Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow, A Month Already?

Time really flies whilst you're having exams! Oh well, here's a combination I found whilst building one my Underworld Decks... Hope you find it useful! Also the Danian Infection Series will continue soon =D!

So, we all know, The Training Grounds and how we yell and scream when we pull it instead of one of the much better Ultra Creatures out there... But with a dude like Chaor, with a somewhat high-costing ability with a capability to win, this magical location grows in usefulness. Getting 3 Whole Counters for winning a battle, and winning a battle is no issue with this leader of the Underworld. With all the Underworld damaging-mugic there are roaming around, there's always a need for some extra counters. Fuse this with Castle Bodhran and some great location-controlling mugic like Song of Futuresight, and you've got this barrage of damaging mugic coming your opponent's way.
Anyways, in a Chaotic Crellen Match... So... See ya next time!

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  1. I am so glad someone is still posting chaotic. Thank you sincerely...