Thursday, September 30, 2010

Addressing A Heavy Issue

  If you read the forums, you would find many MANY negative things around the forums... Chaotic is ending is a major one. One by one, accordingly, people are quitting. I don't blame them honestly.
But in my defense, I have decided to stay with Chaotic until the very end. At which point, then well... nothing really much to say, no use crying over spilled milk yea?
Anyways... If you wish to quit Chaotic, go ahead... I'm not going to convince you to stay nor encourage you to leave. However, consider the points going around the forums given off by both players and Moderators

- Chaotic|Remztan has left TCDigital and thus has led to many "beliefs" that Chaotic is shutting down, due to him being one of the main engineers of the Dromes
- Lack of Action - I say action due to there being many things there has been a lack of, updates, tickets etc. etc.
- Chaotic|Blargers sudden inactivity has sparked more rumours that Chaotic is closing down for good. Blargers who is inactive for a grand total of 10 days now, is and was a very vital part of the community that lets Chaotic know "Where its at"
- False Promises, many "promises" has been made to the community as of late, none of which coming true which there and again affects the public's viewpoint
- Fire And Stone (FaSt) - The set everyone was dying to see, was constantly delayed. Once again leading to the issue of "trustworthyness" of Chaotic, if there is such a word...

However, much like Pandora's Box... There is Hope... A glimmer of hope if you will, "A mere sip at the bottom of a glass" to be precise but none-the-less
-Nick07 did say that the Chaotic Staff was "Reduced" and thus the workload has been pretty much doubled for everyone which could probably explain the reason why Blargers and friends have not been on, so much
- According to many sources, most of you would hear about a Legal Issue or Legal Problems, well Legal Issues takes months, years to come to a conclusion. So you'll need to re-confirm whether the issue has finally been finished addressing
-If Chaotic is indeed finished, Blargers or similar would probably post a "Final Notice" before completely shutting it down, or else let either Occasus or Nick07 know...
- Chaotic is a Child Company, so to speak, so when it gets picked up by a "Parent" company, it might take a couple of years to get the product or website fully operational again - which may be why Blargers post "Good things are finally on their way.." implying that Chaotic has got picked up by a Parent Company.
-The fact that Chaotic has been revived about 3 times...As you may/not know from way back in the time where Maxxor was known as MadCap to which released the 8 "Beyond-Rare" Cards. For all we know, the Parent Company is designing a brand-new website for us to play on.

So as I said, if you want to quit, be my guest... However, do consider all these factors when deciding whether you'll be making a Final Stand or not. I have just posted my viewpoint on the issue. 


  1. if they make a whole new website, whats happens to our online cards?

  2. Excellent question, well when the first Chaotic Website was launched, all the old accounts got transferred to the new website so, say you had a account named awesome1401 on, when the was shut down, they made a new account for you with the exact same name and cards in the new website.

    For a basic explanation, if my english is that crap: All your online cards should be transferred to the new website, as that was what happened the past 2 times.

    This was proven by the Beyond Rare Cards still being on --> Ulfheddin, Mommark, Mezzmar, Prantix. Those Guys.

  3. nah your english is good! =P thats a relief, only because i dont want to lose my khorror!

  4. Hahaha! Don't worry, you probably won't lose that terrifying beast. I might write up another deck with him just for fun... Hahaha

  5. i have a theory on whats going on, if the following is correct;
    a) the anniversary is coming up
    b) they gave out codes last time
    c) it was abused(multiple accounts etc)

    so if these are right, then i think they will bring in chaotic coins to 'buy' codes on the anniversary. cant abuse that easily! and the mods are absent because the are busy bringing it in!

    what do you think?

  6. It is possible but I have sincere doubts on your theory as Remztan, the main engineer of the website has apparently "quit" TCDigital to work at Game Time (/
    Another online game company) thus your theory would be a bit shaken as the only mods appearing recently is Blargers (Who only does basic modifications and not large ones like activating chaotic coins) and the player mods(Occasus and Nick07) P.S if this sentence doesn't make sense read it without brackets.
    Not meaning to further "prosecute" your theory, but this downhill slope has been happening for about 1 year Now so...
    In any case, Blargers did warn us about this a month ago stating there will be (his exact words), "Calm before the Storm". Implying the Calm being the moment now where players are basically isolated by themselves.
    PPS sorry for the long passage