Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little itch...

Well, first off... No offense to Danian Fans (Especially MandibleMuge xD), but your clan's Ultras kinda went down the drain this time as compared to the other tribes... I mean Nimmei Expedition Overseer is just... well hard to use as compared to the M'arrilian Invasion one... and Lore, High Muge well... let's say I wouldn't compare him with the Ancestral Caller... But that's all under the bridge now..

Nimmei, Expedition Overseer.
 He really isn't the... greatest Ultra when you think about it... but who knows maybe when Fire and Stone comes out... He'll be more deserving of his Ultra Rank... But for now... he's not really much... I mean he's... skinny, looks bossy and has not much skills to show it. Because of his ability... you got to plan really well or be prepared to lose... As you can tell... Don't really want to talk about him.

Lore, High Muge of the Hive
 Like all the 4 High Muges, he has an extremely unique ability that is like composting Mugic Cards... Interesting... Now let's see... he can recast Strain of Infection much like Enre-Hep can copies... But what Enre-Hep can do three times (more or less with Heptadd's Crown/General's Standard) is what Lore can only do twice which kinda is a downpoint of Lore. But then again, consider Lore has higher energy and I think Courage as well... hmm interesting... I would rate him as about the 3rd best of the High Muges...

Please remember... I am NOT MandibleMuge... I am no master of Danians... But I like to try new and wacky combos.... lol! So presenting... a currently banned deck in Crellen!


1. Nimmei Expedition Overseer - Destructozooka
2. Elna - Ozlai's Wreck
3. Neekwin - Vial of Liquid Though
4. Khavakk - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5. Lore, High Muge of the Hive - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Raznus, Assimilated - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

1x Suprising Rift
1x Strain of Infection
1x Obe of Obscurity
1x Song of Symmetry
2x Unbalancing Battlesong

2x Rainspears
2x Mind Strike
2x Flood Force
2x Geyser Gush
2x Swarming Destruction
1x Primal Smash
1x Landgore
2x Invader's Tactics
2x Sleet Slide
2x Burning Rain
2x Liuquescent Swirl

2x Storm Tunnel, I think it's Kibro's Foothold
2x M'arrillian Pulse Beacons
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Mt. Pillar, Liberated

Kk basically, Nimmei Expedition Overseer is going to get Water (This deck's main focus) whether it be by the Destructozooka or Storm Tunnels or via the opponent. Elna is going to get defeated... which then will activate the Hive. Then, when your opponent hits 15e, you code him with Khavakk's ability (he even has 2 counters and a cool picture!) Note that, Neekwin has a Vial of Liquid Thought, so don't be afraid to use your high build point attacks 'cause... you're going to get it back anyways... and Neekwin gets a pwnage water 5 and untargetable...
Lore, High Muge of the Hive, pretty self-explanitory... He's gonna be recasting stuff like Strain of Infection which is an awesome 0 counter mugic and your Obe of Obscurity and then you're going to have fun with loads of mugic counters =D!
Raznus, Assimilated is another oldie, I like... He's he dude who's gonna give your danians a resistance of some sort to Zamool Burn Decks w00t! So yea...
So Khavakk begins with the Obe of Obscurity with 3 or more counters (Opponent probably has Mipedian Balladeer's Flute) and infect 3 or more creatures. Then he cast Strain of Infection, passing the counters to Nimmei Expedition Overseer. Now, Nimmei Expedition Overseer should have 3{} and water element almost garunteed! Elna then gets coded (which is what we want xD) and then the party begins! When Elna gets coded, its nearly a garunteed 15 damage per combat and with Unbalancing Battlesong... I sense it's going to hurt much more... Don't forget Song of Symmetry which would deal a nice 10 and heal a nice 10 damage =D!
Once again, Lore can cast Mugic from the discard pile... So this is a pretty much mini-Danian Burn Deck ^.^! Won't really run low on counters cause Nimmei has 3{} and Lore can recast etc. etc. So yea...

That's my deck!~

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  1. Interesting idea. Who would've thought that Danians could be used in a burn strategy?! xD
    Of course, using Nimmei, Expedition Overseer isn't exactly the easiet thing to do so kudos on the deck.