Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apoligies... Again!

Alright, I do apologize for not updating... I've been bombarded with so many assignments, homeworks and favors for friends (Not the ones who play Chaotic....) So... I've been a bit busy... BUT I'M NOT GONE!!!!

That was just to set the record straight with some people who thinks all the blogs are going one by one... Come to think of it... I think I'm the only blog updating within the month hahahha! Anyways! Here's an offline combination, I use... I may post the deck up soon... Again, Thanks to awesome1401 for my second Shard of Solitude... That can and probably will save my skin.

Alrighty.... This combination NEEDS Uksum to be brainwashed... It doesn't work if he's not brainwashed... So Uksum will get Approximately 20+40e= 60e (+5e) = 65e. Now 65 Energy is quite a lot of energy and has an additional ability that is similar to Zamool - "Unengaged Creatures cannot play Mugic or Activated Abilities". This... makes Uksum, all the more harder to take down... especially if he somehow obtains the mastery of water and does a Supercooled Rain and takes counters off the opposing creatures. Canceling your opponent's ability to play their mugic and abilities will annoy your opponent to no end and is probably the difference between life and death!
Uksum with the Shard of Solitude against... a Zamool... --- Zamool is pretty much destroyed... Zamool may be able to fight but... Uksum will probably pulverize him especially if you have attacks like Fearless Strike or Magma Might

Uksum against Overworld Healing Decks... -- Guess what? They can't heal nothing!!! Karraba and Najarin FF suddenly become liabilities if they can't cast mugic or abilities and what's more? You can have 2 Kha'ralls with the Solitude Shard which is basically double Zamools!

Uksum against Mipedian Decks... -- Say bye bye to Constant Melody of Miraging, Enre-Heppy's annoying copy abilities and the powerful Fighter's Fanfare Mugic.

So as you can see... this combination can be almost devastating in almost EVERY situation... But as a quick and brief warning... AS SOON AS THE KHA'RALL IS ENGAGED, YOUR UNENGAGED CREATURES CANNOT CAST MUGIC OR ABILITIES!! CAST IT BEFOREHAND!!!!

So yea, enjoy the combination and Don't Give Up on this Blog or Chaotic =D


  1. thats a great combo! ive been wondering what can be done with that shard. if you brainwash it with xistorq, then uksum can gain even more energy! or whatever the chieftan is that gives 'challenge power50 deal 10 damage' to make use of its high power.

  2. Oui, Monsieur! =D I use both Chietains actually... Xis'Torq and Gal'Drad

  3. i was thinking both but then i thought you'd have too few mugic counters? but maybe theres a way around that with marillians, i dont know ive only ever used eraktabb with gimwei so not well read on that tribe.