Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tribes down there... STAY DOWN THERE!!!

 Well... Thanks to an awesome friend named awesome1401, I have a HAMMERDOOM CHANTCALLER, my favorite ever Underworlder just because of his picture... He smashes bugs and his own kind with his exclusive battlegear the Doomhammer... And so... here's a combination, I WOULD be using in my deck... if I had an offline Doomhammer xD! (I can't find mine... Still looking...)

Yes, good old' Vidav from Forged Unity... He makes a creature count as any tribe you want... And with 3{}, he can use his ability for majority of the battles. So even against Overworlders, M'arrillians, Tribeless or Mipedians, your 5 extra damage is going to strike home and this isn't counting the Doomhammer's second or third ability - The ability to grant Earth 5 or Power 50... or in some cases BOTH!
Yes, Both... once again using Vidav's ability... But of course, this should only be used if the opponent is already playing Underworld or Danian so that you don't neccesarily need Vidav's ability.

You can of course, then continue on by linking the Doomhammer with Hammerdoom Chantcaller (Original or Assimilated) for extra 10 damage pounding! So, if you calculate... in 3 hits, you would deal 30 extra damage in total which is equivalent to a Maxxor, Protector of Perim, who would deal 5+10+15= 30 extra damage... So yes, enjoy the rest of your day, in my case the END of the first week of the holidays...

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