Sunday, August 29, 2010

A "Forgotten" Deck

I'm going to start making decks based on the Alliance Unravelled Ultras for each and every tribe, so first up is Mipedian ('cause I thought of this deck in Dreamworld during Laser Wars, which was really fun! ^.^)

Mipedian Ultra 1:
Gintanai, The Forgotten... A Warbeast with no Recklessness and a extremely powerful abilities. His first two, very strong ability is his signature "Air 10, Earth 10" combination. The first creature to have element 10 in two elements which makes a Radical Ice Balls feel like a Turbulence Funnel (15+15=30 dmg). However, he is not without a drawback... His drawback is to make you eliminate a creature you control, if Gintanai wins combat... Probably as a meal for this gigantic beast xD! In any case, he is still a Warbeast, so you can use him with a Warbeast Power Leash and a Conjuror with Ravita Flower, to make things interesting... But I'm not going to be using that as that might be a little common. (P.S: One of the coolest looking pictures)

Mipedian Ultra 2:
Enre-Hep, The High Muge of the Desert... All 4 of the High Muges of Perim, each have a unique ability, exclusve to themselves. All their abilities show their maximum capabilities as muges, and Enre-Hep is no exception. Enre-Hep has the capability to copy mugic cast by creatures, you control which is pretty much a Refrain of Denial anything for no Mugic Cards. Or, another temporary fun combo, Fanfare of the Vanishing x4 (2 other creature cast, Enre copies) for Invisibility Strike 60!! Anyways, out of all the High Muges, Enre-Hep would be my favorite.

Deck: Air-Slashes

1. Noaz, Mipedian Calvarist -  Mipedian Fulgurite
2. Gintanai, The Forgotten - Scarab of Khilai
3. Noaz, Mipedian Calvarist - Mipedian Fulgurite
4. Xelfe - Heptadd's Crown
5. Enre-Hep, High Muge of the Desert - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Hurlicane
2x Sediment Stormshield
2x Airize
2x Velocitrap
2x Airsault
2x Marksman Preparation
2x Radical Iceballs
1x Primal Smash
1x Gear Grind
2x Whirling Wail
2x Turbulence Funnel

2x Trills of Dimunition
1x Mugic Repise
1x Melody of Mirage
2x Gear Glissando

2x Castle Bodhran
2x Mipedian Oasis
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Sands of the Unseen

This deck is pretty cliche in some bits so yea, basically... Gintanai isn't going to fight ALL the battles for you and likewise, Noaz isn't going to fight all the battles for you, So... ALWAYS attack with Noaz, this gives you the additional Air 10 and the other ability xD, I think its Suprise. So yes, use Noaz's Swift 1 to your advantage and slip through gaps in your opponent's army is any at all. Gintanai, you'll be wanting to be reserving those Trills of Dimunitions unless Xelfe has no {} which in that case, you do not have to use the Mugic.
So basically... Xelfe cast 1 Trills of Dimunition and 1 Mugic Reprise. Enre-Hep uses his counters on Trills of Dimunition (BEFORE Xelfe casts Mugic Reprise [This is if Gintanai is in combat twice remember]) and the other two counters based on the situation. I'd probably copy the Mugic Reprise and pick another mugic to restore like a Melody of Mirage or Another Trills! Enre-Hep's last Mugic Counter (He's got 1 extra from the Balladeer's Flute) is once again used on situation, but probably on mugic you restored via Mugic Reprise.
 Now you may think this deck is low on mugic counters and you're right! It is. But, consider this... Decks these days are LIKELY to put a Mipedian Balldeer's Flute on their creatures and because of this, decks like these gains 1 extra {} to cast whatever our little hearts desire.
Needless to mention, I actually put a Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid so, that will let us have some fun as well xD!
Anyways, this deck is actually pretty simple. All your creatures are an Air Version of Chaor the Fierce, you've got the Mugic to back them up BIG TIME so yea...

That's my deck!~


  1. wish gintanai wasnt disabled online!
    i was going to get AU box because of the ultras of that set but going with forged unity instead.
    mepedians = best tribe, love them! warbeasts rule! So im a bit bias when i say I LIKE THIS DECK!
    Theres a great battlegear i got recently that i think would go great with decks like this.. STORMBIRD STATUES..
    gives swift 1 and if creature has air, gives Suprise! a nice, cheap battlegear i think...

  2. yes... I've just learnt about that battlegear lol... Never really seen it. Anyways... Unfortunatly most of the Ultras from Alliance Unravlled is banned... Well, most of the interesting ones anyways

  3. I would suggest to put in the original Raoppa Sahkk as it not only gives your creatures that win combat in it an additional Mugician but also beefing Gintiani up to EARTH 15 and AIR 15 is never a bad thing.

  4. mmm True that... but recently I haven't been trusting Mirage Locations... lol. But yes, good call!