Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Kings of Chaotic

 This is a beginning of a series called the "Kings of Chaotic" based on the "Gods of UR" from another game I play. The "Kings of Chaotic" are extremely powerful creatures and are in a "league of their own" so to speak. Their unique abilities combined with powerful statistics makes them form a formidable force in their respective tribes. I guess in Dawn of Perim, they were called the "Big 4", but now I'm going to be refining the list, giving each tribe one of their "Kings"
Of course, this is entitled to each person's opinions. But in mine, respectively, they are...
  1. Aa'une, The Oligarch - Avatar (No Duh!!!)
  2. Maxxor, Protector of Perim (Explained in next Post)
  3. Chaor (Dawn of Perim) - (Arguably the best Underworlder in Chaotic)
  4. Gintanai (Seriously? Air 10, Earth 10? Able to rid of ability easily... Wow?!)
  5. Lore, Ancestral Caller (He has 3{}, a very powerful ability and can fight WAAAY better than Illexia)
  6. Ursis (No Explanation needed here... just like his ability)
 So today, we'll be talking about the ever-so hard to obtain... let alone flip... Aa'une, The Oligarch!!!

Looking at this card, you would pretty much immediately state that he is the King of Perim - 200 disciplines, 100 Energy and able to destroy creatures by simply discarding a card. Needless to mention his Outperform Disciplines 20 to make life even harsher. What's his downpoint? He has no Counters... and the fact he needs to be "flipped".
For those who don't know, to flip Aa'une, The Oligarch, you need the following - Baton of Aa'une, Calling of Aa'une and Rage of Aa'une. You must play ALL three of them in the same turn to flip Aa'une. Baton of Aa'une is played immediately pretty much, the Rage of Aa'une needs to be drawn AND played in the same turn and Calling of Aa'une has to be played AFTER Aa'une WINS combat. Phew... quite a lot of conditions...
But nonetheless... if you managed to get the beast up, he dominates Perim or on a smaller scale... your opponent's army. Even if you wasted ALL of your mugic cards, helping Aa'une to win... Aa'une still has massive stats and energy letting him KOing creatures by engaging them. Having attacks like Discipline Destruction will deal about 130 damage alone (For a 4 Build Point) and attacks like Shadow Strike will deal a horrifying 30 damage (For a 0 Build Point). Overall, once you or your opponent gets Aa'une to wake up from his slumber... it's over...
 (P.S - For Fun, imagine Aa'une + Neu'Thar + Erak'Tabb + Gal'Drad + Jus'Hebben in the same 10 v 10 masters deck...  Now Flip Aa'une and do Rage of Aa'une - First one to calculate total amount of damage for this 1 Build Point gets a free code!!!)

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  1. Forgot to mention... Aa'une's competition... well there isn't any... he's just that good... Bo'aam na-uh... Bahrakatan - na-uh... etc. etc.