Friday, October 29, 2010

Champion of the Desert!

 Welcome, Loyal Chaotic Fans to the third installment of the Chaotic Kings Series. I promise to endeavor to never make a post as lousy as my Chaor one. Anywho... This is Gintanai, The Forgotten.
 Ever wondered why I chose Gintanai, the Forgotten instead of other super awesome Mipedian Creatures such as Headmaster Ankhyja? It's because Gintanai actually works with other Mipedians! Don't see it? Alright, I'll list some examples... He is a Warbeast, so he and Abin-Wor (search him up if you don't know him) will get Waterproof 25, which would intensify his energy, if his opponent decides to play Water Creatures.
Other than that, he also has crazy stats (surpassing Headmaster Ankhyja's Speed, needless to mention, Khorror) and has the two main elements of the Mipedians, Air and Earth. This epic combination, only improved by his ability, "Air 10" and "Earth 10" makes him crazily dangerous, almost as strong as Aa'une himself!
Now, of course, we cannot forget the cause of his downfall, (and the reason why he is banned in Hotekk and Crellen), his ability that "forces" you to sacrifice one of your creatures and if you cannot, "Destroy Gintanai". Now, I want you to consider these points...
The First and probably the most important one to consider is... GINTANAI WON'T BE FIGHTING ALL YOUR BATTLES!!! Seriously... everyone who's rated Gintanai kept saying "you're screwed, if your opponents revives a creature". But you're not!!! Gintanai is not going to be your entire fighter! There's your other frontline creatures! At most Gintanai will probably handle the front 3 creatures of your opponent's army which leaves your other two frontliners to handle your opponent's weak muges. I cannot... stress that fact enough...
The Second Point - Slufurah... Why am I mentioning this "Rare" from the Underworld? Well it's because Gintanai allows you to kick off muges with no Counters which have no use... This allows you extra space to move and mobility which could work to your advantage!
The Third Point - At this point, I apoligize to anyone whose bored (Combo you should try...), Enre-Hep (Silent Sand), put him in your deck and everytime you kick off a muge/conjurors, Enre-Hep is going to benefit from massive amount of counters... Every battle will give your opponent's Recklessness 10 easy and you can cast expensive Mipedian Mugic like Fighter's Fanfare without Xelfe whilst using the almighty Gintanai...
The Final Fourth Point, Trills of Dimunition... This mugic is probably also considerable... it stops your Gintanai from killing himself... or his allies. If not, your opponent is going to be very disappointed... *Hint* Poor Maxxor, Protector of Perim...
So... I hope you obtained something insightful from this Gintanai, The Forgotten Post, ONE OF MY FAVORITE CREATURES OF PERIM EVA!!!


  1. do you know why he is disabled in the dromes? like the specific reason?

  2. The Specific Reason why Gintanai is "banned" in the Dromes is due to the ability, "if Gintanai wins combat etc. etc.". For some reason, "Unity Player" or The Dromes... allow you to sacrifice your opponent's creatures... Confusing?


    1. Gintanai, The Forgotten
    a. Gimwei
    b. Gimwei
    c. Erak'Tabb

    Say Gintanai defeats Gimwei(a) and moves into spot a. Instead of sacrificing my OWN creatures I can sacrifice your Erak'Tabb or Gimwei which would make Gintanai the most powerful Creature in Perim

  3. well that sucks, as you know i love warbeasts so having the best one out well, sucks! i thought it was a bug but didnt know what the bug was.

  4. =D! Ya, I know what you mean... Maybe you'll get Gintanai in your Booster Box...

  5. yeah probably the only ultra i get would be a disabled one =P bring on zamool max everything!!!!