Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blind Faith

Alright guys, I'm going to take a step of "Blind Faith". As you know, Chaotic has many many... MANY loopholes within their game... So their rules can sometimes be tricky to understand. BUT, nonetheless, this combination should work! So Here's to Blind Faith hahahaha!

Okay, now Sacrificing a Creature is something basically, none of us wants to do, unless necessary or wanted (i.e the case of Slufurah's ability), Sacrificing a Creature is basically the Ultimate Cost amongst any other abilities and if you or your opponent plays it... You better watch it...  The effects will leave a mark of some sort...

Featuring a Forged Unity Combination between the Underworld General and his sacrificing capabilities fused with the General's Standard and Vidav, Master Strategist. This strategy will work better with Vidav, but the General's Standard is there for possible choices. Anyways, consider the General's Standard equipped to another creature... Not Barrath Beyond... Barrath gets an... erm... I don't know a Levitaar to bring his Speed to Headmaster standard? I don't know... BUT ANYWAYS, basic strategy, you add a second tribe to a creature you're about to sacrifice, so you get two of the abilities because you sacrificed say... a Danian/Mipedian , so you would gain 30 Energy and the next attack getting guaranteed 20 damage.  This is can be devastating in the right situations and you can use this to deny mugic. Now, not confirmed this is how it works, however, considering the way the text is written "also counts as the chosen tribe" and "considered to belong" it should mean that they ALSO count as a second tribe... So a Mipedian will ALSO count as an Overworld per say, so you should be able to deny a mugic and deal 20 extra damage for the cost of a creature...
So yea, this is a pretty nice combination - May not need denial mugic anymore xD! Also... don't forget when Vidav hits 0 {}, you can still use him as a Refrain of Denial...

Now, the Cons of this combination? It's a Sacrificing... So to combat it? Use the legendary Castle Mommark or other such Revival Cards... So yes, Enjoy People!


  1. my con for this combination, barath is the only general i didnt get from FU box! but anyways a great combo for baraths ability

  2. Hahaha! Sorry to say that you're missing Barrath Beyond, and thanks for your comments