Friday, July 1, 2011

March of the Tribes - Trembling Earthquakes!

Here, we continue the segments of the Mipedian Review with the second and last part of the Mipedians - The Great Warbeasts!
The Mipedians
Introduced in Silent Sands, these magnificent creatures rounds up the second half of the Mipedians. The exiled Conjurers and Warbeasts. Both of these creatures were deemed too dangerous to be used by the Mipedians such as the famous heated rivalry between Sobtjek and Drimesse. But without too much delay, let's go into the Warbeasts
Like always, I find an as close as possible representation of the type of Creature. In this case, it's Uboraan. Warbeasts are great destroyers that generally have both of the Mipedians signature elements - Air and Earth. Amazing Energy, nice statistics and interesting abilities that simply make them stand out as an indestructible beasts. And of course, most warbeasts have recklessness to balance the battle which creates the fear the Mipedians have of using them. *Shiver*
How on earth can the Mipedians counter this recklessness? Looks like we have to rely on the conjurers of the Warbeasts like Ranun here. Ranun is a great example of a typical conjuror, generally defenceless, low energy, low stats and has an ability of reduce the Warbeast's recklessness. Conjuror's mugic counters are generally high (Which can be boosted by Ravita Flower) to act as muges and casters to further balance the deck. But of course, this creates a weakness in the typical warbeasts decks. You've got the weak defenseless conjurors and the the strong almighty warbeasts up front. Easiest way to stop this? Range + Swift. To counter this, the conjurers have created a massive creature - Gaffat-Ra.
Warbeasts are heavy tank destroyers. They're the Mipedians long term battlers in a sense. While Warbeasts dream of roaming free destroying everything in their sights, we cannot allow that and bring in the comparatively weak Conjurors. Their strengths are the Warbeast's insane stats, energy and elements. Their weaknesses is the weak conjurors. Warbeast decks are pretty straightforward and simple so there isn't much I have to say =D. To counter this weakness, Chaotic has supplied both bronzeflight and Gaffat-Ra to our assistance. From here let us destroy the Chaotic World with the WARBEASTS!!!
Next time: Sample Mipedians Decks >> Desert-Strikers, Earth-Shatterers and All the Forces Under the Sun decks.


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