Thursday, August 19, 2010

A small cost for a big dude!

Firstly, let me say, I AM going to continue the Hotekk Drome Series... Just not yet, I'll do it when I feel more up to it=P, Anyways, I have a headache right now, and thought about how a small pill of Panadol makes it all seem awesome... So... Here's a deck called, "A Small Cost for a Big Dude"

A Small Cost of a Big Dude


1. Titanix -Ravita Flower
2. Khorror - Xerium Armor --> cheap alternative: Sandstorm Shroud
3. Titanix - Ravita Flower
4. Savell - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5. Ailav - Bronzeflight
6. Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Art - Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Melody of Mirage
2x Trills of Dimunition
1x Gear Glissando
1x Notes of Neverwhere

Attacks (Too tired to make one... but I'll try my best)
2x Reactive Resolution
2x Poison Sphere
2x Daunting Bravery
2x Shadow Strike
2x Velocitrap
2x Braveglint
2x Charge of the Brave/Acceleration
2x Hammer Dash
2x Aftermath Feint
2x Valor Continuum/Unbalanced Charge

Erm... use your staple/normal Mipedian locations - i.e Mipedim Mirage, Oasis etc. etc. Don't forget Numid Voidlands =D

Okay... This deck is pretty simple and almost a duplicate of my last deck... Titanix (so good creature), intimidates SPEED and COURAGE by 50! 50! ZOMG! 50!!!! That brings maxxor down to 70 courage if he had maximum!! Wow! Anyways Titanix has a Ravita Flower to sacrifice so that Savell eliminates ALL of Khorror's recklessness (as Savell has 2{}+1{} (Balladeer's) + 2{} (Ravita) thus = 5{} = 50 recklessness) and if that wasn't enough, You have a second Ravita Flower to show the opponent's, who's boss! Use your counters wisely like on their 3,4,5 Build Point attacks, use Melody of Mirage! This deck is based on stats so your Numid Voidlands take full effect xD!
Now unto the MAIN point of the deck... Khorror has 0 Recklessness, thanks to a single conjuror (called Savell), takes 5 less damage  (From Ailav) and has 130 Energy (average). Give him an armor he can't even fit into (called Xerium), and he more or less takes 15 damage every shot. That's going to take a while to eliminate... Now Titanix on the other hand, has 65e with the strongest Intimidation in the game! He's gonna win Stat Check and Challenges pretty easy...
Once again, Ailav defends Savell and Headmaster Ankhyja defends them from Mugic (except the Warbeasts, but they aren't going to die that easy =D).

Other tricks you may try
  1. Use Appelai - he gains {} when opponent casts mugic on your warbeasts... and has Savell's ability, pretty sweet, if only he had 1 more {}.
  2. Fighter's Fanfare... I cannot emphasize how good this mugic is...
  3. IMPROVE IT! Every deck is made to be improved so yea...
Anyways... it's off to bed for me and see you all next time

EDIT: Please comment on these! Then I know what you actually think of it xD! If you don't know to comment click the probably "0 comments" button below if not, the "XX comments" button xD! Where X is a number

That's my deck!~


  1. great deck! ive got 4 of the 6 creatures, need khorror and headmaster. i wouldnt mind trying out this deck or similar in masters drome (ive never played in it, so dont know much about the mugic/abilities part in relation to that, still a kinda new) but im going to build an ow deck 1st.
    ive noticed your decks include more than a few ultras, i'd like to see your take on a ultra free deck!

  2. lol sure... =D! Maybe I'm too used to using them xD

  3. P.S - The first deck I posted, as well as Celebration did use much Ultras lol

  4. hey this is a bit off topic, but do you know where to buy packs/boxes? seems no one has them anymore except ebay.

  5. mm Try EBGames and Toys "R" Us

  6. theres one problem with this deck online, you cant have xerium on a warbeast and ailav in the same deck. apparantly its bugged. should do 20 damage not 15. really frustrating because i use ixxik deck but cant put xerium on it! driving me crazy!