Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Defenders Of The Queen!

Welcome to another Chaotic: Down Under Blog Post, I am your host - and blah blah blah xD! Now we move on to the Danian decks, an area which unfortunately I do not excel in hahaha! However, I will do my best and present to you, the first of the three Danian Deck - Defenders of the Queen

Defenders of the Queen!
1. Makanaz - Skeletal Steed
2. Ivelaan - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
3. Makanaz -  Skeletal Steed
4. Mhein - Xerium Armour/Varanohs
5. Mhein - Varanohs
6. Illexia, The Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel

Revival Variation

1. Makanaz - Skeletal Steed
2. Ivelaan - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
3. Makanaz -  Skeletal Steed
4. Mhein - Talisman of the Mandiblor
5. Mhein - Talisman of the Mandiblor
6. Illexia, The Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Ode of Obscurity
1x Strain of Infection
1x Song of Symmetry/Song of Futuresight
2x Cadence Clash
1x Refrain of Denial (Danian Version)

1x Primal Smash
1x Landgore
2x Rustoxic
2x Daunting Bravery
2x Geyser Gush
2x Twister of the Elements
1x Supercooled Rain
1x Terrantula Tackle
2x Earth Pulse
2x Shadow Strike
2x Aftermath Feint
2x Sunder Ground

2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Dranakis Threshold
1x Foothold Assault Trench
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
2x Pouril Forest
2x Rock River Canyon
Revival Variation is suggested to implement 2x Bodal's Arsenal

So guys, here is a very standardized Danian deck, pretty symmetrical especially our front-line of compost warriors. Makanaz guarding left and right with an aggressive threat of leaping over and taking them down especially with Pouril Forest rendering Defender useless. Of course, if you decided to go with Varanohs and Song of Futuresight, Pouril Forest and taking out their support can be quite easy. Our good friend Ivelaan is also in the middle kinda as a last line of defense before Mheins have to step in.
Once our frontal wall has been breached, it's time to launch into offensive attacks with Mhein, with attacks like Supercooled Rain and Terrantula Tackle, your opponent will be stripped of both mugic counters and battlegear. Their ability also kicks in allowing them to tap into additional strength for extra power.
The Queen, herself if the treasure trove, the mother-load, our one and only muge! Her abilities are plenty to keep her alive and although she begins with 2 counters, I suspect she'll have enough to cover any mugic you require in the near future...
The game sets up with Ivelaan sacrificing his Mipedian Balladeer's Flute and casting Ode of Obscurity to infect 3 Creatures with Illexia defending with her own denial mugic. With 3 Creatures infected (Preferably front-row), Illexia can gather more counters and we can cast Strain of Infection if and when wished. This deck prefers to be uninterrupted by petty annoyances and so we have included a lot of denial mugic, supercooled rain and even Dranakis Threshold to stop them from playing their annoying little tricks. This makes the game similar to Apprentice except the way the Danians are set-up, it begins to be pretty intimidating...
Finally, the Revival Variation, while I was building this deck, I looked over Talisman of the Mandiblor and gave me an idea for a Revival Variation which generally involved sacrificing Mhein, to bring back Mhein again (assuming 1 Mhein is coded). Then cycling Bodal's Arsenal thru attacks like Flashkick (Not included in build) and mugic like Song of Futuresight and bring back Talisman of Mandiblor to revive AGAIN! Of course, sacrificing Mhein takes place just as he is about to be coded.
Well, Thanks for checkin it out!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

March of the Tribes - Stabilizers!

Welcome to the latest installment of the March of the Tribes series presented by Chaotic: Down Under. Last time, the Danian's unique ability and a standard danian was shown and today we focus on their mugic, abilities and other "kooky", buggy facts...
The Underworlders have their infamous Canon of Casualty, the Mipedians has their even more infamous Melody of Mirage... And Danian's trademark mugic? Song of Symmetry. This mugic is the perfect example of the way Danians play. With Balance. While the Underworld bombards their enemies with relentless attacks and the Overworld constantly healing their attacks, Danians come in between them and offers probably the smartest solution... to have both! To be honest, I like Song of Symmetry better than both Canon of Casualty and Song of Resurgence but then again, it's just me...
Yes, that's my online Lore's stats and I love him to bits xD, Anyways, not just mugic shows that the Danians are all about stability, the creatures also present the danian's love for balance. Lore, Ancestral Caller - Heal 5 and deal 5, Makanaz, if he dies, you gain 15 energy, Illexia, if one of your Mandiblor dies, she gains a counter. BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE. Their so stable that it's hard to pinpoint a direct weakness! Underworlders focus on attacking and defensive/healing capabilities are weak and the Overworld doesn't pack much of a punch until the battle is kinda finishing.
Guess another thing Danians love doing and do better than any other tribe... That's right, strengthening and supporting their own troops. Like insects, they rapidly grow in strength based on their numbers. Dubin gains energy for an infected Creature, Aureban gains energy for more infected Creatures and Nimmei... Period... Good Ol' Nimmei becomes pretty sick if your opponent has an army full of infected Creatures... The Danians are simply the BEST and I mean better-than-Overworld best at supporting each other!

So... to sum up everything, The Danians builds up and strengthens their numbers and with it themselves and plays a nice solid Balanced play. The most stable tribe to play out of all the tribes in Perim.
Next Time...
Danian Feature Deck 1#: Defenders of the Queen

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

March of the Tribes - A New Hive!

Welcome to Chaotic: Down Under, temporarily infected by the Danians which apparently is the tribe next on the March of the Tribes series!
The Danians
One of the 4 classic tribes of Perim and the most underused of all the tribes in Perim... It's a sad fact, do people really hate "bugs" that much? xD!
Is there such a thing as a classic Danian? It would probably be one of these littl' critters.
I just love Dawn of Perim Classics, don't you xD! Ibiaan is who I chose to represent a "classic" danian. So, Ibiaan is a Mandiblor, these guys are like the worker ants of the hive and work together to increase their overall strength, take a look at Ibiaan's ability for an example. Next thing flashy about Ibiaan is the typical Earth element. Of all the tribes, Danians specialize in earth attacks which is fairly common to see, their secondary element is water such as Nimmei. Next is the Danian's most common unique ability: Hive. You'll see the word, "Hive", a lot in Danian Cards and most people think it is the most annoying since sliced cheese. A player needs to activate Hive via mugic or an ability to even use some of the Danian's greatest abilities and this is one of the reasons why Danians aren't widely played I assume... But then again, ever since Turn of the Tide, this danian below came out....

Elna...Elna...Elna, this guys solved the Hive problems the Danians had, and also allows me to introduce the next unique Danian ability - Compost. Compost is such a unique and powerful skill that so many players make a Danian deck just for it! I won't go much into a detail but basically its when if a creature gets destroyed like Elna, you get a particular boost for your army! That way, if a compost mandiblor falls like Elna, you lose some boost with danians such as Ibiaan above (+5 per Mandiblor) however, you gain some compensation!

Anyone recognize one of your favorite creatures there? How did they get all bug-like and part of the most unpopular tribe in all of Perim? It's due to the 3rd unique ability the Danian possesses. Infection. It basically makes the Danian Tribe all the more stronger as every and I mean EVERY infected creature counts as a Mandiblor to abilities. This means creatures that gain 5 energy per Mandiblor you control and Infected Creature your opponent controls. This leaves a maximum energy gain of 6+6 = 12 * 5 = 60 Energy boost via a single ability. Pretty insane... In addition, Danians abuse this infection system with locations and mugic like Strain of Infection and Infectorium which deals 15 damage to Infected Creatures as a location ability!!!

So, now you know a bit of the Danians unique abilities they have up to offer, Prepare to be enlightened by their stable mugic, locations and other itsy-bitsie stuff

Hail Illexia, The Danian Queen!
Hail Azil, The Danian Queen!