Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apoligies and Welcome

Alrite, I admit, I've been pretty messy lately so... yea. Anyways this is a random blog, my friend made me do lol called Chaotic: Down Under 'cause I don't think many Australian Players are really showing their support for Chaotic. Trust me, I've seen blogs all over the world even one from Singapore (if you don't believe me, search "Iflar commeth" on google!)

Anyways, to start I'm going to introduce a deck I made which in theory should work that revolves around an old favorite combo.

When Machines are alive...


1. Voorx - Destructozooka
2. Nunk'worn - Supercharged Alterant
3. Voorx - Destructozooka
4. Grantkae, Mipedian General - Bronzeflight
5. Olkiex (Silent Sands) - Nexus Fuse
6. Anger'Kreen - Nexus Fuse

2x Cadence Clash
2x Harmonics of Water
1x Swartbron Battlesong
1x Tonal Destruction
(The mugic choice is really up to you, this is just my offline preference)

2x Flood Force
2x Sleet Slide
2x Flaming Coals
2x Aqua Recoil
2x Fluidmight
2x Burning Rain
2x Flame Boom
2x Riptide
2x Heat Rage
1x Primal Smash
1x Steam Rage

2x Riverlands
2x M'arrillian Pulse Beacons
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x The Northrange, High ground
2x Storm Tunnel, Flooding
(once again location up to you, this is my choices)

Okay... basically all your attack cards deals water damage and thus all your fluidmorphers gain 1{} each with every attack. Olkiex's abiltiy allows you to flip a gear up or down if ANY of your creatures gain a mugic counter. Thus, one water attack, flip destructozooka down and up again for water, water 5. So you pretty much gain water 5 per attack for the Voorxs. Nunk'worn gains 100 in every disciplines letting him/her/it cast Swartbron Battlesong if needed to gain mass amounts of energy compared to the opponent.
Grantkae isn't much of a fighter and his main purpose is to support your creatures when its your turn to attack. He should give all your creatures +25 to all disciplines and Intimidate Energy 10 which is a useful bonus either way you look at it.
The back fluidmorpher, I chose was Anger'Keem as he has the abilities to turn my 0 build points into catacollisions real quickly. Other alternatives include Dror'niq and the Song Thief.

And yea that's my deck =D

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