Friday, April 29, 2011


Range gets annoying in many battles especially for your various supports and muges. Recently, the number of "Ranged" Decks has been increasing and increasing possibly due to the high win rate of such decks should they manage to take out your support as well as giving them GREAT field advantage.
Of course, Chaotic granted us a way to counter this - Defender. An ability for only the noblest of heroes!
And the other more "obvious" way to counter this is to just ensure all your guys can battle and has the various amount of mugic counters to cast your mugic.

Now, here I present to you my Danian Deck... I built this ages ago, and remember battling with it once... It is anti-range, my favorite kind of deck... So... here we go!

1. Hiadrom - Ulmar's Projector
2. Elna - Ozlai's Wreck
3. Tabaal - Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
4. Fliandar - Scepter of Infernal Parasite
5. Illexia, The Danian Queen - Weightless Energy Vessel
6. Lore, Ancestral Caller - Xerium Armor

1x Enlightened Tenacity
2x Shadow Strike
2x Rustoxic
2x Fear Projection -- Can be replaced with Valor Continuum if wished.
1x Primal Smash
1x Streak Strike
1x Petrifying Power
2x Marksman Prep.
2x Charge of the Brave
2x Directed Bravery
2x Mineral Meyhem
2x Daunting Bravery

1x Deep Dirge
1x Unbalanced Battlesong
1x Song of Symmetry
1x Refrain of Denial (Danian Version)
2x Cadence Clash

1x Mipedim Mirage
1x Open Doors of the Deepmines
2x Hive Gallery
2x Phalanx Portcullis
1x Foothold Assault Trench
1x Dranakis Threshold, Portal to the Past
2x Numid Voidlands

Set-Up Stage
You've got Elna with Defender (via Illexia) to ensure that your opponent engages Elna first which "activates" the hive, pretty much permanently unless you shut it down... You have Tabaal who infects 3 Creatures from his non-brainwashed ability then via Deep Dirge, Sacrifices himself for the last 3 creatures on your opponent's side.

What does the Set-Up Stage does
1. Allows Lore AC to be able to get counters
2. Allows Fliandar to use his ability
3. Hiadrom's ability activates.

What if?
Opponent uses AZAIA Mindprobe - Yep, this is a common thing nowadays =(, but worse comes to worse, infect one of your own creatures, Lore will get 1 less counter yes, but Fliandar's ability is still useable

Now that Tabaal and Elna is out of the picture, you can move Hiadrom to the center in between Illexia and Fliandar, an option is to move Fliandar up, thus letting you move Lore AC up next to Illexia.
The attack is courage-based and the occasionally earth and deals consistent damage against majority of the decks and tough cards - If not, cards like Fear Projection and Daunting Bravery helps by bringing down your opponent's courage.
Because most if not all of your opponent's warriors will be infected, Fliandar's Scepter of Infernal Parasite will be put into very very good use! =D
Hiadrom's battlegear, Ulmar's Projector gives him 10 less energy - something that is rectified by his ability, and when he dies the first time round, grants a counter to Illexia (for who knows what reason xD) and comes back from the dead to battle once more.
You really have 2 offensive/defensive mugic and 3 Denying mugic which can be used wisely and at the same time, perhaps not so wisely... I prefer to save Song of Symmetry when things get tough, A.K.A when your creature has 5 energy left... Unbalanced Battlesong is saved strictly for Lore AC when the things get rough at the end, even though Lore, himself has an ability that would hurt.
Location-wise - It's all pretty straightforward except for maybe Dranakis Threshold, Portal through Time which I put in there, so that you can cast Deep Dirge without interference from the 4 Tribal Denial Mugic, or to limit your opponent's mugic.

So... Once again
That's my deck! =D


  1. You could also use a Lake Ken i Po card as that would stop mugic from being denied, or to mess with your opponents more you could just use runic grove which has the almost exact same effect but keeps your tribe Danian. However using Ken i po would also make your Refrain and clashes useless so i guess For this deck Runic or Dranikis PTTP work better. Now i have a question does Ulmars projector ever let a creature go into the discard pile or does it simply replace the creature on the board? The exact card text states:

    "Equipped Creature has 10 less Energy.

    If Equipped Creature is Destroyed while Engaged , Return it to Play in an Open Space on your Side of the Battleboard with no Mugic Counters."

    If it does just replace it Illexia won't gain the extra MC will she? If I'm not mistaken illexias ability states that:

    "When a Mandiblor or an Infected Creature is Put into a Discard Pile , Illexia gains(MC)"

    It's probably just me reading to deeply into this but that's sorta what it seems like to me. Anyway other then that tiny little error (which won't do much anyway) it looks like an actually strong anti-swift deck. *whew*

  2. The word, "Return" means "come back" thus it is logical to assume he has to "come back" from somewhere... This somewhere is the discrd pile.

  3. I always assumed that it ment return from my hand after i picked it up to remove it. My sister owes me some MCs!

  4. "For this deck Runic or Dranikis PTTP work better."

    Why Runic Grove doesnt work as well is
    cause my Dranakis Threshold portal through time screws mixed decks that uses attacks like Accelerated Unity

  5. lol was this deck inspired by my proboscar deck you played :P
    i cant comment much on danians, i havent played with them yet. but this deck looks like a very strong one!