Friday, August 13, 2010

The Power of Mind-Control

Do you all remember the good old days? The days when Dawn of Perim Chaor ruled the dromes? (Not saying he still doesn't xD) The days when Blazvatan was really the Epic Warbeast? The days when Klasp and Stone Mail was an over-average combination?! Those were awesome days...
But then... the Doors of the Deepmines opened... Out poured the M'arrillians, who developed quicker and faster than any other tribe in Chaotic. They brainwashed and corrupted the tribes and used them for total power! Gan'trak with Bladez, Gronmor and Erak'Tabb... The tribes struggled to pull together a come back for their invasion... But it only became harder as more and more stronger M'arrillians rushed out of the doors, Kha'ralls like Mik'Bannin, Vitar'zu and powerful Fluidmorphers like Dror'niq and the Songtheif...
These are troubling times...

Overworld Invasion Team


1. Dror'niq - Liquid Thought Evaporator
2. Attacat, Tactical Aide - Mirrors of Misplacement
3. Dror'niq - Liquid Though Evaporator
4. Mock'adyn - Bronzeflight
5. Ebenna'Bakku - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Rath'Tab - Weightless Energy Vessel

1x March of the M'arrillian Minion
2x Obstinato of Oban'emre
1x Deep Refrain of Denial
1x Symphonic Pelagic Maresong

2x Fluidmight
2x Flood Force
1x Morphwrath
2x Riptide
2x Tidal Surge
2x Burning Rain
2x Eidolon Advance
2x Invader's Tactics
1x Tainted Thunderstorm
1x Primal Smash
2x Sleet Slide
1x Liquescent Swirl

2x The Storm Tunnel, Ki'Bro's foothold
2x Rao'Pahh Sakk Condensation Ceremony
2x Mount Pillar Reservoir, Neu'thar's Foothold
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
1x Imaginary Walls
2x Castle Bodhran

Alrite, at first, I thought this deck was pretty straight forward... But my friend told me it isn't, so here goes... Most Mugic Decks have Muges yes? Okay good, most of them has A. Mipedian Balladeer's Flute (to gain {}) or B. Weightless Energy Vessel (Need I say more?). Okay? So quick and easy, Rath'Tab rids most of them off their counters... This in turn will GREATLY weaken their deck like Zamool ones... cause it's like you get rid of Kopond High Muge Counters...
When your Fluidmorphers get more counters and you're feeling confident, you can cast Symphonic Pelagic Maresong to prevent them from casting any more mugic =D and allow your fluidmorphers to gather more counters.
With Ebena'Bakku on your team with numerous fluidmorphers, they are going to have a hard time playing the right attacks as they have to play it at random...
So now to the battle... Attacat Tactical Aide must always be beside the Fluidmorphers UNTIL they gather their counters... Why? This is because so that Tactical Aide can heal them while Mock'adyn readies for the main course of healing... Then when they are more "equipped", you can make advantage of Attacat's range swift powers to head off into your opponent's backlines...

Thus overall, you have... your opponent's playing their attacks at random (should be more or less always), them having their armies short on mugic counters (Especially burn/mipedian decks), a mass healing advantage, both Attacat and Mock'Adyn... An Offensive-Defensive ability ---> Dror'niq! AND!!! When you use Rath'Tab's ability, thanks to Attacat's battlegear, you can to discard and draw an attack card... use that to your advantage!

P.S) Here's an option for you... replace Mock'Adyn with Aer'dak

That's my deck!~


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