Friday, September 3, 2010

The Master Verses The Apprentice!

 Some of you may know Mauro from our blog, otherwise known as Boamorte in Chaotic. Well, he's challenged me to a 6 on 6 Masters Match, with the only restrictions being not allowed to use Crellen Drome Banned Cards, even though that was pretty obvious.

Date: 1st December 2010, 1:00 PM (Australia Time).

Format: 6V6, Banned Cards restriction

I, unfortunately will have the job of posting a video on this blog, for interested parties. Why bother? Well in a sense, I helped Boamorte through his Chaotic "Life" to an extent and he's begun to thrash me in dromes like the Hotekk Drome unfortunately. So, to see who is better, we've decided to challenge each other in the standard format of playing Chaotic, 6 vs. 6 Masters.

So yea, hope you all watch it and everything!


  1. i know boamorte from hotekk, hes beating me many times recently. hey malcom9 where are you this season? havent seen you in the dromes...

  2. Haha... Well... I've been littl' busy with tests and what-not but when I can, I do slip in matches here and there (hence my low ranking this season). But I gauntee you that I'll hit top 20% in Hotekk this season

  3. I hope for your sake Boa isnt as good in masters as he is in adv app, someone told me he beat the number 1 dude in adv app.

  4. Anonymous... Though I may not know who you are... I will say this... Everyday... I'm changing my deck, improving it bit by bit... So I'm not "intimidated" in any way by your post =P! I'm currently working on a Zamool-Burn deck without Zamool so... it's going to be very VERY interesting to see the outcomes of the battle...