Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Take on a deck without Ultras... Yikes!

Decks these days, use various different Ultra Rares to achieve different things... The Heat Cannon to win the game, Chaor (Dawn of Perim) for his magnificent 3 counters and a mass seventy-five energy or Maxxor, Protector of Perim for his overwhelming ability.
Recently, awesome has challenged me... to build a deck without Ultras... So I made one. Mixed, just for fun so... Here goes.

Mixed (Minus Underworlders =P)


1. Klencka, Avenger - Drilldozer, Customized Rig
2. Akkerbal - Armbands of Lore
3. Klencka, Avenger - Oliex Apron
4. Kepiaan, Danian Lieutenant - Bronzeflight
5. Vidav, Master Strategist - Mugician's Tuning Fork
6. Jorre, Mipedian Lieutenant - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

2x Shadow Strike
2x Valor Continuum
2x Sunder Ground
2x Earth Pulse
2x Daunting Bravery
2x Mineral Mayhen
2x Invader's Tactics
2x Rustoxic
2x Charge of the Brave
2x Tectostike

2x Iflar's Improvisation
1x Ode of Obscurity
1x Strain of Infection
1x Fanfare of the Vanishing
1x Cadence Clash/Refrain of Denial (Overworld One)

2x Castle Bodhran
2x Dranakis Threshold
2x The Northrange, Highground
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Gorram's Briefing

This deck is divided into different stages.
Set-Up Stage

Alright, Klencka, Avenger is the main warrior of this army, just in case you wanted to know =P! Okay! Well, first step is to Obe of Obsurity and infect 4 creatures (using 2{} paid by Vidav). Then, cast Strain of Infection (Any Danian can cast this so...) and un-infect 3 creatures and give the counters to Vidav. So Vidav will have 4{} and Jorre will have 2{}.
Now that Set-up is complete --> Battle Stage
Klencka, Avenger is going to get Invisibility Strike 30 (Take a guess how? xD) by Iflar's Improvisation. So that it will gain 30 Energy! When you're out of "Mojo", you can play a Fanfare of the Vanishing Mugic
Akkerbal is so anti-mipedian, its almost funny! He has Earth and thanks to his battlegear, he's going to gain a surge in courage! So he can play most attacks Klencka can play.

Now those are your warriors, Jorre can Range+Swift them, in case you haven't noticed. Which is awesome! Kepiaan defends your two muges and yea... Rest is pretty Self-explanitory

That's my deck!~


  1. I think you should change your defender. Kepiaan will only gain 20 energy and 20 to all disciplines. And that isn't going to be that much since his stats are low begin with. And I see that not too many people now about your blog. So I am going to feature yours on my blog roll.

  2. wow klencka has an awesome ability, thats a card to look out for! i think thats a great creature to pick! and with drilldozer + ability can raise its energy over 100! great combo =)

    and to go with Bsbllall2's comment, are you allowed to post(advertise) your blog in forums on chaotic website? that would get you a great following!

  3. Lol, I don't think you're allowed to do that in Chaotic Website =P! Sorry!

    Yes, Klencka has an awesome ability!

    As for Kepiaan being the defender... Well, it's true in a way that Kepiaan only gains 20 Energy and 20 to all disciplines... hmmm.... *Thinks* how about Attacat, Tactical Aide xD or Drazz... (P.S You don't know how tempted I am to say Cromaxx).