Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rest in Peace

Following the Undertaker's win over the Cerebial Assassin Triple H, Chaotic has now officially closed online... Evidence is the main chaotic site not loading and the forums stating "Service Unavailable".

5th April 2011

We all always remember Chaotic... and will hope for it's comeback in the future similar to BeyBlade, Mighty Beans and other weird-ish companies.

R.I.P Maxxor
R.I.P Chaor
R.I.P Illexia
R.I.P Aa'une
R.I.P Crown Prince Iflar


  1. those wrestlers must be 60 by now ;P
    yeah this all sucks, especially since i just got aa'une max c w and average all else! anyways, rip chaotic! I was looking forward to theb-sarr, but i guess we'll never know what he looks like...
    are you still going to post in your blog? when i can (be bothered) ill post here a deck for you to check out, its undefeated and BEAST! in fact, i rarely had a battle that lasted past MY 1st turn, since my opponent forfeited as soon as i done my 1st move!
    did you by any chance save the files 'getrag' posted in forums that had all the card listings and stuff?

  2. In order of those statements...
    1. Not entirely true... they are not THAT old...
    2.It's true that it is disappointing that Chaotic has closed down... A game that has brought many of us together and created new friends...
    3. Chaotic is an online AND Offline Trading Card game... Only the online half has been shut off which doesn't mean... offline strategies cannot be posted... Of course, its true we will not have the ability to play with real "other players"... But we may be able to organize something if we keep in touch via MSN or eMail as I would like to test out that Aa'une...
    4. As for your Aa'une is it offline or online?
    5. Hmmm, every deck can be defeated... and I would gladly face you or attemp to destroy you "BEAST" of a deck...
    6. No I did not get getrag's files

  3. Oh chaotic
    the best game in the land
    true patriot love
    from all your sons command
    with glowing hearts
    we saw the rise
    of perim strong and free
    from far and wide chaotic
    spread from sea to sea
    then TC left you and part of you died
    oh chaotic how we cried
    oh chaotic how we cri-e-d!

    Okay that sucked but hey I just made it up

    I am at least happy that I played three games (which I won) the day before we lost access to the site.
    R.I.P Chaotic