Saturday, September 25, 2010

Projection Of Your Life!

This is a Rare Battlegear from the M'arillian Invasion: Beyond the Doors Set, known as Ulmar's Projector. If... you've seen my videos you've seen me use it with Vlar 'cause I think it's quite a nice combination considering Vlar is already tough to take down... and combined with the Projector...

The Projector allows a creature from your discard pile to come back to life IF it loses combat which in a sense grants it, "an extra life". The "downside", if you would call it a downside, is that the creature has 10 less energy in it's first reincarnation or life as compared to it's revived form. As well as the fact that when the creature is revived, it gets no mugic counters though creatures like my Vlar has no counters anyways.
As you may/may not know.... I'm very fond of this battlegear considering it can revive a creature for a cost of 10 Energy and have compiled numerous combinations involving this battlegear... These can be used in almost any strategy so... Let me know what you think!!!

Combo 1: Just when you thought you caught the thief...
Vlar + Ulmar's Projector
 This allows Vlar to revive without a battlegear, hence able to "steal" another battlegear! This is a pretty sweet combo, I use, since the opponent's would probably use their 1s, 2s Build Point attacks to take down Vlar in the first place... And with Vlar revived, their going to have NO Battlegear and a couple less of their 1s,2s attacks.

Combo 2: Projecting Different Things
Various... Basic: Armanent Adagio + Ulmar's Projector
 This combination actually works amazingly well with Warbeasts like Blazvatan and Khorror. All you do is give the Ulmar's Projector to Sepmek or a Conjuror, cast a Gear Glissando to flip it up... Use Armanent Adagio on the Projector and give it to Khorror JUST as he's about to "die" in a sense... Then Khorror becomes instantly revived with his 135 Energy... Your Opponent is going to begin to understand why he's the definition of Horror!
Warbeasts aren't the only ones that benefits however... Imagine a Second Headmaster Ankhyja! Or other reowned Mipedians like Maliph! Your opponent's never would have thought Mipedians could revive without a Castle Mommark!

Combo 3: The Sequel is sometimes better... than the Original
Neekwin + Ulmar's Projector
 This is a good ol' combination, Neekwin gets destroyed after attacking with Supercooled Rain and other devastating attacks and then... He comes back! With Untargetable and Water 5 with maximum energy... Another Powerful Combination for the Projector!

Combo 4: A Blast from the Past
Past Creature + Ulmar's Projector
This may seem pretty obvious but YES! All of the Past Beasts go perfect with this battlegear... Fancy another Cromaxx? That might annoy opponent's playing Underworld with Burn Mugic *cough* Hikeda... Or maybe you desire another Ursis with 85 Energy! How about a Smildon who was your Defender... Or a Proboscar who nearly won the last round and needs a second chance to penetrate your opponent's defences... All the Past Beasts are... Beasts...

 But unfortunately, the Underworld can't put it to as good of a use as the other tribes...However, I guess almost any Underworld Creature can use it... A combination that springs to mind is a Chaor, The Fierce + Ulmar's Projector Combination to give it a Second Life in case of Numid Voidlands spring up... But then again it's Self-Preference

So Lemme know what you think and yea! Hope you begin to notice this battlegear more and more!


  1. havent heard of ulmars projector before.
    my khorror+ulmars projector = destruction!

    ps. did you get the cards i sent you?

  2. Yes, I did! Enjoying Hammerdoom Chantcaller especially!