Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tide is Turning!

 Well, it's arrived with a bit of delay, but finally, it's here... Happyman456 and my Turn of the Tide Box. Before this date, Happyman456 actualyl said he wanted the right half of the box (You'll see what I mean later) due to the reason, "Right is always right..." and ironically, the left side had better supers hahaha to Happyman456...

Anyways... We were not as lucky as Hikeda or Keberos or any Chaotic Superhero as we opened the box so... you'll see I guess...

Introduction Vid (optional):

Turn of the Tide (RIGHT SIDE OF THE BOX) ~ Happyman456:
Turn of the Tide (LEFT SIDE OF THE BOX):



  1. No ultra rares!!! that sucks mate, you should contact chaotic and demand they send you one!!! im hopeing i get at least a couple in the box im getting in a few weeks. forged unity or Rise of the oligarch?

  2. mmm Up to you! Based on your needs... But you already have a Khorror don't ya?

  3. getting the forged unity, only wanted hm ankyja from roto but chances are slim. should get it in about a week or so.