Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cower in Fear!

 Intimidation has been one of the oldest abilities in Chaotic. In the past, it simply meant lowering the creature's disciplines but recently, they have released the Intimidation Energy Ability... With the Burithean Axe and other cards... Today... I'm going to focus on the Intimidation Techniques to bring you... Combo Number 4? 5? xD Forgot... Sigh --> Combo of the Day

I do apoligize for the bad resolution/picture quality but none-the-less... This combo gives Ketacc, intimidate energy 30! Why is this good? Well... you can combine this in so many different ways, ex. with Prexxor Chasm, the Blight... You pretty much took off 50 Energy without landing a punch. With Cards like Akkalbi, you're not gonna take any recklessness but retain your 30 Energy intimidation...
What does this mean to your opponent?... Well it basically means... their Maxxor, Protector of Perim will be in desperate need of healing.. Cards with 30 or less Energy will go Bzz in code *cough* Najarin... (Range+ Swift --> Bi-Mowercycle)
If, Grantkae worked in Hotekk Drome, This combo will probably become my deck basically xD!


1. Ketacc - Burithean Axe
2. Ketacc - Burithian Axe
3. Grantkae, Mipedian General - Destructozooka


  1. excellent combo! what would you give grantkae, earth or fire?

  2. Probably Fire, attacks like Ash Torrent + Consuming Carnage etc. --> Ketacc