Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unique, Mysterious... Powerful?

Yes, People, I am back, the night before the beginning of all my exams. But excuse that... I will be doing some work... I just need to shake some "gaming" off...
Anyways... I have been stumped as in what to write about... I mean decks have become rusted, I haven't played in a while - I tried playing in Hotekk but couldn't find a match-up. However, I have just decided to write on Organized Promotional Cards. These cards are very interesting and feature the most unique abilities in the game.
So, today, I will be presenting 2 Cards... Or the first 4 Cards of the Organized Promotional Set... Here they are

Raise your hand, if you neglected this card in your Warbeast Deck... Good... Now that everyone's hands are raised, let's go into the reasoning behind this...

  1. Low Statistics, Lousy Energy 
  2. He only reduces Recklessness by 5...
  3. Only hosts 1 Mugic Counter which for a muge is lousy
Great, now let's try and establish what makes this card different, unique from other cards... or even what makes him good 
  1. He has the Earth Element
  2. Waterproof 25 to all Warbeasts
Perfect... So now, let's see what can we say about this card. He's a very interesting and unique card, its funny how many people see the first ability as a liability in their decks. They'll be like, "Only 5?", nah not going to use him. His second ability gives EVERY SINGLE Warbeast Waterproof 25. That's an extra 25 Energy... That's quite a bit, of course requiring the opponent to have water, not do water attacks... have water element. So... what is the best way to use Abin-Wor? Personally, I like throwing him into a Masters Deck with Ixxik with locations like Stronghold Mourn (Giving Creatures All elements), The Garden (All engaged creatures gain water), other locations that give water... mugic that gives water... There is a whole heap of them since the M'arrillians came out. That's Ixxik with potential 90 + 15 = 105e - Not counting battlegear. And if you want to make FULL use of Abin-Wor give Ixxik battlegear like Ur-Shard which has the useful side ability that if Ixxik is destroyed whilst equipped to Ur-Shard (90% of the time Ixxik dies, they will be holding on to good gear), destroy the opponent's gear and they now are equipped with Ur-Shard and have Recklessness 5. 
As Abin-Wor is a Conjuror, do not forget his ability to gain Mugic Counters from Ravita Flower... To bring it up to 3... And if you want to use higher recklessness Warbeast (Blazvatan, Titanix etc.), Go ahead, screw in a Savell and other dudes... Don't forget with Abin-Wor on your team and locations giving water element, you can fuse Water and Air attacks together... 
Last thing about Abin-Wor... you can cast Melody of the Meek on him... and do crazy stuff due to his low energy, waste your opponent's high build point attacks with Kha'rall Husk Armor and a Melody of the Meek... Is he that useless to you now?

This card, never actually got released and it's a "gambling" card... My favorite kind... However, like all gamblers, I like to find loopholes or ways to counteract or minimize my losses... Personally, I think this is a really Overworld-ish Card... I mean Mugic Counters and Initiative Wisdom points directly to the Overworld... And that fact that Creatures with one or more Mugic Counters gain 10 Energy. But after further thought on the card, I supposed that cards like Mipedians with Surprise would need the extra counter just for mugic casting (as they are known for their low counters), help Fluidmorphers in battle, Dror'niq anyone... And saving the best for last... Najarin, Fluidmorpher's Foe... 
The ability is pretty straight forward, generally you want creatures with 1 or more MC battling on your turn and attacking creatures without MC like Warbeasts... Although, you could gamble on trying to snag a counter of Maxxor POP or another one on Chaor, The Fierce... Though as you might have figured out... you lose the gamble... you can be in a world of hurt... That's why its best used with Najarin, Fluidmorpher's foe where he acts as a counter for this gamble being lose... Either they get a counter and you get a counter or... you get a counter and they get nothing.
Note that this is also a good opportunity to try cards like Hidan and Olkiex when a creature gains a counter, they get swift or flip a gear up or down... The combinations are endless...

But that's it from me... I hope you don't think Organized Promotional Cards are that worthless anymore and I'll see you guys next time with Blak'drin and Bodal's Energy Convertor

=P Malcolm9


  1. Abin-Wor: I did not raise my hand. I liked him when I saw him in the collection. Because of the waterproof 25. But now i really like him. a deck built around giving both creatures water. Hmmm...

    Annex of the Arcane: Never seen this before in my life :p. I've always been a bit leery of locations that require you to flip a coin. I remember reading a review where a comment was made about chaotic being a game of control and coin flips were out of your control. However with Naj I think you placed some control over it so I would use it now (if I had it and a FF).

    Good luck with your exams!

  2. By the way Correction: It's Waterproof 25 --> 90e +25e = 115e