Friday, December 23, 2011

Seasons Greetings!

Hello to Everyone and of course, a Merry Christmas to all of you!
I'm malcolm9 on the chaotic forums and the owner of this Chaotic: Down Under Blog.
Firstly, allow me to apologize for the horrible coloring of the banner and the colour-clash etc. I currently have changed laptops and temporarily do not have access to any awesome Macromedia Fireworks etc. to create a spectacular banner, needless to say time!

Now, It is Christmas!!! And its a time of getting together with all our family members over the fireplace, a nice  cup of steaming cocoa in your hand (unless of course, you're in Australia (which you should be)). In Australia, its off to the sunny beach to kick up your feet in the sand, unless its terribly rainy like it is in Brisbane.

In Chaotic, not many creatures look ready to celebrate Christmas but pulling up a Blugon, Winter Warrior. I paired him up with Klencka, Avenger and Gan'Nim for one of the most forgotten decks in the game. 3v3 Masters.

What are we looking at... Well, it's a masters deck ***cough*** with 2 Mugic Counters obviously going to be used for Blugon's ability for powering up a Klencka. The actual deck's structure would be...

Operation: Save Christmas

1. Gan'nim - Kha'rall Amber Shard
2. Klencka, Avenger - Olkiex Apron (Of course, feel free to substitute)
3. Blugon, Winter Warrior - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

Personally, I don't think Blugon is easily burnt with 3 mugics, I mean don't get me wrong... It IS possible but generally not done commonly (then again when do you play 3v3 masters on a regular basis). And the extra counter on Blugon allows him to cast the *cough* cheap denial mugic owned by the Overworlders or even healing mugic. Generally in 3v3 Masters, I don't really like to put denial mugic as say... both players use 1 denial mugic each (pretty standard), when one player cast a denial, the other would cast a denial and the first player ultimately loses... So either run 2 or no denial mugic at all... And of course, 2 denial mugic would be a terrible waste of cards, unless your deck is set up in a particular fashion.

Klencka, Avenger has this incredible ability allowing you to gain energy EQUAL to the first attack it deals. Setting up for a very nice Invisibility Strike, Blugon combination. However in this 3v3 set-up, we'll be content with Blugon. His High Courage, Earth and Water Element gives him, versatility in attacking options allowing of course as high as possible damage output on the first or maybe second strike. You could slot anything on him on Xerium to Vial of Liquid Thought to work out a strategy.

Gan'nim, is of course, a Kha'rall and what does anybody who played Chaotic put on a Kha'rall? That's right a Shard. Which shard works best on Gan'nim? It's the Amber Shard WHICH coincidentally provides Defender: Minion. Blugon, our supporter and ideally non-combatant is a Minion so... that slots in quite nicely! What else is compatible with Gan'nim... We've got High Courage, Earth and Water Element... hmm this is sounding familiar... BUT with the extra bonus of dealing 10 damage to an opposing creature that fails a challenge or check with teh big guy. It's an interesting ability which works well with Phobia Plates but JUST for the extra consistency this time round, I'll go with Amber.

Anyways, that's a combo, I'm building on slowly throughout the whole Christmas. Once again, wish you guys a safe and joyful Christmas and See ya'all in the New Year!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey Guys,
It has been a while since I posted... But the spitting image we should all have seen
Does this possibly mean Chaotic is coming back? Does it mean Chaotic is finally shutting down? Only time will tell on this one!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow, A Month Already?

Time really flies whilst you're having exams! Oh well, here's a combination I found whilst building one my Underworld Decks... Hope you find it useful! Also the Danian Infection Series will continue soon =D!

So, we all know, The Training Grounds and how we yell and scream when we pull it instead of one of the much better Ultra Creatures out there... But with a dude like Chaor, with a somewhat high-costing ability with a capability to win, this magical location grows in usefulness. Getting 3 Whole Counters for winning a battle, and winning a battle is no issue with this leader of the Underworld. With all the Underworld damaging-mugic there are roaming around, there's always a need for some extra counters. Fuse this with Castle Bodhran and some great location-controlling mugic like Song of Futuresight, and you've got this barrage of damaging mugic coming your opponent's way.
Anyways, in a Chaotic Crellen Match... So... See ya next time!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Defenders Of The Queen!

Welcome to another Chaotic: Down Under Blog Post, I am your host - and blah blah blah xD! Now we move on to the Danian decks, an area which unfortunately I do not excel in hahaha! However, I will do my best and present to you, the first of the three Danian Deck - Defenders of the Queen

Defenders of the Queen!
1. Makanaz - Skeletal Steed
2. Ivelaan - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
3. Makanaz -  Skeletal Steed
4. Mhein - Xerium Armour/Varanohs
5. Mhein - Varanohs
6. Illexia, The Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel

Revival Variation

1. Makanaz - Skeletal Steed
2. Ivelaan - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
3. Makanaz -  Skeletal Steed
4. Mhein - Talisman of the Mandiblor
5. Mhein - Talisman of the Mandiblor
6. Illexia, The Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Ode of Obscurity
1x Strain of Infection
1x Song of Symmetry/Song of Futuresight
2x Cadence Clash
1x Refrain of Denial (Danian Version)

1x Primal Smash
1x Landgore
2x Rustoxic
2x Daunting Bravery
2x Geyser Gush
2x Twister of the Elements
1x Supercooled Rain
1x Terrantula Tackle
2x Earth Pulse
2x Shadow Strike
2x Aftermath Feint
2x Sunder Ground

2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Dranakis Threshold
1x Foothold Assault Trench
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
2x Pouril Forest
2x Rock River Canyon
Revival Variation is suggested to implement 2x Bodal's Arsenal

So guys, here is a very standardized Danian deck, pretty symmetrical especially our front-line of compost warriors. Makanaz guarding left and right with an aggressive threat of leaping over and taking them down especially with Pouril Forest rendering Defender useless. Of course, if you decided to go with Varanohs and Song of Futuresight, Pouril Forest and taking out their support can be quite easy. Our good friend Ivelaan is also in the middle kinda as a last line of defense before Mheins have to step in.
Once our frontal wall has been breached, it's time to launch into offensive attacks with Mhein, with attacks like Supercooled Rain and Terrantula Tackle, your opponent will be stripped of both mugic counters and battlegear. Their ability also kicks in allowing them to tap into additional strength for extra power.
The Queen, herself if the treasure trove, the mother-load, our one and only muge! Her abilities are plenty to keep her alive and although she begins with 2 counters, I suspect she'll have enough to cover any mugic you require in the near future...
The game sets up with Ivelaan sacrificing his Mipedian Balladeer's Flute and casting Ode of Obscurity to infect 3 Creatures with Illexia defending with her own denial mugic. With 3 Creatures infected (Preferably front-row), Illexia can gather more counters and we can cast Strain of Infection if and when wished. This deck prefers to be uninterrupted by petty annoyances and so we have included a lot of denial mugic, supercooled rain and even Dranakis Threshold to stop them from playing their annoying little tricks. This makes the game similar to Apprentice except the way the Danians are set-up, it begins to be pretty intimidating...
Finally, the Revival Variation, while I was building this deck, I looked over Talisman of the Mandiblor and gave me an idea for a Revival Variation which generally involved sacrificing Mhein, to bring back Mhein again (assuming 1 Mhein is coded). Then cycling Bodal's Arsenal thru attacks like Flashkick (Not included in build) and mugic like Song of Futuresight and bring back Talisman of Mandiblor to revive AGAIN! Of course, sacrificing Mhein takes place just as he is about to be coded.
Well, Thanks for checkin it out!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

March of the Tribes - Stabilizers!

Welcome to the latest installment of the March of the Tribes series presented by Chaotic: Down Under. Last time, the Danian's unique ability and a standard danian was shown and today we focus on their mugic, abilities and other "kooky", buggy facts...
The Underworlders have their infamous Canon of Casualty, the Mipedians has their even more infamous Melody of Mirage... And Danian's trademark mugic? Song of Symmetry. This mugic is the perfect example of the way Danians play. With Balance. While the Underworld bombards their enemies with relentless attacks and the Overworld constantly healing their attacks, Danians come in between them and offers probably the smartest solution... to have both! To be honest, I like Song of Symmetry better than both Canon of Casualty and Song of Resurgence but then again, it's just me...
Yes, that's my online Lore's stats and I love him to bits xD, Anyways, not just mugic shows that the Danians are all about stability, the creatures also present the danian's love for balance. Lore, Ancestral Caller - Heal 5 and deal 5, Makanaz, if he dies, you gain 15 energy, Illexia, if one of your Mandiblor dies, she gains a counter. BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE. Their so stable that it's hard to pinpoint a direct weakness! Underworlders focus on attacking and defensive/healing capabilities are weak and the Overworld doesn't pack much of a punch until the battle is kinda finishing.
Guess another thing Danians love doing and do better than any other tribe... That's right, strengthening and supporting their own troops. Like insects, they rapidly grow in strength based on their numbers. Dubin gains energy for an infected Creature, Aureban gains energy for more infected Creatures and Nimmei... Period... Good Ol' Nimmei becomes pretty sick if your opponent has an army full of infected Creatures... The Danians are simply the BEST and I mean better-than-Overworld best at supporting each other!

So... to sum up everything, The Danians builds up and strengthens their numbers and with it themselves and plays a nice solid Balanced play. The most stable tribe to play out of all the tribes in Perim.
Next Time...
Danian Feature Deck 1#: Defenders of the Queen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

March of the Tribes - A New Hive!

Welcome to Chaotic: Down Under, temporarily infected by the Danians which apparently is the tribe next on the March of the Tribes series!
The Danians
One of the 4 classic tribes of Perim and the most underused of all the tribes in Perim... It's a sad fact, do people really hate "bugs" that much? xD!
Is there such a thing as a classic Danian? It would probably be one of these littl' critters.
I just love Dawn of Perim Classics, don't you xD! Ibiaan is who I chose to represent a "classic" danian. So, Ibiaan is a Mandiblor, these guys are like the worker ants of the hive and work together to increase their overall strength, take a look at Ibiaan's ability for an example. Next thing flashy about Ibiaan is the typical Earth element. Of all the tribes, Danians specialize in earth attacks which is fairly common to see, their secondary element is water such as Nimmei. Next is the Danian's most common unique ability: Hive. You'll see the word, "Hive", a lot in Danian Cards and most people think it is the most annoying since sliced cheese. A player needs to activate Hive via mugic or an ability to even use some of the Danian's greatest abilities and this is one of the reasons why Danians aren't widely played I assume... But then again, ever since Turn of the Tide, this danian below came out....

Elna...Elna...Elna, this guys solved the Hive problems the Danians had, and also allows me to introduce the next unique Danian ability - Compost. Compost is such a unique and powerful skill that so many players make a Danian deck just for it! I won't go much into a detail but basically its when if a creature gets destroyed like Elna, you get a particular boost for your army! That way, if a compost mandiblor falls like Elna, you lose some boost with danians such as Ibiaan above (+5 per Mandiblor) however, you gain some compensation!

Anyone recognize one of your favorite creatures there? How did they get all bug-like and part of the most unpopular tribe in all of Perim? It's due to the 3rd unique ability the Danian possesses. Infection. It basically makes the Danian Tribe all the more stronger as every and I mean EVERY infected creature counts as a Mandiblor to abilities. This means creatures that gain 5 energy per Mandiblor you control and Infected Creature your opponent controls. This leaves a maximum energy gain of 6+6 = 12 * 5 = 60 Energy boost via a single ability. Pretty insane... In addition, Danians abuse this infection system with locations and mugic like Strain of Infection and Infectorium which deals 15 damage to Infected Creatures as a location ability!!!

So, now you know a bit of the Danians unique abilities they have up to offer, Prepare to be enlightened by their stable mugic, locations and other itsy-bitsie stuff

Hail Illexia, The Danian Queen!
Hail Azil, The Danian Queen!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sample Deck 3: All the Forces Under the Sun.

Welcome people, to the ultimate finale of the Mipedian review. We talked about Warbeast, tricky tactics yadda yadda yadda, now we move into a Mipedian deck called All the Forces Under the Sun.

All the Forces Under the Sun!

1. Iflar, The Crown Prince - Xerium Armour/Torwegg  --- (Zhade Digsite Defender)
2. Blazvatan, The Epic Warbeast - Scarab of Khilai
3. Zhade, Digsite Defender - Torwegg
4. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Bronzeflight
5. Owayki - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Savell - Ravita Flower

1x Gear Glissando
1x Armament Adagio
1x Melodic Might
1x Cadence Clash
1x Trills of Dimunition
1x Melody of Mirage

1x Turbulence Funnel
2x Vacuum Hemisphere
2x Airsault
2x Atmosphere
2x Marksmen Prep.
2x Poison Sphere
2x Funnel Blast
1x Gear Grind
1x Blind Fury
1x Primal Smash
2x Timeslow
2x Aftermath Feint

2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedian Oasis
2x Storm Tunnel
2x Crystal Cave
1x Prexxor Chasm, The Blight
1x Vidav Refectorium

This deck showcases the Mipedians - both Warbeasts and their sneaky strikers. No surprise though. I spread out their mugical variety and choices. We've got 2 invisibility strike 20+ in our frontline, we've got a terribly strong Warbeast up front, supported by but a measly conjurer. Nothing really to say, use Melodic Might to quickly shuffle through your 0s, to "Strike Hard, Strike Fast, Strike Fast", Gear Glissando and Armament Adagio to randomly destroy your opponent's long time plans. Trills of Dimunition to render Ultra Rares useless - As I have said what is Chaor, The Fierce without his Fire 10? 1 Melody of Mirage of course, standard typical stuff. Use them carefully as you've only got 1 of each so resourcefully can annoy opponents and throw them off their game - (playing the psychological game as its called). Can't really say much as the deck is smackbang obvious with the mugic choices being a bit... unexpected and disruptive. For further disruption, you've got attacks like Vacuum Hemisphere which removes Earth Element. You should also be able to notice the Mippedian's infamous range and swift making it in the deck (Bi-Mowercycle) to give Blazvatan extra ground to cover. So yea, next time the Danians.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sample Deck 2: Earth-Shatterers!

Welcome yet again, to the Chaotic Down Under Blog. We are continuing our Tribe reviews by continuing the second of the three Mipedian Sample Decks. So... here I present the deck - Earth-Shatterers - Full Force ahead, no thought of their own self. Why? 'Cause they can shatter the EARTH itself!! That's why!



1. Gintanai, The Forgotten - Double-Edge
2. Blazvatan, Epic Warbeast - Double-Edge
3. Kileron, Warbeast of the DustStorm - Warbeast Power Leash
4. Headmaster Ankhyja, SotA - Bronzeflight
5. Ranun - Ravita Flower
6. Savell - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

1x Gear Glissando
1x Melody of Mirage
1x Armament Adagio
1x Trills of Dimunition
2x Cadence Clash

2x Turbulence Funnel (6/2)
2x Airsault (8/4)
2x Aftermath Feint (8/6)
2x Airize (8/8)
2x Whirling Wail (14/10)
2x Radical Iceballs (16/12)
1x Primal Smash (17/13)
1x Gear Grind (18/14)
2x Earth Pulse (20/16)
2x Velocitrap (20/18)
2x Hurlicane (20/20)

2x Storm Tunnel
2x Crystal Cave
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedian Oasis
2x Sands of the Unseen

Here's another 15 minutes deck, Earth-Shatterers. Simply made to present to you the utter destructive power of the Warbeasts. Our front-line creatures would frighten and intimidate even the strongest players. Blazvatan, The Epic Warbeast (As he is known), Kileron, Warbeast of the Duststorm and Gintanai, The Forgotten. All with Air 5, Earth 5 for maximum elemental damage (Gintanai has Air 10, Earth 10) and is a simple beautiful representation of their destructive power. Let's go through each other individually, Gintanai. I have went through the forgotten warbeast countless times. In this deck, you've got sacrificing Ranun, you could sacrifice Headmaster Ankhyja or even sacrifice Kileron if not against a compost deck. But like all sacrificing things. It comes with the situation you are faced with. Aside the sacrificial ability, his Air 10, Earth 10 is simply devastating. Not forgetting a 50 damage whirling wail + opponent's not able to play mugic cards. Now moving on to Blazvatan, The Epic Warbeast. He is truly an epic warbeast, with a maximum energy of 70 combined with healing capabilities of Ranun, Air 5, Earth 5. The epic Warbeast's statistics is also amazingly high... Maxxor's courage pales in comparism. Now, shall we continue on to Kileron, Warbeast of the Duststorm. His conjured duststorm prevents composts decks from making any use, definately a useful asset. His Earth 5, Air 5 is no simple deed either. So... Ranun now, he's your healer, Headmaster Ankhyja protects your Warbeast and Conjurors from mugic and Savell just stops every single bit of recklessness from all 3 of your front-line warriors. Our mugic choices as you see, is very VERY erm... wide... I chose a wide variety to fit in as many situations as possible whilst retaining some of the tricky mugic the Mipedians are simply famous for. So... I hope you see the destructive raw power of the Warbeasts, Insane Damage and their protection is from but a single conjuror.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sample Deck 1: Desert-Strikers

This deck is purely created for the purpose of proving the Mipedian's sneaky, sly and tricky tactics against their various opponents. I do not recommend slotting this deck into an army for competitive play of any kind without first upgrading this army - Which I probably will do in the near-future.

With all that technical wish-wash up there... I present to you a deck I made in 20 minutes proving the effectiveness of tricky tactics - Desert-Strikers
Deck List
1. Xelfe - Stone-Mail
2. Iflar, The Crown Prince - Aerodrone
3. Zhade, Digsite Defender - Aegis Wings of Attraction
4. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Bronzeflight
5. Dakkamal, Melee Trainer - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Ubliqun - Sandstorm Shroud

2x Aftermath Feint
2x Airsault
2x Atmosphere
2x Gear Grind
2x Funnel Blast
2x Marksmen Preparation
1x Primal Smash
2x Poison Sphere
2x Vacuum Hemisphere
1x Turbulence Funnel
2x TimeSlow

1x Armament Adagio
1x Mugic that gives Air, There's Loads,,, so your choice - Howl of the Wind is mine.
2x Gear Glissando
1x Song of Translocation
1x Trills of Dimunition

2x Pouril Forest
2x Crystal Cave
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Mipedian Oasis
1x Prexxor Chasm, The Blight
1x Vidav Refectorium

Now If I wanted to go for my typical Mipedian Strike decks, I would have. But just wanted to show-off how easy it is to make a simple Mipedian deck involving what their made to do. Tricky Stuff. So... Obviously, I highlighted Ubliqun, a highly unused Dawn of Perim Rare Card with one of the most unique ability in the game. He can move into ANY and yes I mean ANY space on the board. Yes, it can be stopped by defender which in most decks is provided by a Bronzeflight which in that case all we have to do if a simple Gear Glissando and start taking their decks back from their support. We can also cast Gear Glissando to flip Ubliqun's gear up to get Air and not be burnt. So many movement tactics just from this one card. Now Zhade's battlegear needs to be flipped up. It's an Aegal Wings of Attraction and makes the opponent attack Zhade if they can. This is just letting us put Xelfe up front if we ever wanted to. Dakkamal is there just for the strike reasons, Ubliqun gets strike, Zhade gets strike, cast some fanciful mugic.
I don't really have to get into the real strategy behind the deck as just by looking at the creatures and battlegear it's fairly standardized.
Attacks shall remain undiscussed and also just to mention Iflar's Aerodrone cycles through the attack deck quickly allowing you to get Marksman Preperation up and have total control of your attack deck for your first strike. Before the Storm is a possible option which I'm not putting in but suggesting you do if you ever improve this.
Mugics is where the tactics come in. Armament Adagio is simply THE single most annoying mugic in the game. It changes two gears of your choice as long as it is the same player. Try swapping Xerium Armor from a front warrior to a Bronzeflight from a mid-rank character. Try swapping shards with a battlegear from a fluidmorpher. Try swapping Zhade's Aegal Wings of Attraction for a StoneMail when worse comes to worse. The combinations go on and on... This common mugic if used correctly can be waay more punishing than a rare melody of mirage. Gear Glissando allows you to flip up OR down a gear, fantastic flexible common mugic. With Ubliqun and Xelfe in your army, your opponent is probably going to be a bit isolated with you bouncing here and there which is where song of translocation comes in handy to make use of those spare spaces. Simply bounce any one of your Mipedians into that spare slot and start a war from there. Also keep in mind that Iflar is non-bounceable.
Trills of Dimunition. Period. This is another truly disastrous card. What is Chaor, The Fierce without his Fire 10, What is a Mipedian without Invisibility. What is this without that. A question heavily asked. This mugic is definately a very strong mugic to have in your hand.
Erm locations are pretty standard, stop defender, charge in with Ubliqun and Zhade, etc, etc. Prexxor Chasm, Blight for easy kills, you've got Mipedim Mirage, blah blah all that useful jab. So this is a position attacking deck. Not bad for 20 minutes but... yea... can be improved massive like take out Iflar for a Mipedian like Khenti that can be bounced. So... don't forget these tricky tactics alongside your classic strike decks. Here's one last tip (Ubliqun + Dakkamal/Mudeenu, COTG + Owayki = DOMINATION)

Friday, July 1, 2011

March of the Tribes - Trembling Earthquakes!

Here, we continue the segments of the Mipedian Review with the second and last part of the Mipedians - The Great Warbeasts!
The Mipedians
Introduced in Silent Sands, these magnificent creatures rounds up the second half of the Mipedians. The exiled Conjurers and Warbeasts. Both of these creatures were deemed too dangerous to be used by the Mipedians such as the famous heated rivalry between Sobtjek and Drimesse. But without too much delay, let's go into the Warbeasts
Like always, I find an as close as possible representation of the type of Creature. In this case, it's Uboraan. Warbeasts are great destroyers that generally have both of the Mipedians signature elements - Air and Earth. Amazing Energy, nice statistics and interesting abilities that simply make them stand out as an indestructible beasts. And of course, most warbeasts have recklessness to balance the battle which creates the fear the Mipedians have of using them. *Shiver*
How on earth can the Mipedians counter this recklessness? Looks like we have to rely on the conjurers of the Warbeasts like Ranun here. Ranun is a great example of a typical conjuror, generally defenceless, low energy, low stats and has an ability of reduce the Warbeast's recklessness. Conjuror's mugic counters are generally high (Which can be boosted by Ravita Flower) to act as muges and casters to further balance the deck. But of course, this creates a weakness in the typical warbeasts decks. You've got the weak defenseless conjurors and the the strong almighty warbeasts up front. Easiest way to stop this? Range + Swift. To counter this, the conjurers have created a massive creature - Gaffat-Ra.
Warbeasts are heavy tank destroyers. They're the Mipedians long term battlers in a sense. While Warbeasts dream of roaming free destroying everything in their sights, we cannot allow that and bring in the comparatively weak Conjurors. Their strengths are the Warbeast's insane stats, energy and elements. Their weaknesses is the weak conjurors. Warbeast decks are pretty straightforward and simple so there isn't much I have to say =D. To counter this weakness, Chaotic has supplied both bronzeflight and Gaffat-Ra to our assistance. From here let us destroy the Chaotic World with the WARBEASTS!!!
Next time: Sample Mipedians Decks >> Desert-Strikers, Earth-Shatterers and All the Forces Under the Sun decks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

March of the Tribes

I'm going to strip Chaotic down to its bare roots now and talk about the most obvious things that any and every chaotic player should know... The Tribes.
You may all say, yea I know the tribes, it's pretty straightforward yadda yadda yadda. But to emphasize the point - I'm going to do it on the 5 Tribes of Perim anyways. Focus on the themes of their decks, Advantages, Disadvantages, Unique Abilities, What Kind of Player is it suited for. And then a full-on Tribe Deck in a another post after describing the tribe. So get ready for a long post! After all every single master knows the basics inside and out!
FIRST-up - The Mipedians
The Mipedians
I haven't done anything regarding Mipedians for a while, Danians, OW, UW even M'arrillian but not so much Mipedian as I like so... I'm going to do them first.

These lizards have developed by an incredible amount since the beginning of Chaotic. The card above - Ario is an old time favorite of Mipedian Players which I think is one of the best examples of a Mipedian Classic out there. Mipedians had dominant control over the Air Element which in my opinion is the most uncommon element in the game. Mipedians had Invisibility which created the famous motto, "Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Last" and had low energy to compensate for his hard first strike. Mipedians generally had low counters - in fact, none of the Mipedians had 3 Mugic Counters until Xelfe came out. And Mipedians also were the swiftest tribe overall in Perim - even non-swift Mipedians like Ario here would have their speed boosted by the legendary Owayki.

Now, I'm actually quite disappointed with Mipedian Players these days, everyone uses the same stereotypical decks - I mean when you think of a Mipedian deck, you can immediately envision Headmaster Ankhyja, Owayki with no source of creativity. Even in Masters gameplay, you've got Xelfe and the back, Owayki in the middle row and Mipedians to boot in the front. It is simply uncreative. Mipedians were designed to be the trickiest tribe there is, they're supposed to play mind games with your opponent and not straight-off wham there's my strategy. They have the trickiest of mugic and abilities which I never see use of these days. They're the only tribe with invisibility, yes people abuse that to a great degree. Have you ever once considered Song of Deflection to deflect a Consuming Cacophony or even an Fanfare of the Vanishing? Chances are... you have not. Have you considered running Trills of Dimunition in your deck alongside your staple Melody of Mirages, Fanfare of Vanishings, Fighter's Fanfare etc.? The mugic below is another testament to the fact that decks are so predictable these days.
Mipedians LIVE for the first strike. They need the first strike to be the biggest hit in their battle. To make the opponent not even consider winning. If you had a Maliph, Champion of the Guard and did a Turbulence Funnel to a Maxxor, Protector of Perim without Xerium (30 damage + 15 damage = 45 damage). Leaving Maxxor with 15 Energy (Considering Maximum Energy), chances are... Maxxor isn't going to bring in a 3,4 or 5 build point attack to fight back without healing. This mugic above (Melodic Might) rids of your 0 build points when you have a disastrous hand and is simply amazing waaay better than a Refectorium.

Now I'm going to stop rambling about how disappointed I am and go straight into the disadvantages of these Invisibility Strikers. Unfortunately, playing the Mipedians meaning you're relying on the first three strikes to slay a foe, any longer and you pretty much lost the battle. Mipedians do no good in a drawn out battle. Mipedians have low mugic counters which invites the use of their Mipedian Balladeer's Flute for the extra counter but they have unique and tricky abilities to make up for it. So... That pretty much wraps it up for Part 1 of the MIpedians Overview
Next Post - Mipedians Overview Part 2 - The Warbeasts.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Look it's Arctus! Hear me Roar!

Alrite guys, this is probably one of the last articles I'm going to do based on cards that can't be played online as of the time of post... BUT... I also want to do some Fire and Stone Cards... But generally those are pretty straightforward so... Let's move into Arctus, Heptadd's Squire
You guys probably remember me already touching on Arctus briefly in a couple of articles ago... But I'm going to look at Arctus again simply because he is fantastic. First-off, a couple of things you have to note.

  1. Arctus' ability - Though its similar to Ebkeex, The Clockwork Minion - it is actually more complex. Arctus only gains elemetns which adjacent creatures have meaning that you wanna play this guys when he's with friends.
  2. His Statistics - His Stats and energy are just mind-blowing... They're waay better than Gimwei or almost any elementalist in fact... He's much better than Heptadd in any way... So... they should remake the best creature ever - Heptadd.
So... Arctus fits nicely in a 3v3 apprentice match where no mugic can annoy Arctus and he'll always be close to allies. Arctus is also very flexible and if you ever want an elementalist deck, you can simply stick Arctus in first and actually build the deck around Arctus. Another thing about Arctus is that you shouldn't neglect the amazing statistics that he possesses. His high courage is a benefit to any player allowing them to use strong earth attacks such as Enlightened Tenacity and his wisdom let's him pull off attacks like Telekinetic Bolt. Hmm... High Courage, Wisdom, potential of any elements... Wow... he goes well with Maxxor (Any), Tartarek Psi Overloader, Intress Natureforce, Heptadd (Obviously)... Almost any and every deck can implement Arctus to a great degree... Need a deck with extra counters? No worries put in an IKKATOSH and Arctus gets counters. Arctus dying? No problem, the Overworld are famous for healing mugic. It is simply no wonder why Arctus is a Super-Rare Elementalist Wonder that is going to cause even the greatest players to put in Numid Voidlands to avoid problems with this furry monster of energy. We also haven't considered the fact he isn't Unique which allows 2 Arctuses in deck. 1 Arctus is scary enough and I recommend that 1 Arctus is good enough. However, if you feel aggressive, 2 Arctus' may be what you need in your elementalist deck.

Let's consider now if Arctus is not in an Overworld deck as he isn't loyal. Any ideas? The first one I think of is an Underworld - Magmon, Engulfed x2 for Fire 10! I would probably have to give him a Khy-bon Mechblade though for the 40 Power boost but that's pretty much it...
 Danians can make use of his amazing courage and his formidable ability to gain Earth Element. Giving him the Mandiblor's Crown allows him to reap the benefits of Makanaz in your discard piles making Arctus and insane monster.
The Mipedians grant Arctus Air element and possible Range and Swift with Xelfe. And the last thing your opponent wants is an Arctus with Range and Swift. Put in a Prince Mudeenu Champion of the Guard, Owayki and General's Standard and there's a nightmare in your opponent's sight.
As you can see... Arctus is a scary scary useable creature for all the clans in perim (except M'arrilian who should go back hiding behind the doors) and is a fantastic addition to the Overworld Arsenal.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unique, Mysterious... Powerful? Pt 3.

Hey people, today is a public holiday for Australia (Queen's Birthday), so I decided to whip up an article continuing the series - Unique, Mysterious... Powerful

Beginning with the Overworlder Ebkeex, the patchwork minion. Whoever patched  him together did a good job... I mean he has nice speed and wisdom and energy not to mention. His air element helps Overworld Elemental decks use all elements without Heptadd, and best bit of all is... He doesn't require elementalist Pauldron. Yes, he is definitely a favorite in the elementalist decks. Unfortunately, he hosts no Mugic counters which shouldn't bring him down in value much considering he isn't unique or loyal. There isn't much we can say aside from good stats, energy, nice choice in elements, great ability for apprentice, all in all good card. His only weakness being - locations similar to Numid Voidlands which removes his element, which in that case play a wisdom/speed element deck using attacks like Mind Strike.
Now, we move to his Brainwashed ability... and despite his subtitle having the word, "Minion", he's actually much harder to use... Sure, you've got attacks like Symmetry Slam which deals more damage now, but generally - you can't rely on his ability. Although, his stats still work in a Speed Marrillian deck like Vitar'Zu + Jus'hebben or Wisdom M'arrilian decks like Erak'Tabb and Ikub'ra. But overall, Ebkeex is much better not brainwashed.
P.S His art looks fantastic!!!!

The danian that looks like a Mipedian... His ability is extremely interesting to think about and both works in interesting ways. But first, the card overall... The stats aren't that cranked up honestly, with 70 courage, he can barely do an enlightened tenacity, his other stats are just borderline 50-55 region, he also hosts no elements which combined with his not very nice stats brings him down to a support creature. His 50 Energy is enough for a support character to not get knocked out by a single canon of casualty and his mugic counter is a stingy 1 (which isn't a problem for Danians anyways). It's a sad fact that many players don't play danians for unknown reasons - maybe they can't be bothered "setting-up" the game in their direction or maybe they really hate bugs... but in either case, Farhkaj is interesting card in masters gameplay. His non-brainwashed ability allows you to uninfect ALL of the opposing creatures for his one and only counter and in exchange, infect your creatures for each creature uninfected. With that said, you may ask the question, WHY would I bother doing something stupid like that? I mean when they're infected you can use it to all sorts of advantages so... why would I want to uninfect them... The answer is fairly simple. You can "expend you horizon", meaning as an example you infect all 6 creatures in your opponents team. You demolish the 3 Creatures from your opponent's team and leaves 1 rly buffed up warrior (let's use Blazvatan as an example). Now your opponents has 3 Creatures infected, 3 infected Creatures in your discard pile/removed from game and you've got an angry mob of uninfected danians protecting the queen herself, Illexia. Illexia gains 1{} each time an infected creature hits the discard pile and now with Blazvatan ready to obliterate your warriors, you can use Farhkaj's ability - uninfect your opponent's 3 support, infect your 3 warriors and give Illexia an extra boost in counters (as you know your warriors are goin down anyways). Then with the counters on Illexia cast a symphony of mugic - Song of Symmtry etc. etc. Fairly big example but yer...  The examples are endless... but moving on... quickly...
His brainwashed ability is straight forward, infect your guys, so you infect your opponents. The difference is... 1. They're refrain of denials/cadence clash/whatever else... Won't work on an ability
2. It's them getting infected so Infectorium is gonna hurt
Pretty Simple... It's your choice which one you wanna use... And I hope you see Farhkaj as of some use... rather than a card rotting in a collection =D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Unique, Mysterious... Powerful Pt 2

Hey guys, so I have an exam tomorrow on Saturday, but I love ya'all so much... here's part 2 =D

Blak'drin... Interesting crab dude huh... He's like he gets damaged bad by Air and Water attacks but... if he is dealt Air and Water Damage, you deal 10 damage back... Kinda like an Unstoppable Recklessness 10... His stats aren't that crabby, each reaching 50 and climbing to the 70 benchmark. His energy like most Kha'rall is below 50 and meant to be paired up with a shard to hit approximately 70 Energy Average. But, is he a good card? Because Air element is involved, we immediately think Invisibility Strike which would harass Blak'drin by dealing insane gap in his health. Headmaster can do a nice Turbulence Funnel for 50 Damage easy... Leaving Blak'drin with 20 and Headmaster himself with 55e (Let's assume both sides have average e). Obviously Blak'drin doesn't stand a shot against the Mipedian. Now Chaotic was made for masters and not apprentice play, so let's assume we're playing masters... here the possibilities open up. Unfortunately, Mipedians do not have a lot of denying mugic and have to rely on generic ones such as Cadence Clash and with the want to defend Blak'drin and take down the toughest of your opponent's army, you can expend mugic such as Rhyme of the Reckless or mugic that reduces the attack damage even Aegis Aria even... Yes, M'arrillians can do this... all you need is a Minion/Fluidmorpher with Heptadd's Crown or Mugician's Tuning Fork. Mipedians will easily fall in Masters. The same thing, of course, can apply to Water attacks.
Blak'drin's abilities work interestingly in the sense Blak'drin takes extra damage whilst dealing extra damage on the two most uncommon element combinations in the game. Against Blak'drin, attacks like Allmageddon, Winter-Claw, Unsanity, Essential Evaporation with both Air and Water aren't reccomended. It is true they deal heavier than usual damage, but with Blak'drin's 20 damage hit-back + Fluidmorpher's scary tide-turning abilities - Blak'drin really chops some of those decks... But of course, I would still prefer Mik'Bannin over him as a warrior simply due to the amazing hammering capabilities of Mik'Bannin. But if you want to try a defensive all-rounder Kha'rall - Blak'drin is the way to go.
Another interesting card... Equipped Creature gets Fire 5, Water 5... and then he deals 25 damage or more and the battlegear is flipped down thereby stopping the additional 25 or more damage. Thus doesn't seem all that great... Thus, when using this crazy piece of machinery (which should be given to dudes like IKKATOSH, Gronmor even Tanagath), its advised to use single element attacks such as Consuming Flames and Fluid Fugue I think its called (15 Water Damage). This battlegear is unique in the sense that it allows you flexibility in your deck making choices. Wherelse if you go with say a Torrent Krinth, you won't  have the flexibility of  Water 5. And after dealing low bonused damage... and you calculated you can finish your opponent - bring in the pain with a Flaming Coals for 40 Damage which cannot be stopped =D. The other pretty sick thing with this gear is... if you are against Xerium Armor. It kinda makes it 20 damage every turn and the battlegear won't be flipped over. Sure it doesn't seem like much, but if you think about it Gear Grind would hurt them more than it'll hurt you in the long run. As Xerium is more valued than this Bodal's belt thingie... He probably whipped this thing up in like 2 minutes lawl!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unique, Mysterious... Powerful?

Yes, People, I am back, the night before the beginning of all my exams. But excuse that... I will be doing some work... I just need to shake some "gaming" off...
Anyways... I have been stumped as in what to write about... I mean decks have become rusted, I haven't played in a while - I tried playing in Hotekk but couldn't find a match-up. However, I have just decided to write on Organized Promotional Cards. These cards are very interesting and feature the most unique abilities in the game.
So, today, I will be presenting 2 Cards... Or the first 4 Cards of the Organized Promotional Set... Here they are

Raise your hand, if you neglected this card in your Warbeast Deck... Good... Now that everyone's hands are raised, let's go into the reasoning behind this...

  1. Low Statistics, Lousy Energy 
  2. He only reduces Recklessness by 5...
  3. Only hosts 1 Mugic Counter which for a muge is lousy
Great, now let's try and establish what makes this card different, unique from other cards... or even what makes him good 
  1. He has the Earth Element
  2. Waterproof 25 to all Warbeasts
Perfect... So now, let's see what can we say about this card. He's a very interesting and unique card, its funny how many people see the first ability as a liability in their decks. They'll be like, "Only 5?", nah not going to use him. His second ability gives EVERY SINGLE Warbeast Waterproof 25. That's an extra 25 Energy... That's quite a bit, of course requiring the opponent to have water, not do water attacks... have water element. So... what is the best way to use Abin-Wor? Personally, I like throwing him into a Masters Deck with Ixxik with locations like Stronghold Mourn (Giving Creatures All elements), The Garden (All engaged creatures gain water), other locations that give water... mugic that gives water... There is a whole heap of them since the M'arrillians came out. That's Ixxik with potential 90 + 15 = 105e - Not counting battlegear. And if you want to make FULL use of Abin-Wor give Ixxik battlegear like Ur-Shard which has the useful side ability that if Ixxik is destroyed whilst equipped to Ur-Shard (90% of the time Ixxik dies, they will be holding on to good gear), destroy the opponent's gear and they now are equipped with Ur-Shard and have Recklessness 5. 
As Abin-Wor is a Conjuror, do not forget his ability to gain Mugic Counters from Ravita Flower... To bring it up to 3... And if you want to use higher recklessness Warbeast (Blazvatan, Titanix etc.), Go ahead, screw in a Savell and other dudes... Don't forget with Abin-Wor on your team and locations giving water element, you can fuse Water and Air attacks together... 
Last thing about Abin-Wor... you can cast Melody of the Meek on him... and do crazy stuff due to his low energy, waste your opponent's high build point attacks with Kha'rall Husk Armor and a Melody of the Meek... Is he that useless to you now?

This card, never actually got released and it's a "gambling" card... My favorite kind... However, like all gamblers, I like to find loopholes or ways to counteract or minimize my losses... Personally, I think this is a really Overworld-ish Card... I mean Mugic Counters and Initiative Wisdom points directly to the Overworld... And that fact that Creatures with one or more Mugic Counters gain 10 Energy. But after further thought on the card, I supposed that cards like Mipedians with Surprise would need the extra counter just for mugic casting (as they are known for their low counters), help Fluidmorphers in battle, Dror'niq anyone... And saving the best for last... Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe... 
The ability is pretty straight forward, generally you want creatures with 1 or more MC battling on your turn and attacking creatures without MC like Warbeasts... Although, you could gamble on trying to snag a counter of Maxxor POP or another one on Chaor, The Fierce... Though as you might have figured out... you lose the gamble... you can be in a world of hurt... That's why its best used with Najarin, Fluidmorpher's foe where he acts as a counter for this gamble being lose... Either they get a counter and you get a counter or... you get a counter and they get nothing.
Note that this is also a good opportunity to try cards like Hidan and Olkiex when a creature gains a counter, they get swift or flip a gear up or down... The combinations are endless...

But that's it from me... I hope you don't think Organized Promotional Cards are that worthless anymore and I'll see you guys next time with Blak'drin and Bodal's Energy Convertor

=P Malcolm9

Friday, April 29, 2011


Range gets annoying in many battles especially for your various supports and muges. Recently, the number of "Ranged" Decks has been increasing and increasing possibly due to the high win rate of such decks should they manage to take out your support as well as giving them GREAT field advantage.
Of course, Chaotic granted us a way to counter this - Defender. An ability for only the noblest of heroes!
And the other more "obvious" way to counter this is to just ensure all your guys can battle and has the various amount of mugic counters to cast your mugic.

Now, here I present to you my Danian Deck... I built this ages ago, and remember battling with it once... It is anti-range, my favorite kind of deck... So... here we go!

1. Hiadrom - Ulmar's Projector
2. Elna - Ozlai's Wreck
3. Tabaal - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
4. Fliandar - Scepter of Infernal Parasite
5. Illexia, The Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Lore, Ancestral Caller - Xerium Armor

1x Enlightened Tenacity
2x Shadow Strike
2x Rustoxic
2x Fear Projection -- Can be replaced with Valor Continuum if wished.
1x Primal Smash
1x Streak Strike
1x Petrifying Power
2x Marksman Prep.
2x Charge of the Brave
2x Directed Bravery
2x Mineral Meyhem
2x Daunting Bravery

1x Deep Dirge
1x Unbalanced Battlesong
1x Song of Symmetry
1x Refrain of Denial (Danian Version)
2x Cadence Clash

1x Mipedim Mirage
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
2x Hive Gallery
2x Phalanx Portcullis
1x Foothold Assault Trench
1x Dranakis Threshold, Portal to the Past
2x Numid Voidlands

Set-Up Stage
You've got Elna with Defender (via Illexia) to ensure that your opponent engages Elna first which "activates" the hive, pretty much permanently unless you shut it down... You have Tabaal who infects 3 Creatures from his non-brainwashed ability then via Deep Dirge, Sacrifices himself for the last 3 creatures on your opponent's side.

What does the Set-Up Stage does
1. Allows Lore AC to be able to get counters
2. Allows Fliandar to use his ability
3. Hiadrom's ability activates.

What if?
Opponent uses AZAIA Mindprobe - Yep, this is a common thing nowadays =(, but worse comes to worse, infect one of your own creatures, Lore will get 1 less counter yes, but Fliandar's ability is still useable

Now that Tabaal and Elna is out of the picture, you can move Hiadrom to the center in between Illexia and Fliandar, an option is to move Fliandar up, thus letting you move Lore AC up next to Illexia.
The attack is courage-based and the occasionally earth and deals consistent damage against majority of the decks and tough cards - If not, cards like Fear Projection and Daunting Bravery helps by bringing down your opponent's courage.
Because most if not all of your opponent's warriors will be infected, Fliandar's Scepter of Infernal Parasite will be put into very very good use! =D
Hiadrom's battlegear, Ulmar's Projector gives him 10 less energy - something that is rectified by his ability, and when he dies the first time round, grants a counter to Illexia (for who knows what reason xD) and comes back from the dead to battle once more.
You really have 2 offensive/defensive mugic and 3 Denying mugic which can be used wisely and at the same time, perhaps not so wisely... I prefer to save Song of Symmetry when things get tough, A.K.A when your creature has 5 energy left... Unbalanced Battlesong is saved strictly for Lore AC when the things get rough at the end, even though Lore, himself has an ability that would hurt.
Location-wise - It's all pretty straightforward except for maybe Dranakis Threshold, Portal through Time which I put in there, so that you can cast Deep Dirge without interference from the 4 Tribal Denial Mugic, or to limit your opponent's mugic.

So... Once again
That's my deck! =D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jus' For Fun...

Jus for fun, I decided to post a Chaotic Deck in similar style to a Pokemon Theme Deck so... Enjoy!

Lava Furnace
Burning beneath the Overworld, the Underworld Army begins planning their swift invasion, With Zamool covering the Underworld Army from mugic and abilities, Chaor The Fierce rushes in, with no fear of losing his elements wielding Fire 15 capable of burning his opponents so badly that not even jumping into the Riverlands can save them. Need a boost? Don’t worry, the Ulmars got ya covered with 20 free damage every round and Drakness boosting the powers of already destructive Mugic. Can your opponent’s stand the Lava Furnace?





1. Magmon, Engulfed – Whepcrack

2. Zamool, Lord Van Bloot’s Enforcer – Aegal Wings of Attraction

3. Chaor, The Fierce – Scarab of Khilai

4. Ulmar, Perithon Racer – Heptadd’s Crown

5. Ulmar, Perithon Racer - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

6. Drakness– Mipedian Balladeer’s Flute


2x Canon of Casualty

1x Discord of Flame

1x Song of Fury

1x Improvisational Melody

1x Gear Glissando

Mugic Cost Count: 5{} ---------- Total Creatures Mugic Counters: 5{}



2x Consuming Flame

2x Force Strikes

2x Consuming Carnage

2x Gladiator's Fire

2x Fireram

2x Incinerase

2x Flying Advantage

2x Ash Torrent

2x Might Swing

1x Primordial Rage

1x Primal Smash


2x Mipedim Mirage

2x Underworld City

2x Underworld Colloseum

2x Stone Pillar

2x Vidav Reflectorium

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project FFA is ago!

Project FFA is ready for use... And its a Chaotic: Down Under Forum to keep in touch with any old friends you may have with the game... Yes I know there's already to but this one is, I hope to some extent more pleasant to look at (no offense) and easier to use... So check it out!


Here's a fact!

I know many of you aren't Mipedian Players... but I just like to point out this card, I recently got my hands on...
Yes... An OP card... Yes, it's probably rare... Yes it does better in 6v6 or higher battles... And Yes... it is exclusively for Mipedian Players Only...
What you probably didn't think of... is...
1.  It can be teamed with Bodal's Dagger... 10 Free Damage =D =D!!!
2. Team this up with Vidav Mstr, Strat or even General's Standard for mixed tribe use!!
But overall, this is a must-have for Mipedian Players with Invisibility + Bodal's Dagger + Mipedian Squadron... this card will lay waste to even the heaviest of Fortresses!


Formal Apoligies: Retractment of Said Statement

Apparently, the Chaotic Website is back on!!! So... no R.I.P yet? Which is fine for me... It seems to be a little late April Fools Joke lol... Or could be a sign on what's to come...
In either case, Chaotic (Online) is not yet dead and I apoligize to any parties that may have been misinformed.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Due to the Overwhelming Disappointment

It is an extreme disappointment that Chaotic has simply shut down and died... However, as they say..., "The Show must go on!"
So... to help soothe the pain allow me to present you the battlegear that glided to the under-used pile..., The Windstrider!!
Ahh... How could anyone forget this battlegear? The Art... The Ability, the fact that it reveals itself at the beginning of the game...
Is it because of...
A. Skeletal Steed - Whihc reduces it by Swift 1 and gives it Range
B. It's fudgin Super Rare!!!
C. It doesn't help in battles like Kha'rall Shards or etc. etc.
Well, according to most people, it's a mixture between A, B and C... but of course, mostly A, the fact that a common battlegear can provide Range and Swift...

But enough beating around the bush, let's talk about the actual battlegear...
 In my opinion, Windstrider is an amazing battlegear - tactical-wise... (I break down a Chaotic Game into "Tactical" and "Battle" - You could well lose the battle if you're opponent's board control is strong and in the same way if you have good board control, its not good if you cannot mantain that control when a Maxxor barges in...) So yea, Windstrider is an amazing tactical battlegear, allowing you to reach about 3 spaces ahead, behind, side or diagonal from the equipped creature, or even allow them to evade battles in some cases, and in a 6v6 battle, this is enough to cover at least half of the board's worth of movement. Mix in a well-known card named Xelfe and you've got yourself a mighty strong creature with Ere-like abilities.

Let's not even think what would happen if you cause a battle in a mirage location in your favor... For instance battling your opponent's Nivenna on Prexxor Chasm, The Blight with your new range-swift Blazvatan. And I picked Blazvatan as he's a good creature to use with this battlegear... He's stats are already insane and can do a maniac rush... through your opponent's deck and not get KOed easily... Don't forget when you get desperate you can go Armament Adagio...
Confusing? Don't worry in Easter I'll show you a deck I made with a full analysis... But Winstrider is a very underestimated gear... it gives great board control to evade, or create battles not just to be combined with "Range"

Thx Guys!
And for those who still want to keep in touch whilst playing a TCG online, Im playing Urban Rivals atm and would love to see y'all there *winks*

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rest in Peace

Following the Undertaker's win over the Cerebial Assassin Triple H, Chaotic has now officially closed online... Evidence is the main chaotic site not loading and the forums stating "Service Unavailable".

5th April 2011

We all always remember Chaotic... and will hope for it's comeback in the future similar to BeyBlade, Mighty Beans and other weird-ish companies.

R.I.P Maxxor
R.I.P Chaor
R.I.P Illexia
R.I.P Aa'une
R.I.P Crown Prince Iflar

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Being in Year 12

Guys just an update,

Being in Year 12 really brings on the exams which jusst puts heavy strains on my eyes... btw I have the 3DS and its amazing...
Get ready for Easter where I have some combos and deck ideas ready... for Chaotic Down Under's 1st and Possibly Last Easter Special!!!

Thx Guys!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The constant buzzing...

Hey guys, its been a while...
Its 2011!!! And my family has been one of the hundreds of families affected by the floods so I have had my hands full. In any case, Chaotic has barely left my mind. it's like it used the powers of danian infection!! Speaking of infection - here's a fairly useful combination when it comes to Danian infection.

Ahh yes... you cards we all know by heart... One of them being completely staple in our various danian decks and the other is basically just lying on the floor everywhere. Makrabon has the unique exclusive ability of infecting a creature when he gets a counter. Strain of Infection covers that nicely... Makrabon grabs 3 counters and infects 3 free creatures back... Overall? You lost nothing... Doesn't that just help with Illexia? And other infected abilities...
I hope this combination can help you in your various danian decks!