Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Takinom, The Shadow Knight

Please welcome to the stage, the one and only.... Takinom, the Shadow Knight!! She has Strike 10, a high power and speed, Swift 2 and the classic Fire and Air elements. Much to many underworld players delight, she even have 1{}! She is extraordinary, brilliant and fragile...

You can run... Can you hide?


1. Kaal ~ Phoenix Belt
2. Chaor (Dawn of Perim) ~ Whepcrack
3. Takinom, The Shadow Knight ~ Dread Tread
4. Ulmar, Perithon Racer ~ Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5. H'earring, Tainted ~ Bi-Mowercycle
6. Nivenna ~ Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Consuming Cacophony (To get rid of Zamool quickly)
2x Discord of Disarming
1x Cadence Clash
1x Song of Revival

2x Consuming Flame
2x Force Strikes
2x Consuming Carnage
2x Gladiator's Fire
2x Fireram
2x Incinerase
2x Flying Advantage
2x Ash Torrent
2x Might Swing
1x Primordial Rage
1x Primal Smash

2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Underworld City
2x Underworld Colloseum
2x Stone Pillar
2x Vidav Reflectorium

Alright don't argue with H'earring, Tainted... I like him a lot... I couldn't resist either... Anyways this deck is pretty self-explanitory... Takinom, Shadow Knight + Range kills the army inside-out... Chaor brings on the pain... Kaal gets engaged, explodes his gear, Fire 5 does some attack and hopefully wins...
Okay, theory lesson...
1. If Zamool appears, before he gets engaged, sacrifice your Mipedian Balladeer's Flute, do a Consuming Cacophony then use Chaor's counters on a second Consuming Cacophony and finish the job! DO NOT EXPEND FIRE FIRST!!!
2. Classic Rule: Nivenna's counters for her ability.

So yea don't really know what else to say so...

That's my deck ~

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