Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mipedian League Rewards!!!

Though this is pretty obvious, I am just going to advise EVERYONE to play 10 matches win or lose just for the Super-Rare Card and if you can get eligible for the Ultra Rare one (top 20%) go for it!!!

Anyways, the Mipedian League Rewards was Kileron, Warbeast of the Dust Storm and it's compliment of Savell

So basically as you can see, Kileron Warbeast of the Dust Storm is awesome against compost and Savell can take down majority of Kileron's recklessness =D! How sick is that?! Give Savell, a Mipedian Balladeer's Flute or Sacrifice a Ravita Flower and he can reduce recklessness by 30/40. Of course, if your opponent has a Deep Dirge or Open Doors to the Deepmines then you'll be in trouble.
To counter Deep Dirge, all you really need though is a Headmaster Seeker of the Art as Savell does have air.
In the same way, the mipedian mugic, Notes of Neverwhere I think its called (from Dawn of Perim) makes a location loses all its abilties. So with that here's a deck I call...

Dust Storm


1. Kileron, Warbeast of the Dust Storm - Warbeast Power Leash
2. Tiaane - Ravita Flower
3. Blazvatan, Epic Warbeast - Warbeast Power Leash
4. Ailav - Bronzeflight
5. Savell - Bi-Mowercycle
6. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Melody of Mirages
2x Trills of Dimunition
1x Gear Glissando
1x Notes of Neverwhere
(Once again your choice)

2x Whirling Wail
2x Progressive Speed
2x Poison Sphere
2x Airsault
2x Earth Pulse
2x Blind Fury
1x Primal Smash
1x Academy Strike
2x Velocitrap
2x Airize
2x Hurlicane

2x Crystal Cave
2x Mipedian Oasis
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Sands of the Unseen
2x Storm Tunnel

Alright basically... You wanna get flip Ravita Flower using Gear Glissando (using Tiaane's {}) so that you can sacrifice it so that Savell gets 2{}. Then you can sacrifice Tiaane to weaken your opponent.
Anyways then Blazvatan and Kileron will have 0 Recklessness and takes 5 less damage from attacks and deal extra damage with their attacks which is a lot...
Savell's Bi-Mowercycle can be sacrificed so that Kileron or Blazvatan can jump into the opponent's back lines which is very useful.
So Overall, your deck will deal extra damage, take less damage, have a mass air 5, earth 5 and can't be targeted by opposing Mugic and abilities. Not bad =D

Once again, that's my deck =D


  1. Although the number of mugic counters appear to be limited, with 3 having to remain on Savell for the first few battles, in reality you can end up using them up end in the end where you can use the trills to take out the 25 recklessness (as Malcolm suggested) or just use some battle gear as Malcolm suggested to me, such as Ballandeers' Flute. Definately a useable deck. In any capable pair of hands it would be a deck I would fear facing in the dromes, for sure.

    I know Malcolm as a fantastic player who comes up with his own original combos and I think this deck is a fine example of such creativity.

  2. Just on your comment maurobot, By sacrificing a Ravita Flower, Savell does get 4{} in total and even if you use 2{}, Savell still has 2{} which takes down majority of Blazvatan's and Kileron's Recklessness

  3. Yes I realise that Savell gains 2 {}, making a total of 4 {} and I guess you can use 2 of the 4, but 10 rekky (from the extra 5 of the power-leashes) is a little costly in my opinion so i think 3 {} on Savell would be the optimum amount to comepletely reduce all rekky. This will be a counter well spent because otherwise, 10 extra damage each extra attack is the equivalent of a canon of casualty or 1{} each 2 attacks...

    As i said it appears limited, that is, the number of {} that can be used, down from the traditional 6 to 4 (2 from tianne, 1 from ailav and 1 from sallev of his 4, if the optimum 3 {} is kept) although ballandeers flute can rectify this or simply using the extra {} in the end game, as i said, should also remedy this.