Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Miss me?

So anyone miss me? xD! Well I'm back with a new deck based on what I used to play a lot! Elementalists! You all probably seen a couple of my elemental deck back a couple of months but today... I'm sort of psyched about this new elementalist from Fire and Stone. His name? Arctus, Heptadd's Squire!
Wa-Zam! For those of you who has never seen Arctus, go look it up on eBay, he has basically high courage like 100 and high wisdom as in Maxxor's Standard and to top it all of he has the ability,"At the beginning of combat, Arctus gains all element types your adjacent creatures have" which fits his subtitle I guess...

Raw Power of Elements
1. Heptadd - Citadel Fragments
2. Arctus, Heptadd's Squire - Viledriver *Couldn't think of better battlegear... Any suggestions?*
3. Dalgad - Elementalist Pauldron
4. Lomma, Desert Wanderer - Destructozooka/Chariot of Kehn-Sep
5. IKKATOSH, (M'arrillian Invasion) think its called Guardian of Nature -Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Fluid Fugue
1x Fanfare of the Elemental Champions
1x Cascading Rondo
1x Refrain of Denial (OW)/Cadence Clash
2x Rhyme of the Reckless

1x Allmageddon
1x Apoc-eclispe
1x Perplexing Heat
2x Elemental Oxidation
2x Blaze Barrage
2x Consuming Flame
2x Flood Force
1x Primal Smash
1x Steam Rage
1x Inner Flood
2x Aftermath Feint
2x Symmetry Slam
2x Burning Rain

2x Underworld Colloseum
2x Skeletal Springs
2x Elmantiir
2x Castle Bodhran
1x Glacier Plains, M'arrillian Melting Camp
1x Mipedian Mirage

 Alright, Raw Power of the Elements basically involve Using Dalgad and Arctus and the main brawlers. They are meant to punish their foes/victims with crazy strong element attacks. Heptadd being beside Arctus whilst being defended by Lomma is still able to fight but we prefer to keep him alive so that he can flow his majestic strength into both Arctus and Dalgad. Every battle, Dalgad and Arctus wins gains them 1{}. which means your never quite short of mugic counters especially for paying mugic like Refrain of Denial or Fluid Fugue which means you can reserve your counters on Najarin for his abilities (If you haven't figured it out... It's because of Ikkatosh). Mugic choices are fairly straightforward except for the unusual mugic that showed up... Cascading Rondo... This Underworld Mugic swaps your deck with your discard pile. Which means after you used Allmageddon and Apoc-eclispe... you can grab em right back up again for a cost of 1{}. At the right time, this mugic can win you the game! So so far, we have 2 Brawlers who pretty much deals at least 5 damage with every shot especially Dalgad, we have a 1{} bonus for every kill and we have a healing spree from a flying old man at the back...
Locations are fairly standard I guess... I had a bit of trouble fleshing out a location deck surprisingly cause I couldn't remember what Skeletal Spring does... Anyways... The locations are fairly straighforward the only weird one being Glacier Plains, M'arrillian Melting Camp. This is to annoy stat decks as thanks to Ikkatosh, you should have counters to spare for the ability whilst the opponent probably won't have that advantage...
So... once again
That's my deck!~

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  1. welcome back mate, all this deck needs is for fire and stone to come out so we can use arctus!