Monday, August 23, 2010

Hotekk Drome Series Part 2

Alright, now we have the Hotekk Drome Series Part Two!!!
In this section, we will be talking about the terrifying Blade and  the some-what scary sight of a Bodal's Dagger

 These guys deserve a topic to themselves... as they can be almost used in any deck! Any attack they play that would deal 0 damage... deals 15 damage instead! This ability ensures that the minimum damage Bladez can do is 5 and the maximum is well... close to infinite lol!
In masters, these guys are pretty easy to defeat, because of mugic and abilities etc. But in Hotekk or apprentice, they become much harder to take down... =(
Alright, if you saw Bladez in a hotekk battle, it is almost garunteed that the Bladez has a Kha'rall Husk Armor. That gear works with Bladez like ... as the americans call it PB & J. I'm assuming it means Peanut Butter and Jelly. Anyways... The first thing, you want to do against a Bladez, is to shut down it's Kha'rall Husk Armor. This means Olkiex Apron, Gear Grinds, Aerosions etc. etc. These practically take down 45%-50% of Bladez total energy, which from there on, you have to defeat on your own =). The main point in defeating him is... Don't be intimidated by him, shut down his gear, and he'll fall like the rest of the Underworlders. I've beaten tons of him with my regular creatures like Tangath Toborn, Gronmor, Ikub'Ra... He is a rare for a reason after all =D!

The Skimpy Little Bodal's Dagger
Insert Creature Insert Creature
Bodal's Dagger   Bodal's Dagger
Insert Creature
Insert Battlegear
First introduced by (R.I.P 2010 xD) this little dagger has led the way to many, "Dagger" Decks. The most poweful ones are Ursis, Ursis, Ajara (1,2,3) and showcases one of the most unstoppable deck known to the Hotekk Drome. These dagger decks are not easily thwarted, they can't be stopped by Numid Voidlands, they aren't fazed by Phobia Plates and they really aren't scared of losing their Stat Checks and Challenges. But as they are called "Dagger" Decks, we can safely assume their fear of losing their daggers. Classic Dagger Attack Builds include the ever scary Heptagon Hail, the Ultra Primal Smash and Tribe-cist attack Xenocentric Wrath. These attacks combined will make to them have various 0 Build Points which will won't deal much or any damage if you had shut down their gear (ex. Aftermath Feint xD). So my advice, to countering these decks is to shut down their battlegear ^.^! Note: This is kinda of a repeat lol!! Other than shutting down the Dagger, if they are using the Ursis, Ursis, Ajara option, you can Range+Swift and strike down Ajara to make it fair weather for a while... But like the Ixxik Ixxik Ailav deck... Don't expect it to be beaten so easily... NOTE: Not unbeatable =D

So Basically if you want to Succeed in the Hotekk Drome
  1. Try not to rely on battlegear - This applies specially in Apprentice. If you're battlegear if shut-down... you're down for the count...
  2. Try not to build a deck vulnerable to Range+Swift - which Kolmo, Takinom, Shadow Knight and other various evil minions have. 
  3. Don't rely on one type of attack. Use a variety (with the exception of dagger decks), if you use a single type of attack i.e Elemental, then if a location like Numid Voidlands or a battlegear like Phobia Plates shows up... You're in trouble.
  4. Fit your playing style - So you can have fun and you know what you're doing o.o?! lol!


    1. bladez arrrrr!!!! husk armour grrrr!!! i versed 3 today with my ixxik deck. won twice lost once. and noticed what might be a bug or something (posted in forums under cards tips stratigies etc) have a look and see what you think.
      i love when my aerosion comes up against it, 65 damage in one shot=D
      i wait until it gets down to 65e then blast it with it! can afford to wait with ixxiks high energy, and dont want to negate my battlegear to early as aerosion does both creatures ;)