Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Challenge

 Let me put this loud and clear to EVERYONE... Posting more than TWICE a day, is something I'm not fond of doing... It may end up with, I don't know 10,000 posts in August lol...  That, my friend is scary... So, now I am going to announce that I'm going to post every 2 ~ 3 days =D once... preferrably unless something interesting occurs lol...
Anyways... The main point of this point is behind a story, so if you don't want to listen to it, then just skip straight down to the deck o.o...
My friend, Franklin and I, decided to have a 6v6 Masters match in the Beta Drome, we didn't really know each others decks, so it was kind of a ... no advantage to either side kind of challenge... Anyways we get in the drome and discover he's using a Danian Deck but not an extremely powerful one... So I asked him whether he would like me to design a deck for him... He said, "Yes"... So, I decided to make one for him... He has every card in Zenith of the Hive Set (by the way) with some extra Danians like Elna, Katharaz and Nimmei... This is sorta a challenge for me as... well I'm not a Danian Player and I'm not used to playing Danians so I have to use full-on theory and pray it works xD

Danian v.1 (Sorry not very creative wiht the name here...)

Alrite so if you can't really see what I did on Paint 'cause too lazy to open Fireworks xD... The deck is


1.Makanaz - Danian Carapace
2.Elna - Danian Carapace
3.Katharaz - Citadel Fragments
4.Nimmei (MI) - Citadel Fragments
5.Illexia, Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel
6.Mhein - The Doomhammer

2x Mandiblor's Might
2x Geyser Gush
2x Swarming Destruction
2x Infectious Implosion
2x Rustoxic
1x Primal Smash
1x Landgore
2x Ice Disks
2x Liquescent Swirl
2x Sunder Ground
2x Flood Force

2x Infectious Melody
1x Purge Dirge
1x Strain of Infection
2x Song of Resilience

2x The Infectorium
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x The Darkened Dunes
2x Mount Pillar, Resevoir
2x Oipont's Lookout

Of course, they'll be changes here and there, example... I know for certain Franklin doesn't have Primal Smash... So maybe he can replace it with something like Squeeze Play to bring out his Ice Disks...
Anyways Simple, Straightforward... You want to start infecting creatures... Elna gets defender so Elna will be defeated first... Move Makanaz to where Elna was and voila! Makanaz gets Defender and dies as well
Okay well... IF you are reading this... Here's my suggestion... In my deck I've put Katharaz and Nimmei BOTH with Citadel Fragments when in truth I meant give one or two Mandiblor's Crowns... But, kinda forgot about the battlegear and the point of Makanaz 'til after I made the deck so... Haha to me...
Well Franklin if your reading this and got 2 Mandiblor's Crown... Don't follow the picture HAHAHA! Okay moving on... After infecting 3 creatures, you wanna cast Strain of Infection with Illexia to gain a nice 3{} or {}{}{} bonus which is nice either way you slice it =D! Then your Purge Durge will deal a lotta damage xD! Anyways any FAQ please post... I feel sorta distracted so can't fully concentrate o.S

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