Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here's a fact!

I know many of you aren't Mipedian Players... but I just like to point out this card, I recently got my hands on...
Yes... An OP card... Yes, it's probably rare... Yes it does better in 6v6 or higher battles... And Yes... it is exclusively for Mipedian Players Only...
What you probably didn't think of... is...
1.  It can be teamed with Bodal's Dagger... 10 Free Damage =D =D!!!
2. Team this up with Vidav Mstr, Strat or even General's Standard for mixed tribe use!!
But overall, this is a must-have for Mipedian Players with Invisibility + Bodal's Dagger + Mipedian Squadron... this card will lay waste to even the heaviest of Fortresses!



  1. Ahh to bad i don't have this card i'm always trying to find a way to use that bodals dagger without using really bad attacks. With a base max (no other abilities except the dagger) of 40 damage in a 6v6 battle it's close to being an allmageadon nice.

  2. ive never really liked this card, since it totally relies on you having all your mip's still alive.

  3. Whilst it is true, it relies on you having your Mipedians alive, it can be incredible useful in larger scale matches i.e 10v10, 15v15 etc.etc.