Friday, December 23, 2011

Seasons Greetings!

Hello to Everyone and of course, a Merry Christmas to all of you!
I'm malcolm9 on the chaotic forums and the owner of this Chaotic: Down Under Blog.
Firstly, allow me to apologize for the horrible coloring of the banner and the colour-clash etc. I currently have changed laptops and temporarily do not have access to any awesome Macromedia Fireworks etc. to create a spectacular banner, needless to say time!

Now, It is Christmas!!! And its a time of getting together with all our family members over the fireplace, a nice  cup of steaming cocoa in your hand (unless of course, you're in Australia (which you should be)). In Australia, its off to the sunny beach to kick up your feet in the sand, unless its terribly rainy like it is in Brisbane.

In Chaotic, not many creatures look ready to celebrate Christmas but pulling up a Blugon, Winter Warrior. I paired him up with Klencka, Avenger and Gan'Nim for one of the most forgotten decks in the game. 3v3 Masters.

What are we looking at... Well, it's a masters deck ***cough*** with 2 Mugic Counters obviously going to be used for Blugon's ability for powering up a Klencka. The actual deck's structure would be...

Operation: Save Christmas

1. Gan'nim - Kha'rall Amber Shard
2. Klencka, Avenger - Olkiex Apron (Of course, feel free to substitute)
3. Blugon, Winter Warrior - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute

Personally, I don't think Blugon is easily burnt with 3 mugics, I mean don't get me wrong... It IS possible but generally not done commonly (then again when do you play 3v3 masters on a regular basis). And the extra counter on Blugon allows him to cast the *cough* cheap denial mugic owned by the Overworlders or even healing mugic. Generally in 3v3 Masters, I don't really like to put denial mugic as say... both players use 1 denial mugic each (pretty standard), when one player cast a denial, the other would cast a denial and the first player ultimately loses... So either run 2 or no denial mugic at all... And of course, 2 denial mugic would be a terrible waste of cards, unless your deck is set up in a particular fashion.

Klencka, Avenger has this incredible ability allowing you to gain energy EQUAL to the first attack it deals. Setting up for a very nice Invisibility Strike, Blugon combination. However in this 3v3 set-up, we'll be content with Blugon. His High Courage, Earth and Water Element gives him, versatility in attacking options allowing of course as high as possible damage output on the first or maybe second strike. You could slot anything on him on Xerium to Vial of Liquid Thought to work out a strategy.

Gan'nim, is of course, a Kha'rall and what does anybody who played Chaotic put on a Kha'rall? That's right a Shard. Which shard works best on Gan'nim? It's the Amber Shard WHICH coincidentally provides Defender: Minion. Blugon, our supporter and ideally non-combatant is a Minion so... that slots in quite nicely! What else is compatible with Gan'nim... We've got High Courage, Earth and Water Element... hmm this is sounding familiar... BUT with the extra bonus of dealing 10 damage to an opposing creature that fails a challenge or check with teh big guy. It's an interesting ability which works well with Phobia Plates but JUST for the extra consistency this time round, I'll go with Amber.

Anyways, that's a combo, I'm building on slowly throughout the whole Christmas. Once again, wish you guys a safe and joyful Christmas and See ya'all in the New Year!


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