Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Test-Deck Number 1: I am Aa'une

 No Pictures this time, sorry =D! I'm in a rush to go to Dreamworld =P

I am Aa'une!


1. Nunk'Worn - Algals Wings of Attraction
2. Aa'une the Oligarch - Baton of Aa'une
3. Raquanni - Mirrors of Misplacement
4. Fla'gamp - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Aval'Par - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Bahrakatan, The Coralsmith- Orb of Foresight

2x Gear Glissando
1x Calling of Aa'une
1x Denial Refrain from the Deep
1x Tonal Destruction
1x March of the M'arrilian Minions

2x Rainspears
2X FluidMight
2x Rage of Aa'une
2x Flood Force
1x Invader's Tactics
1x Primal Smash
2x Thermo Rings
2x Burning Rain
2x Inner Flood
2x Sleet Slide
2x Aqua Recoil

2x The Oligarch's Path
2x Castle Bodhran
2x Vidav's Reflectorium
2x Everrain
1x Lake Blakeer
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines

The way the deck works:
Raquanni will cast the Gear Glissando's on himself first, to flip the Mirrors of Misplacement up. If it is your opponent's attack, flip the Algal Wings of Attraction with your second Gear Glissando - Pick up an attack card and discard it - due to Mirrors of Misplacement. If its your attack, flip The Coralsmith's Orb of Foresight, so that when combat begins, you can cycle through even more. ~P.S depends on your situation - i.e flip bronzeflight down, if opposition has one instead of the Mirrors of Misplacement etc. etc.

On your attack, Sacrifice the 2 Bi-Mowercycles, allowing Aa'une to head straight to the backlines of the opposition army against a creature probably with 50 or less Energy. Aa'une will have averagely 55e, water 5 and a slightly modified attack deck...

On your opponent's attack, Nunk'Worn will be attacked and you fight back gaining counters on both Nunk'Worn and Fla'gamp.

On both, when Nunk'Worn gets 3{}, cast the March of M'arrilian Minions Mugic to give Raquanni 2{}, on your attack, this is a water 10 + water 5 on Aa'une (Water 15) and P.S: you can also cast Tonal Destruction to rid of any denying if not annoying mugic paid by Nunk'Worn of course... It's pretty straightforward from there, Tonal Destruction to rid of mugic, Denial Refrain of the Deep to cancel out any other denying Mugic. The Rage of Aa'une should be brought out pretty quickly. So yea...

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