Thursday, April 7, 2011

Due to the Overwhelming Disappointment

It is an extreme disappointment that Chaotic has simply shut down and died... However, as they say..., "The Show must go on!"
So... to help soothe the pain allow me to present you the battlegear that glided to the under-used pile..., The Windstrider!!
Ahh... How could anyone forget this battlegear? The Art... The Ability, the fact that it reveals itself at the beginning of the game...
Is it because of...
A. Skeletal Steed - Whihc reduces it by Swift 1 and gives it Range
B. It's fudgin Super Rare!!!
C. It doesn't help in battles like Kha'rall Shards or etc. etc.
Well, according to most people, it's a mixture between A, B and C... but of course, mostly A, the fact that a common battlegear can provide Range and Swift...

But enough beating around the bush, let's talk about the actual battlegear...
 In my opinion, Windstrider is an amazing battlegear - tactical-wise... (I break down a Chaotic Game into "Tactical" and "Battle" - You could well lose the battle if you're opponent's board control is strong and in the same way if you have good board control, its not good if you cannot mantain that control when a Maxxor barges in...) So yea, Windstrider is an amazing tactical battlegear, allowing you to reach about 3 spaces ahead, behind, side or diagonal from the equipped creature, or even allow them to evade battles in some cases, and in a 6v6 battle, this is enough to cover at least half of the board's worth of movement. Mix in a well-known card named Xelfe and you've got yourself a mighty strong creature with Ere-like abilities.

Let's not even think what would happen if you cause a battle in a mirage location in your favor... For instance battling your opponent's Nivenna on Prexxor Chasm, The Blight with your new range-swift Blazvatan. And I picked Blazvatan as he's a good creature to use with this battlegear... He's stats are already insane and can do a maniac rush... through your opponent's deck and not get KOed easily... Don't forget when you get desperate you can go Armament Adagio...
Confusing? Don't worry in Easter I'll show you a deck I made with a full analysis... But Winstrider is a very underestimated gear... it gives great board control to evade, or create battles not just to be combined with "Range"

Thx Guys!
And for those who still want to keep in touch whilst playing a TCG online, Im playing Urban Rivals atm and would love to see y'all there *winks*


  1. Damn i thought (hoped) that it was just my computer not likening the chaotic site. Thanks for the warning TCdigital (not). Do you plan to continue biog posting like me?

    Anyway never thought of doing a combo with these two cards nice one.
    R.I.P Chaotic

  2. No Promises....
    However there still may be a way to play against each other but regards a lot of trust and time =D...
    In other cases, you could meet up with other Chaotic Players and play offline

  3. I don't mind trusting people but i don't know how i'm supposed to even contact people who played online. Plus offline the pnly person who i know plays is my sister (who hates the game). "sigh"

  4. occassus has a forum up and running the same as chaotics!!! sign up i have and we all can keep in touch there! my name there is 'bishnell'

    you must sign up before you can enter the forums though....

    and malcolm i'll post my beast deck there:) soon...ish

  5. @awsome!
    YES! This means were not dead!

    Mabye i should rephrase i don't know anyone who plays in my town (i am homeschooled) i live in a smallish town near Prince George