Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hotekk Drome

Everyone plays the Hotekk dromes 'cause the matches there are the fastest... However with everyone using Meta-Decks, one can only hope to be in the top 10, they have to counter it...
This is a rather basic guide on how to counter them =D!

Meta-Deck Version 1:
Ikub'Ra  Xis'torq

(Other versions include, Mik'Bannin, Xis'torq, Gal'drad --- Vitar'Zu, Xis'Torq, Jus'hebben --- Rol'doi, Neu'thar, Xis'torq or the recently popular Gimwei Gimwei Erak'Tabb decks)
Things you will notice about this deck: Depending on the Kha'rall and Chieftains, they mostly run a single type of disciplines attacks i.e Power Attacks, Speed Attacks etc. and in particular the ones that hurt your creatures the most are those that read Challenge *insert discipline* XX: Deal XX damage, like Mind Razor (my pic), Mind Mash, Prowl Strike and Acceleration. These attacks are further powered by their respective Chieftain's ability "Attacks played by creatures gain Challenge *insert Discipline* 50: Deal 10 damage. So what's an easiest way to make a comeback at this deck? Using Phobia Plates... I'm suprised I rarely see them running around in the Hotekk Drome considering how useful they are... I mean... That battlegear may be Super Rare but still... Being able to shut down MAJORITY of this deck's attacks, i mean... Wow!! Let's not forget the Cheiftains are going to hold some Supercharged Alterants which means Windslashes may come in handy. Yes, you heard me right, Windslashes... They are the opposite of Gear Grind remember? I'm beginning to put them in my deck after facing MANY supercharged alterant, mipedian fulgurites and destructozooka decks. If they don't draw Gear Grind fast... well... They're doomed... =P.

Meta-Deck Version 2:
Ixxik Ixxik
(No other versions yet =P)
This deck is one of the best in Hotekk which everyone is beginning to abuse due to its awesomely high energy allowing it the capability to get in a lot of attacks and deal a lot of damage on your creatures. To beat the two Ixxiks, you're going to need everything playing into your favor, so here goes... First, you're going to need to take down Ailav. He's reducing every attack taken by 5. This may not seem much but after 3 attacks, note that he's reduced 15 damage which is about a fifth of Ixxik's total energy, which you definately want to get in.
So you're needing a creature with Swift 1 at least and give him a Skeletal Steed AND allowing to sit at the back, cheap alternative: Kolmo/Ruhban - Expensive alternative: Takinom, Shadow Knight. A good Ixxik deck will focus on Stat Checks which means there are no counters to that other than reducing his stats, while a bad ixxik deck focuses on half elemental and occasional stat challenges which would be shut down quickly by both Phobia Plates and Numid Voidlands. So as I said, against a good Ixxik deck, you're going to need everything u got... But then again, the number of good Ixxik decks are fairly few so you don't really have to worry about them yet... Also, another advice is to use Olkiex's Apron - that piece of cloth shuts down Xerium Armor in case Ixxiks got 'em to help you pull out another win!

Meta-Deck Type 3:
XXX  Headmaster
Where XXX = Mipedian probably with Invisibility.

This deck has suddenly got very uncommon ever since, Headmaster Ankhyja has been errated so that Spectral Viewer and Forest of Life, Aichyyls cancels his invisibility which is pretty sad in my opinion. So to counter this deck run a couple of Forest of Life Aichyys or anything to cancel invisibility like Rasbma Darini's ability.

So, to sum up everything, to counter 3 of the "better" Hotekk Decks, try running stuff like Phobia Plates and Windslashes cause they are just plain awesome. Images below, courtesy of Chaoticgame.com
P.S: Please do comment via Blog =D and also, I do realize there are way more Hotekk Metas but right now, I'm going with the basics before I go on and do other more complex decks

EDIT: Very Excellent Point by Happyman456 ~ Kolmo can be replaced by Noaz who is probably even better and yea =D. Thanks!


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  2. cool my ixxik deck is meta =P!! but i do fall apart with it against too many people, the bladez decks usually get me. and that gimwei erak'tab does too. my first deck which rocked was 2x gimwei both with viledriver and rothar forceful negotiator with drilldozer. got me to 17th in hotekk in my 1st season!
    but my ixxik deck has one problem, sometimes the drilldozer on one doesnt work, for no reason! no attacks or location or anything has made it this way just doesnt work =( bring on xerium armour for them and only 15 damage max!!!

    ps. this blog rocks, you really know your stuff and explain it crystal clear!!!

  3. thanks for your comments! erm yea im doing part 2 of hotekk series soon lol (that will include the bladez decks!) erm as for drilldozer ive never encountered that bug before so make sure you double-check everything attacks etc.