their battlegear was the unstoppable Dread Tread.
The Dread Tread was introduced as a battlegear that allowed you to start more than 1 combat a turn, something that is highly treasured amongst Underworld Players, these days. But surprisingly enough, due to the fact, the creature with the Dread Tread's Energy remained the same after combat (i.e If they won with 20 Energy left, they have 20 Energy in the next battle), this battlegear became... sadly... not "THAT" used...
So, here is a combination to try to revive this barely used truck of red steel...

Kiru, the supposed leader of the Underworld and the founder of Kiru City - The main capital of the Overworld. Kiru has, what I call, the Lava elements which are naturally, Fire and Earth. What's more is that Kiru has a unique counter system ability that allows him to provide other Underworlders with extra energy based on the number of battles he has won. With the Dread Tread, Kiru can easily fall back after battle or if he's confident, tear his way into another battle for another Leadership Counter... Then, your Chaor, even with 65 Energy can go up to 85 Energy without having help from a battlegear!
This combination is basically giving you the ability to attack twice, giving Kiru special little counters that boosts your Underworld Creature's morale. Don't forget you can mix this with a Bi-Mowercycle for easy double wins and a Pranker Tanker to bring Kiru back into your formation for safety reasons.
Australians, hope you enjoy the remaining time in your holidays =P!

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