Thursday, September 2, 2010

Masters Deck... No Counters...

Continuing on with Part 3 of the series (See, I'm getting quicker) is the M'arrillian Deck...  Maybe some of you have seen my post where I asked the person clarifications on Fal'makin AZIA's ability... But never mind that... I present to you a deck that is to be played in Masters... BUT with no Mugic Counters... And on a weird side-note: I had a Physics Diagnostic Exam and I  began thinking how I could just sap the knowledge out of people's heads to get the answer 'cause I was kinda stuck lol! So in the end, figured got 30 minutes left, it was the last question... I squeezed the creation of this deck in it! Naturally, with Fal'Makin

Fal'makin, AZAIA Inquisitor
 The lone sole M'arillian Ultra from Alliance Unravelled... But isn't he glorious? His High wisdom is still there, and his energy got a boost and his ability advanced to a new level! Personally, I like his ability, it is awesome if used correctly... P.S, it says "MAY play a mugic card"... maybe it's suggesting it's optional?! Oh yea, note how he also gained Fire!! Nunk'worn combo!! lol!

No Counters Burn Deck


1. Bladez* - Kha'rall Husk Armor
2. Fal'makin, Azia Inquisitor - Mugician's Tuning Fork
3. Bladez - Phobia Plates
4. Ritzu'dag - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Erak'Tabb - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Milla'ain, Foothold Commander - Weightless Energy Vessel

*Bladez wisdom MUST be lower than Speed

2x Mind Mash
2x Outfreeze
2x Piercing Brilliance
2x Mind Razor
1x Primal Smash
1x Outwit
2x Muge's Edge
2x Mind Sink
2x Quick Exit
2x Outsmart
2x Burning Rain

2x Consuming Cacophony
2x Canon of Casualty
1x Song of Revival (UW)
1x Nourishing Nocturne

2x Overworld Library
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x AZIA Mindscrying Chambre
1x Imaginary Walls
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Condensation Ceremony

Firstly... This going to be one of the more "Unusual" Deck you'll see from me and I don't blame you! Fal'makin, to me... is a very unused Ultra. His ability just goes GREAT with Milla'in Foothold Commander... I mean, yea it goes so well...
Anyways... the Bladez can fight when needed, but... Fal'makin is your main fighter... When Fal'makin gets engaged, he's gonna attack, deal damage and cast a free Consuming Cacophony for 30 damage to any creature and the next attack, another free Consuming Cacophony. So it's averagely, 10+10+30+30=80 dmg in two attacks!!!! You can even attack the back muges with this! Once that's over, your beautiful Milla'ain grabs one of the Consuming Cacophony back... So you can cast it again! Hence, the cycle continues... Alright. Against an UW Zamool deck, you're going to attack anyone but Zamool, then use your burn mugic to take out Ulmar, Kopond etc. etc. Shouldn't be too hard. Don't forget you got a Song of Revival to bring back a Bladez! w00t! Against a range, swift deck, it can cause minor problems but no major ones... Fal'makin will still cast burn mugic and either Ritzu'dag (Not required due to Outfreeze etc. etc.) or Erak'Tabb (just for the fun, extra damage) or Milla'ain (This guy needs to be looked after... =P Sorta! But no single Bi-Mowercycle can reach here xD!). This deck is simple and easy, the way I like it
Please comment =p!

That's my deck!~


  1. That's pretty bad...

  2. Actually I think it is a pretty interesting deck. You get to use burn mugic without paying its cost. Then you get mugic back via Milla'iin. Therefore never running out of mugic. Pretty innovative.

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  4. Well that Anon obviously lacks any chaotic-sense, and id personally enjoy seeing him in a drome match against my friend Malcolm here. They would have to send in a technical support team to repair the crellan drome after Malcolm was through with him.

    On a more productive note, this Deck IS, and make no mistake, IS a very well thought out and, as happyman said, orginal piece of work, that any decent chaotic player would consider making and would consider a threat, if they were to come up against it in the drome.

  5. Thx fer ur comments =D... Anon... care to make an account and tell me that again =D

  6. how cowardly to say that without any explaination and anonymous! i agree with happyman, playing mugic without the cost and getting it back is excellent! just hope you dont run out of mugic counters =P