Friday, June 10, 2011

Unique, Mysterious... Powerful Pt 2

Hey guys, so I have an exam tomorrow on Saturday, but I love ya'all so much... here's part 2 =D

Blak'drin... Interesting crab dude huh... He's like he gets damaged bad by Air and Water attacks but... if he is dealt Air and Water Damage, you deal 10 damage back... Kinda like an Unstoppable Recklessness 10... His stats aren't that crabby, each reaching 50 and climbing to the 70 benchmark. His energy like most Kha'rall is below 50 and meant to be paired up with a shard to hit approximately 70 Energy Average. But, is he a good card? Because Air element is involved, we immediately think Invisibility Strike which would harass Blak'drin by dealing insane gap in his health. Headmaster can do a nice Turbulence Funnel for 50 Damage easy... Leaving Blak'drin with 20 and Headmaster himself with 55e (Let's assume both sides have average e). Obviously Blak'drin doesn't stand a shot against the Mipedian. Now Chaotic was made for masters and not apprentice play, so let's assume we're playing masters... here the possibilities open up. Unfortunately, Mipedians do not have a lot of denying mugic and have to rely on generic ones such as Cadence Clash and with the want to defend Blak'drin and take down the toughest of your opponent's army, you can expend mugic such as Rhyme of the Reckless or mugic that reduces the attack damage even Aegis Aria even... Yes, M'arrillians can do this... all you need is a Minion/Fluidmorpher with Heptadd's Crown or Mugician's Tuning Fork. Mipedians will easily fall in Masters. The same thing, of course, can apply to Water attacks.
Blak'drin's abilities work interestingly in the sense Blak'drin takes extra damage whilst dealing extra damage on the two most uncommon element combinations in the game. Against Blak'drin, attacks like Allmageddon, Winter-Claw, Unsanity, Essential Evaporation with both Air and Water aren't reccomended. It is true they deal heavier than usual damage, but with Blak'drin's 20 damage hit-back + Fluidmorpher's scary tide-turning abilities - Blak'drin really chops some of those decks... But of course, I would still prefer Mik'Bannin over him as a warrior simply due to the amazing hammering capabilities of Mik'Bannin. But if you want to try a defensive all-rounder Kha'rall - Blak'drin is the way to go.
Another interesting card... Equipped Creature gets Fire 5, Water 5... and then he deals 25 damage or more and the battlegear is flipped down thereby stopping the additional 25 or more damage. Thus doesn't seem all that great... Thus, when using this crazy piece of machinery (which should be given to dudes like IKKATOSH, Gronmor even Tanagath), its advised to use single element attacks such as Consuming Flames and Fluid Fugue I think its called (15 Water Damage). This battlegear is unique in the sense that it allows you flexibility in your deck making choices. Wherelse if you go with say a Torrent Krinth, you won't  have the flexibility of  Water 5. And after dealing low bonused damage... and you calculated you can finish your opponent - bring in the pain with a Flaming Coals for 40 Damage which cannot be stopped =D. The other pretty sick thing with this gear is... if you are against Xerium Armor. It kinda makes it 20 damage every turn and the battlegear won't be flipped over. Sure it doesn't seem like much, but if you think about it Gear Grind would hurt them more than it'll hurt you in the long run. As Xerium is more valued than this Bodal's belt thingie... He probably whipped this thing up in like 2 minutes lawl!


  1. Blak'drin: Well yhea he's cool but i'd rather use a less rare and less mugic defence depent Kha'rall what if they negate your mugic? Or your at Runic grove?

    B.E.C: You made a small mistake when you said "Wherelse if you go with say a Torrent Krinth, you won't have the flexibility of Water 5." I think you meant to say fire 5 torrent krinth does give you water 5. As to the gear's good against Xerium armour like you said and i'm sure it works great for some decks. Unfortunally for me i tend to like my attacks to deal at least 20 damage per so this would be flipped down almost at once.

    As before good luck with that exam (thank god mine are a little bit off)

  2. Blak'drin - I agree... Well Runic Grove is a rarely pop up location in games... if they negate your mugic... as m'arrillians you have denial refrain of the deep, potential to use other clan's mugic and much more...

    B.E.C - Fair enough...