Friday, August 27, 2010

Scarier than Fear!

A combination that is scarier than Fear and really intimidating in the masters part of Chaotic if used correctly. This combo is so scary, it's even banned in the Crellen Drome lol! Oh well, at least there's offline right? Haha! Anyways... There are many variations to this combo, but I'll talk about that later.

P.S : Sorry for the lack of updates =S It was really slack of me!

 Zamool was already one of the scariest creatures in the Crellen Drome. It is because of him, that the Underworld Burn Decks became almost 100% win rate decks and combined with an old favorite banned card, that is... Agitos, Eloquent Motivator, Zamool will be comfirmed attacked so that his ability kicks in with full effect. Zamool will also gain Intimidate Courage 20 and Intimidate Power 20, a useful bonus, I would say. So simple and basic (Way I like it), Agitos "motivates" or uses his ability, so that the opponent is forced to attack Zamool (YES!!!!) and we can cast our burn mugic in any way we like without worries! Yess!!!!

Now the variation of this combination, is the exclusive, almost forgotten Ultra Rare battlegear, "Algal Wings of Attraction". This battlegear is another one of the battlegears that "forces" your opponents to attack a particular creature providing its face-up. Algals unfortunately does not start combat, flipped up. So you have to flip it, just to use its ability. So of course, not the best alternative... Though its the only option for now, since Agitos is banned. But offline... Don't hesitate to use Agitos, then you can give Zamool, Fire Element from the battlegear.