Monday, September 13, 2010

Card of the Week 1

 Taking a break from making decks, I'm kind of stuck up on work, hence not many of my decks recently have been good neways xD! In any case... To do something really quick I'm going to review a card so that it'll be quick, fast, simple and easy.

Introducing Okaxor, an Elephant Caretaker of the Overworld. Okaxor seems in charge of taking care of Overworld Units and Sqauds with his fantastic ability he can use 3 times! With 40 energy, it's low enough, he wouldn't last long in a fight and high enough, so that he can't use the awesome Kha'rall Husk Armor + Melody of the Meek Combo.
But, no matter! As one the few (might be the only one xD) Overworlders with 3{} and Water Element, he pretty much acts as a Mini-Najarin High Muge of the Lake! Note that Okaxor is 1 less {} away from being a Najarin, High Muge so you could possibly supply him with a Mipedian Balladeer's Flute or a Girgeth Tar for an additional {}.
 Overall, his mugic counters is high, he has an element, he has a great ability for and against Stat Decks and a pretty awesome Brainwashed Ability, Okaxor is a very nice all rounder as a supporter. Too bad, he's banned in the dromes though...
P.S: Australian Players can get this xD!

Type: "Supporter"
Apprentice: 2/10
Masters: 8.5/10 --> Assuming not 1v1

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