Saturday, August 14, 2010

***SPECIAL***: Promo Card Review

 Alright, something special for someone =D... It is a Promo Card Review, on the Legendary Samurai of Crystal Range (Not Cave, Range...), Raimusa!!!

Raimusa is rarely spoken about or shown, though in the animated series, he has a clear japanese accent... He became a Promotional Card that came exclusively with the Prima Guide which made him an an immediate collectable (obviously).

Ahh, good old Raimusa... He is probably one of the rare promotional cards that can actually fight! lol, anyways clearly, he has 2 Elements, Earth and Water which is not bad mix and when he was printed, 60 courage was actually quite good and allowed him to do a lot of attacks. His Energy is a bit average, the basic 50, which would be quite easy to take down in a few hits. But of course, our fierce Samurai friend isn't done yet... he has a Mugic Counter! Wow...

Alright... I would suggest using him with battlegear like Stone Mail which gives him a massive 50 Energy at the cost of his ability... What? He has no ability?? Nice... And coming hand in hand with Stone Mail is the Gigantrooper to give him 70 in all disciplines including Energy... (Note you're aren't really relying on battlegear as he still can fight without it).
Creatures like Rellim, Water Master and Arrthoa, Captain of the Ezoa are other combos you can try with this dude! Don't forget creatures like Herken for free healing to our japanese friend!

P,S ~ Other wierd and wacky combos --->>>> Sword of Khy'at xD! Boost his Speed and Energy xD!

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