Thursday, August 19, 2010

As the Chaotic Tournament draws to a close...

Well, if you guys don't know this, I'm up to the Quarter-Finals in a Chaotic Tournament and I can use any deck I have (offline only of course!) and I'm going to pick the Overworld Tribe. (P.S: This is a 6v6 Masters tournament so yea).
I'm going to post my offline deck as a video (I took on my phone so not very good quality) anyway yea, rate & comment will be greatly appreciated

Alright, erm this is new to me (sorta), so don't blame me I missed out on something or something of the sort =S! Erm next post, will be a deck that is Ultra-Free as to aweome's request and when I recover from my cold, I'll continue the Hotekk Series.

Oh yea, any comments on my deck! Should be made so I can win the tourny! xD

If you're capped, text version under comments!!

That's my deck!~

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  1. ~For those who are capped~


    1. Vlar - Ulmar's Projector
    2. Maxxor, Protector of Perim - Sword of Khy'at
    3. Gronmor - Drilldozer, Customized Rig
    4. Tangath Toborn, In Training - Armbands of Lore
    5. Illiar - Bronzeflight
    6. Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe - Weightless Energy Vessel

    2x TectoStrike
    1x Rock Wave
    1x Enlightened Tenacity
    2x Daunting Bravery
    2x Outwit
    2x Piercing Brilliance
    2x Consuming Flame
    2x Earth Pulse
    2x Shadow Strike
    1x Valor Continuum
    1x Aftermath Feint
    1x Evaporize
    1x Screeching Scare

    1x Strain of the Tide
    2x Rhyme of the Reckless
    1x Symphony of Shielding
    1x Cadence Clash
    1x Echoes of Empty Hands

    2x Vidav Reflectorium
    1x Illusionary Lake
    1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
    1x Rao'Pahh Sakk Chimegrid
    1x Underworld Colloseum
    1x Mipedim Mirage
    1x Royal Mipedian Academy of Melee Art
    1x Kiru City
    1x Bodal's Arsenal

    Okay, so when Vlar gets coded, he's going to get revived by the Ulmar's Projector which should annoy your opponent to some extent. Needless to say, when Vlar is revived, he has no battlegear, thus he's going to steal someone's =D!
    I gave Maxxor, Protector of Perim a Sword of Khy'at for now, but my Xerium Armor is arriving next week so... he won't be holding that for long!
    Gronmor and the Drilldozer is fairly staple combo, so yea
    Tangath Toborn with Armbands of Lore to boost his demoralizing courage.
    Illiar, (whom I picked over Arbeid) is because he can defend Najarin FF, has high courage and Earth Element, 2 Mugic Counters and is immune to 2 Build Point attacks! Sweet!
    Last but not least, the ultimate muge of the Overworld, Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe. With a weightless Energy vessel and Illiar protecting it, almost nothing will touch Najarin... So big thumbs up to him!

    What's with Echoes of Emptyhands?
    I can destroy the gear on Vlar (giving him 10e) as well as being able to steal ANOTHER gear, the next turn!! This is not bad =D

    So yea

    That's my deck!~