Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Couragous Earth Warriors

Alright, I still got many tests and assignments up, but I'm going to post a deck anyways... I've actually been thinking about how to incorporate Zamool, Ursis and Cromaxx together... and made up several decks... However I think I'm going to stick with just just Ursis and Cromaxx as the two work so nicely with each other xD! The Last of my AU Ultra Series

 Ursis is one of the devastating beasts of Perim, sporting 3 Mugic Counters and 80 Energy. He has the Earth Element, High Power, not bad Courage and 45 Wisdom and Speed. This makes him an extremely capable fighter that can almost fight and win any Chaotic Creature in a 1v1 match. He even is a Warrior Muge, so you can mix him with Sword of Khy'at and Caster's Warsong!

 First seen in the television series used by Codemaster Crellen, Cromaxx retains his ability to be invulnerable to damaging mugic which is always a useful feature. Often, you will spot him with his friends that cannot be burned by mugic like Epitrinne. Overall, Great Courage, 70 Energy, Above Average Power and Earth and Water Elements.

Couragous Earth Warriors

1. Fliandar - Skeletal Steed
2. Cromaxx - Drilldozer, Customized Rig
3. Fliandar - Skeletal Steed
4. Ursis - Muge's TuningFork
5. Smildon - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Mhein - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Obe of Obscurity
1x Elemental Counterpoint
2x Unbalanced Battlesong
2x Refrain of Denial (Danian Version)/Cadence Clash

2x Tectostrike
2x Enlightened Tenacity
2x Earth Pulse
2x Rustoxic
2x Streak Strike
2x Geyser Gush
1x Landgore
1x Primal Smash
2x Valor Continuum
2x Sunder Ground
2x Aftermath Feint

2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Hive Gallery
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
2x Castle Bodhran
2x Rock River Canyon

Cutting to the chase... You're going to use Obe of Obscurity and infect 6 creatures (Via Ursis), this will give the two Fliandars basically double their energy for each of them. This deck is catered for Earth and Courage attacks meaning both Smildon and Ursis can fight despite them being your muges.
Cromaxx is in the center, with his big boulder and a Drilldozer will spot 90e on average and with attacks like Tectostrike... The opponent's will go down quickly...
Fliandar is plain awesome with his ability able to be used to recover when needed... and with Skeletal Steed, he can zoom into your opponent's backlines and if they attempt to defend, Fliandar with his abiltiy should be able to counter their defender with ease... Then you can attack whichever supporter you want =D!
Smildon is your Defender and your muge, sporting 2{} and his awesome ability... If your opponent flips a Imaginary Walls, use Smildon's ability and everything will be A-OK!
Now, this is interesting because your back creature is Mhein... And if your opponent manages somehow to take down all 5 of your creatures, Mhein is going to take take revenge with Courage and Earth Element. The reason I have it Weightless Energy Vessel is because we don't want Mhein gettin targeted by any mugic that has the possibility to reducing our chances of winning in any way...

So yea Hope you like it!

That's my deck!~

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