Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coding the Drome Part I.


I obviously don't know how many of you are still out there or still hold a ant-bite amount of interest for the old game.

But for those who follow the Backup Forums:

There has been a spark of talk about the community wanting to re-create a World of Perim (3-D Adventure) or to re-create the Dromes. Now these are incredibly daunting tasks that had previously took a team of programmers to accomplish.

With no plans drawn up, I decided to spend some time with Unity3D to code up a storm across the holidays and see what I can get done/working and what... isn't so... easy to forge.

That being said - this blog will act as a "log" about the progress, setbacks and etc. faced when trying to code a Drome. :)

Day 1: Final Screen-Shot

That may be a tad small... But here was what was done in Day 1:
  • A 20-Card Attack Deck has been created. It is shuffled at the Start of the Game (Before Cards are dealt) and is re-shuffled when the deck is depleted.
  • 3 Attack Cards are drawn and deals Base Damage (The Stat Checks, Challenges and Elements work as intended.)
  • An attack card drawn replaces the previously used attack card.
  • Images was added to Attack Cards/Creatures for better Visibility
  • Stats (Not real stats but proxy stats) is implemented to test attack conditions and damaging the enemy (including elements)
This Drome (for now) will be built for 1v1 Apprentice mode (To be expanded later) and I have yet to code Battlegear or Locations (No I haven't forgotten).
Once I get those functions working, I can work on making it prettier :)