Saturday, August 14, 2010

Combo of the Day 1

 This is my first go at combo of the day, lol... Just remember that combos can be anything as long as the two cards mesh together well or awesome-ly... Note not all combos are new, everything is probably already discovered =D but simply re-pointing it out! Anyways... Here goes...
*P.S This is an expensive combo, so if you can't afford it, don't worry =D

Combo Name: Uksum's New Armor
Works Best in: Hottekk Drome

Uksum has an average of 20 Energy which at first seems pretty low... (P.S: It is), but his ability makes up for it BIG-TIME is used correctly... For instance, in a deck with 2 Ursis' (i.e Dagger/Power Decks), Uksum can gain an average energy of 100 Energy!!! And if your weakest creature has about 65 Energy, he can get to about a grand total of 85 Energy... Uksum then, has a high power of 95 (average) leaving his maximum at 105 power which is scary strong! This means... high energy? High Power, Fire element? Too good to be true xD!
 Now say with ALL that privileges, Uksum can only take a maximum damage of 20 per attack (Excluding Marksman Preparation and other non-attack damage related things), that will definitely make Uksum lasts numerous blows to the head. That is the prowess of Uksum and Xerium Armor.

That is only considering that Uksum is NOT Brainwashed... Okay, NOW let's assume Uksum is brainwashed... Smart people would mix him with Xis'Torq, Gal'Drad (I think he's called) and Mik'Bannin. Xis'Torq gives him Element-proof to boost his energy as he isn't holding a Shard. Now... consider that Uksum will have 20e+40e = 60e and assume the opponent has the Chaotic Average of 20e ---> Uksum thus, has 80e which means... he can survive once again, a couple of knocks in the head... But by then, Uksum... will probably won =D hopefully...

So that's Combo of the Day 1

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