Monday, August 16, 2010


For obtaining 5 followers, I'm going to post a special something for all of you =D! A probably discovered but awesome common - rare combo (Except for one Super Rare, but he's quite easy to get) that can be used in any type of match what-so-ever! By the way, I'm going to let you guys handle the attacks, mugic and locations 'cause the possibilities that you can put together are endless! But I will post MY version of this deck. (Inspired by tournament on Sunday)

The Flames that scared Chaor xD

First off, you gotta know this dude impresses me to NO End! He has high power, outperform power 5 and the chance of reducing his recklessness to 0, and that's not all! He even has one Mugic Counter!!!


1. Anarkiar - Sun Chariot of Kehn-Sep
2. Loderool - Aspect Amplifier: Might
3. Anarkiar - Sun Chariot of Kehn-Sep
4. Magmon, Engulfed - Bi-Mowercycle
5. Magmon, Engulfed - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
6. Akkalbi - Weightless Energy Vessel

2x Fireram
2x Consuming Flame
2x Force Strike
2x Consuming Carnage
2x Flashwarp
2x Powercut
2x Gladiator's Fire
2x Ash Torrent
2x Clashjet
2x Primordial Rage

2x Canon of Casualty
1x Melody of Mirage
1x Trills of Dimunition
2x Discord of Flame

2x Lava Pond
2x Underworld Colloseum
2x The Pits
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Brawler's Burrow

Alright, simple and straightforward, Anarkiar has no recklessness, fire 10 and Outperform Power 5, Loderool has Fire 15, Ourperform Power 5. Both are pretty nasty pieces of machinery... Anarkiar's reliant on his battlegear so if something goes wrong, cast Discord of Flame on him... You can range-swift either of your fighters via Bi-Mowercycle and Akkalbi takes care of most recklessness... So yea, best used Apprentice, can be used in Masters

That's my deck ~

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