Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Most Brutal King Of All!

Welcome Guys to the next installment of Kings of Chaotic/Perim. Today I will be happily talking about the somewhat ruthless King named Chaor. And as a shout-out... I got my Aa'une with maximum energy!

Chaor, the undisputed lord of the Underworld. He reigns with 3 mugic counters, a rare treat for the Underworld, has superior courage and power and his high wisdom and speed. Ironically, this Chaor is from Dawn of Perim, the very FIRST set in Chaotic which was supposed to be... How-to-say... Weaker than the cards from the later sets I.e Marquis Darini being replaced by Owayki. So for a Dawn of Perim card to still retain it's value is truely a sight to behold. Chaor has little-to none flaws, having high stats and fire, 3 counters and NO recklessness. His only flaw is his ability which is such a minor one as it pretty much never sees play. So overall, there isn't much to say about him at all, he could pretty much represent Chaotic as an ideal creature.

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