Sunday, October 24, 2010

Protector of Perim!

 Since it's Monday tomorrow... and my boxes SHOULD be arriving... tomorrow... I'm going to post this in advance... Once again, continuing the Kings of Chaotic or Kings of Perim series... I don't care if you disagree with me... I don't care if you agree with me. All I can say is my viewpoint which is my own =D But do feel free to try and question me =D
Apoligies for the bad cropping... My computer was being Ebil (cross between Evil and... I forget...

Maxxor, Protector of Perim, an Overworlder that represents the tribe's flexibility and strength, both at the same time. Though he does not have ANY mugic counters, you must consider that many, MANY other Overworlders have counters to make up for his possible only weakness. I mean... Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe could get pretty close to 10 without much trouble, you can load on Karrabas, Lomma Desert Wanderers... For Warriors? There are Tartarek, Psi Overloader with 2 counters and so on... So that weakness if pretty easily compensated as compared to Chaor, The Fierce, whose tribe lacks in mugic counters.
Maxxor has both the mastery of the destructive combination of Fire and Earth which makes him very flexible in armies. Infernal Claws, Tectostrike, Elemental Oxidation are all at his fingertips alongside his beastly courage (surpassing Khorror) and wisdom. Now put THAT together with his delicious ability that STACKS!!! He does extra damage after every punch thrown at him. His ability fused with his nice elements and stats makes him fit in almost every deck and gives him a seat in the chair of Kings of Chaotic.

Maxxor's competition and why they were not chosen
1. Tartarek, Psi Overloader - Though his stats are relatively superior to Maxxor, Protector of Perim, has 2 {} and same elements... His ability is only useful against *particular* decks wherelse Maxxor's is all-round. Even his superior energy will fall to Maxxor after hitting the King of Pop a few times. The longer the battle drags... the more offensive Maxxor becomes...
2. Maxxor (DoP) - Courage and pretty sure wisdom loses to Maxxor, Protector of Perim. He does have 2{} and an ability to heal... but that's a bit common, I guess... Maxxor, Protector of Perim still takes the cake with his ability which is paired with Overworld's healing abilities.
3. Iparu (Both - SS and SOTLC: AU) - Well they are just copying creatures, it's way too situational.
4. Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe - No explanation needed here.
5. Intress, Natureforce - She's awesome... don't get me wrong... 2{}, Earth and Water Elements with a pretty good ability and stats. But Maxxor is more flexible, if Numid pops up, Intress loses all abilities... and her elemental capabilities... If Numid pops up... at least Maxxor retains his ability that will eventually make up for the damage lost through losing elements.

Please argue with my points =D If any...


  1. you forgot the best overworlder of all! GIMWEI!!!
    Hes gotten me into the top 10 in hotekk!!! hope i can manage to stay there!
    he is by far my most favourite overworlder, but only when brainwashed by erak'tabb.
    does that make him marrillian? ? ?

  2. Gimwei? He's good, I grant you that... But is he THAT good to compare him to Maxxor? His abilities "When Gimwei is dealt 20 damage etc." and "When Gimwei deals 20 or more damage, Gimwei gains" don't always happen. Sure they will occur about 80% of the time but it doesn't always occur.
    His stats are not really nail-bitingly close to the supreme Maxxor and doesn't have Earth element which in my opinion is one of the more common elements in the Overworld - Intress, Natureforce, Akkerbal, Tangath Toborn etc.
    But then again, it is up to opinion.

  3. maxxor is def the king, after all he is MAXXOR!!!
    maybe im bias with gimwei. his stats are pretty good, up to 80c and 95w with 65e. but he does have to be combined with the right bg and/or chieftan which does let him down.

  4. Indeed... But once again, it depends on the player's individual opinion

  5. Maxxor rules but mipedians are better with there awesome invisibility strike. Suck as Headmaster Ankhyja!

  6. oops I meant such as lol.