Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Card Creation II - Eehrin, The Combat Trainer

Let's try creating an Overworld Creature today...

This time, a Creature called Eehrin done by "E-Mann".

Overworld Hero Warrior

Courage: 85
Power: 75
Wisdom: 45
Speed: 45
Energy: 45

Mugic Counters: 1
Elements: Air, Earth

Adjacent Creatures deal an additional 5 damage with attacks
Eehrin deals an additional 5 damage with attacks
Loyal - Unique

To discuss the card... Eehrin seems to be a bit an instructor to some of these weaker Overworlders but definitely not one to shy away from battle... 

As such, giving her an ability to support her fellow Overworlders could potentially be quite good on her. Placing her on the middle row with a Bronzeflight allows easy protection due to her fairly bulky presence, while still supporting the front row. 

I also felt that such a boost may be considered a tiny bit strong... Especially on guys like Maxxor, Protector of Perim... as such, we gave her a little vulnerability with the low energy so that she can be coded without too much effort.

That all being said - Eehrin is a nice alternative to Lomma, Desert Wanderer and can be considered. 

We hope you enjoyed Eehrin, The Combat Trainer!

Monday, October 12, 2015

9 Years Anniversary of Chaotic: Card Creation I

 Hello once again... and Wow! Has it really already been 9 Years?

 It's difficult to come up with a great special way to celebrate the 9 Years... So... to try and come up with something - I'll be bringing up some Chaotic Art you may/may not know about (1 per post) and perhaps some... fun Abilities/Stat.

Perhaps making these into cards and "proxy-ing" them may lead to some fun results hahaha!!

Without further ado!!

Mipedian Caretaker

Courage: 45
Power: 45
Wisdom: 75
Speed: 65
Energy: 30

Mugic Counters: 1
Elements: Earth

Expend Earth: You may return a Battlegear from your discard pile and equip it to a non-equipped Mipedian you control.

Unique - Loyal

 I think this is a fairly interesting concept idea to try out... The idea of constantly returning a Battlegear like Vial of Liquid Shroud or Nexus Fuse would make this guy a constant threat on the board. This is especially true in things such as Mipedians that rely on their Invisibility to make a devastating first strike...

His low energy is rather this Caretaker's downfall as you should find it fairly easily to burn through this guy. Even engaging him through regular Range/Swift tactics would be able to crush him easily.

Nonetheless, you should always be cautious of this little Caretaker... as a Battlegear returning constantly can mean devastating implications if not dealt with straight away!

What do you guys think of Ahnem? Too OP? Interesting? Let us Know!

Credit: Art by JayAxer.