Wednesday, June 29, 2011

March of the Tribes

I'm going to strip Chaotic down to its bare roots now and talk about the most obvious things that any and every chaotic player should know... The Tribes.
You may all say, yea I know the tribes, it's pretty straightforward yadda yadda yadda. But to emphasize the point - I'm going to do it on the 5 Tribes of Perim anyways. Focus on the themes of their decks, Advantages, Disadvantages, Unique Abilities, What Kind of Player is it suited for. And then a full-on Tribe Deck in a another post after describing the tribe. So get ready for a long post! After all every single master knows the basics inside and out!
FIRST-up - The Mipedians
The Mipedians
I haven't done anything regarding Mipedians for a while, Danians, OW, UW even M'arrillian but not so much Mipedian as I like so... I'm going to do them first.

These lizards have developed by an incredible amount since the beginning of Chaotic. The card above - Ario is an old time favorite of Mipedian Players which I think is one of the best examples of a Mipedian Classic out there. Mipedians had dominant control over the Air Element which in my opinion is the most uncommon element in the game. Mipedians had Invisibility which created the famous motto, "Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Last" and had low energy to compensate for his hard first strike. Mipedians generally had low counters - in fact, none of the Mipedians had 3 Mugic Counters until Xelfe came out. And Mipedians also were the swiftest tribe overall in Perim - even non-swift Mipedians like Ario here would have their speed boosted by the legendary Owayki.

Now, I'm actually quite disappointed with Mipedian Players these days, everyone uses the same stereotypical decks - I mean when you think of a Mipedian deck, you can immediately envision Headmaster Ankhyja, Owayki with no source of creativity. Even in Masters gameplay, you've got Xelfe and the back, Owayki in the middle row and Mipedians to boot in the front. It is simply uncreative. Mipedians were designed to be the trickiest tribe there is, they're supposed to play mind games with your opponent and not straight-off wham there's my strategy. They have the trickiest of mugic and abilities which I never see use of these days. They're the only tribe with invisibility, yes people abuse that to a great degree. Have you ever once considered Song of Deflection to deflect a Consuming Cacophony or even an Fanfare of the Vanishing? Chances are... you have not. Have you considered running Trills of Dimunition in your deck alongside your staple Melody of Mirages, Fanfare of Vanishings, Fighter's Fanfare etc.? The mugic below is another testament to the fact that decks are so predictable these days.
Mipedians LIVE for the first strike. They need the first strike to be the biggest hit in their battle. To make the opponent not even consider winning. If you had a Maliph, Champion of the Guard and did a Turbulence Funnel to a Maxxor, Protector of Perim without Xerium (30 damage + 15 damage = 45 damage). Leaving Maxxor with 15 Energy (Considering Maximum Energy), chances are... Maxxor isn't going to bring in a 3,4 or 5 build point attack to fight back without healing. This mugic above (Melodic Might) rids of your 0 build points when you have a disastrous hand and is simply amazing waaay better than a Refectorium.

Now I'm going to stop rambling about how disappointed I am and go straight into the disadvantages of these Invisibility Strikers. Unfortunately, playing the Mipedians meaning you're relying on the first three strikes to slay a foe, any longer and you pretty much lost the battle. Mipedians do no good in a drawn out battle. Mipedians have low mugic counters which invites the use of their Mipedian Balladeer's Flute for the extra counter but they have unique and tricky abilities to make up for it. So... That pretty much wraps it up for Part 1 of the MIpedians Overview
Next Post - Mipedians Overview Part 2 - The Warbeasts.


  1. OOOOO! My favorite post so far!I love Mipedians soooo much!This is so awsome! From :Dethdude327

  2. O ,and I can not, absolutly can not wait for the War beasts!!!!!!! From :Dethdude327

  3. And to think i thought Melidonic Might sucked...

  4. Something i forgot to mention you complain about Xelfe being in the back in Masters...Yet you also mentioned that he is the one of the few (maybe only?) Mipedians that have three MCs. It makes sense to use him.

  5. I'm not having a "go" at Xelfe, I'm not saying Xelfe is crap. I'm just saying Mipedian decks are too predictable these days. You see any Mipedian Masters deck 80-90% there will be a Xelfe at the back probably an Owayki and some Invisibility Strike Mipedians, this neglects more interesting Mipedian Cards such as Enre-Hep and his High Muge version.
    Melodic Might is actually a super rare and super rares are good.