Saturday, August 14, 2010

Combo of the Day 2

Someone... requested the answer to the question, How does the Pranker Tanker work? Well... my answer is... The Pranker Tanker is a very unqiue gear with an obviously unique ability that can affect the course of the game, good or bad. So... I will use the Pranker Tanker (which by the way, was given out as a league reward once) in a combo...

FAQ 1: Why don't you use Kolmo, Purified or some other creature with Range + Swift?
ANS 1: Well... First off, Kolmo is practically an Olkiex Apron + Range + Swift... Sure his speed is a little low but other than nothing that serious, (Hint: There's always Owayki). Plus, I really really really like Kolmo, Zenith of the Hive's picture xD!

Combo Name: Kolmo's little Prank
Works Best in: Crellen Drome

Alright, so the Pranker Tanker is a little bit complex... well basically, it starts the game flipped up and you must change the position of two of your creatures. Repeat MUST! xD... Okay so in Crellen Drome, you can mix him with Tiaane, and put Tiaane up in the front with Kolmo in the middle or the back row... You swap Tiaane and Kolmo's position on the board, then sacrifice Tiaane or whatever xD! Okay now, on your turn, Kolmo can use his awesome Range+Swift abilities to fly to the middle row and hit any creatures there and assuming they are muges, you'll win... So now, Kolmo is in their middle row with Tiaane safely in your middle row (or sacrificed, I don't really know what might happen)...
Okay then, its your opponent's turn, CHECK the location... say its Storm Tunnel and your up against a Storm Tunnel Location when you're against a... erm... Bladez/Chaor TF/Takinom SK deck xD. You can swap Kolmo with say... a stronger creature say... Headmaster Ankhyja who will lose Initiative and grab the Strike 10 Bonus for an easy win, with Kolmo back at the front row.
Of course then there will be two options...
1. Slay Kolmo and don't bother Headmaster ~ which will probably result in their second creature in the middle row getting coded due to his Swift + Range capabilities.
2. ATTEMPT an attack on Headmaster Ankhyja ~ which if they lose... will be extremely devastating for them... as you can swap Kolmo with your other front-row creatures and still have Headmaster finish off the ranks etc. etc.

Anyways if that was complicating and you don't understand a WORD of it... You're probably right... It is complex... So I'm gonna give you an easier example of how to use Pranker Tanker...

Example 1: Conjuror-Protection Program

Okay say Blazvatan is at spot E. and you have Savell at spot 5 and Ailav at spot 4... Your opponent has a Maxxor, Protector of Perim at Spot 1. It's your opponent's attack... the location is Fear Valley!!! Oh No!!! You're so doomed!! But wait... Blazvatan has a Pranker Tanker... Using the wacky battlegear, you swap the positions of Blazvatan and Ailav [i.e Blazvatan goes into spot 4. and Ailav appears in spot E] Hence Maxxor has to retreat or attack the Brave Blazvatan in Fear Valley (his own location)... Meanwhile Ailav (who can fight) can attack Spot F. or move to Spot B. or C.

So yes, it is a tricky gear, but can prove devastating if used correctly...

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  1. i traded my pranker tanker =P maybe i shouldnt have!